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Wildscreen Festival 2020

Festival de l'Oiseauet de la Nature

Abbeville Bird and Nature Festival
20 rue du Chevalier de la Barre
Abbeville Cedex 80142

Director: Marie-Agnès Boche
Assistant: Sophie Delsaut

Phone: +33 3 22 24 02 02

Email: sophie@festival-oiseau-nature.com

Website: www.festival-oiseau-nature.com

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The Bird and Nature Festival (or Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature as it is known among French-speakers) is based in Abbeville, Bay of Somme in the North of France.

We are proud to have developed around our international film competition, open to amateurs and professionals, many other activities among which are the photo competition and exhibitions and activities for children. But what makes our event really special is that it offers the unique opportunity to discover the Bay of Somme (a member of 'The Most Beautiful Bays in the World's Club' as well as Vietnamese Ha Long Bay) and the whole area with guides specialized in ornithology or flora. In 2012, around 400 walks, rides, boat crossings were available during the 9 days of the Festival.

The film competition offers an overall amount of €13,500 prizes (€4,000 to the Grand Prix). Films can be entered free of charge in either one of the 4 categories:

  • Birds/Wildlife
  • Conservation
  • Environment (no length limit)
  • Amateur (maximum 13 minutes duration)

The 30th edition was meant to be held from 11-19th April 2020 but was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

American Conservation Film Festival

American Conservation Film Festival
P.O. Box 889
West Virginia
WV 25443

Festival Coordinator: Hilary Lo

Email: info@conservationfilmfest.org

Website: www.conservationfilmfest.org

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American Conservation Film Festival

The American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF) is an annual, four day festival held in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, a vibrant arts community 70 miles west of the nation’s capital.

ACFF is dedicated to promoting outstanding, environmental conservation films from professional filmmakers and students alike.

We screen films that illuminate:

  • Human interactions with wildlife and wild places.
  • Issues driven by natural resource conservation.
  • Humans as part of the environment and/or living in a continuum of cultural tradition.
  • Conservation of cultures, communities, and or lifestyles in conjunction with changes in the natural world.
  • How youth encounter and understand the natural world.

The 17th American Conservation Film Festival took place in October/November 2019. See: conservationfilmfest.org/2019-films

The American Conservation Film Festival has SHIFTED to Spring! We are transitioning the annual festival to five consecutive days in early spring in response to your feedback and a number of factors. We feel this shift will result in a more robust festival experience for everyone and look forward to welcoming spring every year with powerful films, programs, festivities, and YOU! We have a number of events planned throughout 2020 and around the region to keep you engaged, informed, and inspired. Check our website and follow us on social media to stay in the know. Thank you for your continued support!

Save the date! American Conservation Film Festival: March 24 – 28, 2021 ...

Please visit our website: conservationfilmfest.org for more information on ACFF and the film submission process.


British Wildlife Photography Awards
United Kingdom

Director: Maggie Gowan

Email: mail@maggiegowan.co.uk

Website: www.bwpawards.org

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The British Wildlife Photography Awards were established to recognise the talents of wildlife photographers of all nationalities practising in Britain, whilst at the same time highlighting the great wealth and diversity of Britain's natural history. The driving motivation to set up the Awards evolved through the nation's growing awareness of the local environment and the need for its protection.

Now in its tenth year, this highly acclaimed and unique wildlife photography competition has captivated the nation with outstanding and beautiful imagery. It is a celebration of British wildlife as well as a showcase for nature photographers, both amateur and professional.

With fifteen separate categories the subject matter covers everything from marine life and animal behaviour to creepy crawlies and urban wildlife.

Wildlife in HD is a special Award for HD Video and will be awarded to the most inspirational and dynamic film, which clearly illustrates the unique power of moving images as a medium for capturing British Wildlife.

See previous HD Video Winners:
2012 HD Video winners
2013 HD Video winners

BWPA 2018 Wildlife in HD Video Winner, Sam Oakes, on his Winning Entry

See the Winner Feature Pages:
BWPA 2013 Winners Announced!
& Highly Commended Films at the BWPAwards!
BWPA 2014 Winners Announced
BWPA 2015 Winners Announced

BWPA 2016 Winners Announced

BWPA 2017 Winners Announced
BWPA 2018 Winners Announced
BWPA 2019 Winners Announced

The 2020 Call For Entries will Open soon!

Conservation Optimism

Conservation Optimism

United Kingdom

Programme Coordinator: Julia Migne

Phone: +44 (0)1865 271 213

Email: admin@conservationoptimism.org

Website: www.conservationoptimism.org

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We are very excited to announce that we will be running our second edition of Good Natured: film festival on the 29th of May at 8 pm in the amazing Oxford University Natural History Museum as part of the Oxford Festival of Nature! Visit: conservationoptimism.org/film-festival-2020

The evening will kick off with a panel discussion between our judges around the importance of film making to raise awareness of conservation issues. We will then screen a diversity of short movies belonging to the following categories:

  • People & Nature: Communities, Heroes & Wellbeing
  • Conservation Works: Learning from Success & Failure
  • Animation
  • Student film

Submissions for short films are currenly open and will close on March 15th so don’t miss your chance!

Conservation Optimism – Good Natured Film Festival

Submit here: filmfreeway.com/

Element Film Festival

Element Film Festival
School of Film & Photography
Montana State University
P.O. Box 173350
Montana 59717-3350

Phone: +1 (406) 994 2484

Email: Elementfilmfest@gmail.com

Website: www.elementfilmfestival.com

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Element Film Festival is an annual student filmmaking event in Bozeman, Montana.

It began as a way for filmmakers of the world's only MFA in Science and Natural History Fimmaking to showcase their work to the community.

2010 marked the first year that this festival was open to student filmmakers worldwide and it was a success. We look for innovative student filmmakers that strive to improve our understanding of science and the natural world through film. We accept films from the traditional to the transformative, from the informational to the inspirational.

Past Element films and filmmakers have won numerous awards and recognitions, including National Student Emmys and Tellies. These films also appear at other highly competitive international film festivals.

The festival provides a venue for students from around the world to showcase their films that merge science and art. The festival will be held at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture in downtown Bozeman, allowing student works to be showcased in a thriving community of filmmakers and environmental enthusiasts.

Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital
1224 M Street NW
Suite 301
DC 20005

Public Affairs Director: Helen Strong

Phone: +1 202 342 2564

Email: helen@envirofilmfest.org

Website: www.dceff.org

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The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital is the largest and longest-running environmental film festival in the USA and the largest film festival in Washington, D.C.

DCEFF is the world’s premier showcase of environmental films. Through our annual festival, year-round programs, and online resources, we seek to advance public understanding of the environment through the power of film.

The 28th Annual Festival will be held in venues throughout the Washington, D.C. area from March 12-22, 2020.

Due to concerns related to COVID-19, the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital is canceling all events scheduled for March 12-22, 2020. Full statement: dceff.org/covid-19-and-dceff

Festival de Menigoute

Festival de Ménigoute
16 bis rue de Saint-Maixent
Poitou-Charentes 79340

Secrétaire in charge of international relations: Marion Subin

Phone: +33 (0)5 49 69 90 09

Email: contact@menigoute-festival.org

Website: www.menigoute-festival.org

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The 36th "International Festival of Ornithological Film" will take place from October 27th to November 1st 2020 in Ménigoute (Deux - Sèvres - FRANCE).

Ménigoute Festival’s main purpose is to inspire to the greatest public increased awareness of the need to conserve the natural environment. At the same time, it aims to encourage the documentaries’ production and broadcasting. About 40 ornithological and wildlife entries, French premieres, will be selected to be screened in competition during public performances.

Entries are free of fees.

Nine prizes, totalling about 16,930 €, will be awarded.

Register your film for the competition here: menigoute-festival.org/vous-etes-realisateurs.html

Deadline for entries: July 1st 2020

Any film longer than 15 minutes will be entered in the category "long program" and all films less than 15 minutes in the category "short program". The rules and conditions of participation are identical for these two categories.

Many other activities are sheduled for the festival, including photographic exhibitions, conferences, art shows, guided visits to sites in the local area for their landscape and wildlife interest.

See the 2016 winners here: wildlife-film.com/features/Festival-de-Menigoute-2016-Winners.html

See the 2017 winners here: menigoute-festival.org/le-palmares-2017.html

See the 2018 winners here: menigoute-festival.org/le-palmares-2018.html

See the 2019 winners here: menigoute-festival.org/le-palmares-2019.html

Festival International du Film Animalier

Festival International du Film Animalier (FIFA)
55 rue de Birmingham
Picardie 80300

President: Thierry Courouble

Phone: +33 (0)322 754 888

Email: contact@fifa.com.fr

Website: www.fifa.com.fr

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Ce Festival, dans le nord de la France, est une rencontre grand public avec les meilleurs films et documentaires animaliers professionnels et amateur en compétition le temps du festival, et un programme nature de sensibilisation au coeur de la vallée de la Somme et de la Picardie.

This festival, in northern France, is a public meeting of the best professional and amateur wildlife documentaries in competition during the festival, and a nature education program in the heart of the valley of the Somme and Picardy.

The 30th International Wildlife Film Festival will be held from 14- 22th of March 2020 in Albert, France. The festival is an official competition in which each selected movie is presented to an international jury composed of personalities known for their competence, commitment and knowledge of wildlife and environment.

Festival International Nature Namur

Festival International Nature Namur
Bois-de-Villers 5170

Phone: +32 81 432 420

Email: info@festivalnaturenamur.be

Website: www.festivalnaturenamur.be

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The International Nature Namur Festival takes place every year in mid-October in the French speaking part of Belgium: NAMUR.

It celebrated its' 25th anniversary in 2019.

The event organises public HD screenings of a selection of films dedicated to nature and wildlife and present dozens of Nature Photo exhibitions each year.

There are three contests you can apply for:

  • The International Professional Films Festival
  • The International Amateur (non-professional) Film Festival
  • The International Photo Contest

Those three are completely free for registration and many awards can be won.

The 26th Festival will be held from the 9th to 18th of October 2020.

Festival International Nature Namur

All information on our website.



President: Jorge Camilo Valenzuela

Phone: +33 64 762 9882

Email: jorgecamilo.valenzuela@fifpan.org

Website: www.fifpan.org

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Profile Page

The organization of the FIFPAN festival is managed by the “WNA” (Wildlife & Nature Awareness), an association which aims to raise public awareness of issues relating to the preservation of flora and fauna, develop education about the environment, and improve awareness of native cultures and peoples.

In this context, the Association created FIFPAN: the International Wildlife and Nature Film and Photography Festival in Mimizan - France.

One of FIFPAN’s unique characteristics is that it highlights the global nature of these artistic and technical professions. These professions enable the creation of pictorial and cinematographic works dedicated to animals that are photographed and filmed in their natural environments. The festival also aims to highlight the work carried out by associations around the world with a view to preserving and protecting nature, fauna and flora.


Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival
777 N. Canyon Terrace Drive
Arizona 86011

Director: Ron Tuckman

Phone: +1 928 600 6572

Email: ron@flagstaffmountainfilms.org

Website: www.flagstaffmountainfilms.org

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The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival highlights a collection of the most inspiring and thought-provoking social, environmental, outdoor-adventure and indigenous films from around the world.

For the past fifteen years, outdoor and film enthusiasts from across the state, region and world have enjoyed a high-quality film experience while soaking up the breathtaking fall beauty of Northern Arizona.

The Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival is a volunteer run effort - any profits from the event are reinvested into future festivals and our Emerging Filmmaker Program; a free weekly documentary film workshop offered to area high school students.

Green-Go Short Film Contest

Green-Go Short Film Contest
CEEweb for Biodiversity

Creative Contests Co-ordinator: Olja Radlovic

Email: contest@greengofest.eu

Website: www.greengofest.eu

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Profile Page

CEEweb for Biodiversity is a network of non-governmental organizations in the Central and Eastern European region.

Our mission is the conservation of biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development.

CEEweb for Biodiversityafter five year success and at least 60 hundred great short films later, just has launched Green-Go Short Film Contest for the 6th time in 2016. This year we are looking for short movies which raise awareness about small scale agriculture, the circular economy and Europe's nature wonders. Just like in the previous years, we would like to kindly ask you to be our partners to be able to reach even more interested people and raise awareness about the environmental issues we are living with. The best shorts will not only win valuable prizes but will be showed at international events that affect our future... Download the Call for Entries PDF here.

For more information please visit www.greengofest.eu.

If you have any questions, please make sure that you search for it first in the FAQs. In case you have not found it, please contact Olja Radlovic on the following email address: contest@greengofest.eu

Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival

Green Screen

Frau-Clara Str.18
Eckernförde 24340

Phone: +49 (0)4351 470 043

Email: info@greenscreen-festival.de

Website: www.greenscreen-festival.de

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Each year in September, GREEN SCREEN International Wildlife Film Festival Eckernförde attracts more than a hundred international professionals from the wildlife film industry and up to 20 000 visitors.

The five day festival programme offers more than one hundred screenings at different venues, often with filmmakers present to offer insight into their work, also there are workshops and panels.

A glamorous award ceremony celebrating the winners in the 16 categories is the final highlight of the event.

Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival

Wildlife films are welcome to be submitted until: 15th March 2020.

The award for the BEST FILM is now endowed with a whooping 10.000 € !
The descriptions for the following award categories have changed:
Heinz Sielmann Film Award / Nordic Nature Film Award !


Contact: film@greenscreen-festival.de

Entry form, categories and regulations: www.greenscreen-festival.de/en/professional

More information about the festival: www.greenscreen-festival.de/en

International Vegan Film Festival

International Vegan Film Festival


Contact: Shawn Stratton

Phone: + 1  613 884 7385

Email: info@theivff.com

Website: www.theivff.com

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Profile Page

The International Vegan Film Festival (formerly the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival) is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating the vegan ideal: a healthiercompassionateenvironmentally friendly lifestyle that can be achieved through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives.

As the number of people who call themselves vegan grows exponentially around the world (a 500% increase in the last three years in the US), there is a huge appetite for information and insights into all aspects of vegan life: from the ethics of animal farming to the environmental and health benefits that come with a shift to plant based eating..

The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival hosted its inaugural Festival on October 14, 2018 at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Canada, as the only known vegan film festival in the world.

In the years to come, the Festival will hit the road across Canada and around the world. It will not only showcase the talents of extraordinary filmmakers, but serve as a crucial link connecting the global community of vegans and inspiring non vegans to make kinder, and more informed food choices.

The world's premier vegan film festival, the second annual Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival, took place on October 6, 2019 in the Canadian capital.

International Vegan Film Festival World Tour


International Wildlife Film Festival
Roxy Theater
718 S. Higgins Ave.
Montana 59801

Phone: +1 406 728 9380
Fax: +1 406 728 2881

For help with tickets, passes & membership: hello@wildlifefilms.org
For film sponsorship: iwff@wildlifefilms.org

Website: www.wildlifefilms.org/festival

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Profile Page

The International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF), created and based in Missoula, Montana, hosts a wide-ranging line-up of special events, public screenings, seminars and panel discussions and evening receptions.

The Missoula Festival is not a trade show or marketplace; it is a forum for people to teach and learn about the natural history filmmaking business and wildlife issues.

Our Festival is an eclectic collection of people who have a great concern for wildlife and wildlands, and how television, film and video play important roles in understanding and protecting creatures and habitat world-wide.

The mission of the International Wildlife Film Festival is to foster knowledge and understanding of wildlife and habitat through excellent, honest wildlife films and other media.

The IWFF was the first juried wildlife film competition in the world.


Learn more at wildlifefilms.org

The 43rd International Wildlife Film Festival will be held from April 18-25 2020 in Missoula, Montana, USA ... Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, this festival was virtual: wildlifefilms.org/iwff-virtual-festival

See the 2020 winners here: wildlife-film.com/features/IWFF-2020-Award-Winners-Announced.html

See the 2019 winners here: wildlife-film.com/features/IWFF-2019-Award-Winners-Announced.html

See the 2018 winners here: wildlife-film.com/features/IWFF-2018-Award-Winners-Announced.html

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival

Ireland Wildlife Film Festival

Founder and Director: Carter McCormick – ethancartermccormick@gmail.com
Coordinator: Paula Sprenger

Phone: +353 (087) 689 7348

Email: iwffinfo@gmail.com

Website: www.irelandwildlifefilmfestival.com

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Profile Page

The Ireland Wildlife Film Festival is the first of its kind in Ireland and seeks to bring stories of conservation and species preservation to the big screen while also striving to create a community of filmmakers and audience members who care deeply about environmental issues.

The Inaugural Festival will be held on the 14th of September 2019 at the University College Cork Campus.

See: The Inaugural Ireland Wildlife Film Festival Winners Announced!

Jackson Wild

Jackson Wild
240 South Glenwood Street
Jackson Hole
Wyoming 83001

Phone: +1 307 200 3286

Operations Director: Christie Quinn

Email: christie@jacksonwild.org

Website: www.jacksonwild.org

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Profile Page

Jackson Wild

We are Jackson Wild

Founded in 1991, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival has become Jackson Wild, expanding our reach and impact around the globe.

Jackson Wild believes in the power of media to inspire wonder for our living planet and ignite action to restore it through high-impact collaboration.

Jackson Wild creates impact through four pillars of engagement:

1) Summits

The Jackson Wild Summit is an extraordinary annual convening where collaboration and innovation thrive, and new ideas are launched. Cross-disciplinary conversations on the critical issues facing our planet set the stage for strategic partnerships that happen nowhere else, as participants work together to address conservation and environmental challenges. In 2019, the conservation focus will be Living Oceans. Partner summits around the world will echo this conservation theme, broadening reach and deepening global impact.

2) Awards

Media today deepens understanding of the world around us, inspires commitment to protect and restore the natural systems upon which all life depends and empowers the radical changes that will be required. The nature equivalent to the Oscars®, the Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in science and nature storytelling. In addition to media, the Jackson Wild Legacy Awards recognize visionary filmmakers, conservationists, scientists and thought leaders.

3) New Frontiers

Stories connect us to the planet and to each other. It’s critical to bring diverse voices that bear witness to the world through unique and authentic stories. The Jackson Wild Media Lab will train and mentor emerging conservation media leaders in unique programs that directly engage them with the most influential content creators from around the globe. Beginning in Southern Africa and Latin America, Jackson Wild is working with local organizers to globalize the voices of young filmmakers.

4) Global Impact

Jackson Wild works with UN agencies and global partners to empower locally-driven engagement that inspires action. The annual World Wildlife Day Film Showcase creates a portfolio of programs selected from 250+ entries, that are presented globally at special screening events through Jackson Wild on Tour. Working closely with CITES, the UN Environment and UN Development Programme Jackson Wild furthers deep-impact media strands at a series of high level global convenings in 2019-20 where world leaders address critical environmental, social and economic challenges.

See: Jackson Wild Media Awards 2019 Winners Announced!

Also see: Jackson Wild World Wildlife Day Film Showcase 2020: Biodiversity Winners Announced

2020 Call for entry opens March 1, and will close June 1 (extended), with finalists announced on July 15. Any film completed since June 1, 2019 is eligible to enter.

Enter your film here: jacksonwild.org/2020-media-awards.html


Japan Wildlife Film Festival
205 Ranjo

Executive Director: Yoshiharu McNicoll

Phone: +81 (0)3 6419 7504
Fax: +81 (0)3 6419 7510

Skype Me!

Email: jwff@naturechannel.jp

Website: www.naturechannel.jp

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Profile Page

Holding its first festival in 1993, JWFF is organized biennially - every odd year in Toyama prefecture, Japan.

With the cooperation of Wildscreen in Bristol, U.K. and Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in Wyoming, U.S.A., it has become the largest event of its kind in Asia and Pacific Rims.

The festival receives over 400 film entries from over 40 countries and is attended by some 40 thousand members of the public who come from all over Japan.

The Japan Wildlife Film Festival is a four-day event, where nominated films are screened at several theatres and open to the public free of charge.

The Festival gives the Japanese public an excellent opportunity to view high quality natural history films. In addition to the screenings, we invite several of the nominees and other filmmakers to give special seminars on the making of their films.

The 13th Japan Wildlife Film Festival wasl held in Tokyo from the 2nd- 3rd April 2018... and the Winners are: wildlife-film.com/features/JWFF-Winners-2017.html

#LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival

#LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival

Pamplona 31008

Co-ordinator: Javier Diez

Director: Bienvenido León

Phone: +34 69 902 7379

Email: info@labmecrazy.org

Website: www.labmecrazy.org

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Profile Page

#LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival is an initiative run by the Museo de Ciencias at the University of Navarra.

It is a film festival that aims to raise awareness about science among young people by offering a refreshing, modern take on scientific knowledge.

2019 winners: unav.edu/en/web/labmecrazy/2019edition

... More info on the Profile Page!

Matsalu Nature Film Festival

Matsalu Nature Film Festival
Tallinna mnt. 25
Läänemaa County 90303

Festival Director: Silvia Lotman

Phone: +372 477 5141

Email: info@matsalufilm.ee

Website: www.matsalufilm.ee

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Profile Page

The first international Matsalu Nature Film Festival took place in 2003.

The Festival is named after the Matsalu National Park, one of Europe's largest bird sanctuaries and a wetland environment of global significance.

The objective of the festival is to screen and recognize new nature films and their creators, and to promote the distribution and popularity of nature films.

The festival promotes nature-oriented and sustainable ways of life and respect for the nature-connected traditions of indigenous people.

The 18th Matsalu Nature Film Festival will be held from the September 16-20, 2020!

CALL FOR ENTRIES OPEN until the 1st of May!

Submit Online: filmfreeway.com/matsalufilm

NaturVision Film Festival

NaturVision Film Festival
Arsenalstraße 4
71638 Ludwigsburg

Festival Director: Ralph Thoms

Phone: +49 (0)7141 9922 48-0

Email: info@natur-vision.org

Website: www.natur-vision.de

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Profile Page

19th NaturVision Film Festival from 16 – 19 July 2020 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

NaturVision is Germany's longest-running nature film festival, focusing on the natural world, wildlife, the environment and sustainability. Over four days we showcase powerful and absorbing nature and wildlife films on the big screen. We want to allow our viewers insights into unfamiliar worlds, inform them and reveal interrelationships and effects, so that they become aware of and inspired by nature and the environment. At the same time it is our wish to provide a forum for the genre, so as well as big productions there is also room in our programme for small filmic gems.

Unforgettable film images, emotional moments, critical information: NaturVision is THE film festival for nature and the environment. With our international film competition, each year we showcase the latest films around nature, wildlife and the environment, honouring the best among them with prestigious awards. NaturVision brings the beauty of nature to the big screen, shows the vulnerability of our world, and reports on new and promising solutions for environmental issues. NaturVision stands for the art of film, sustainability and future-proof development. NVision the future!

Films that were completed after 1 January 2019 can now be submitted for these festival.natur-vision.de/en/filmfestival/film-competition/competition-categories-and-awards.html

Please register your films via our festival.natur-vision.de/en/filmfestival/film-competition/film-registration.html The closing date for entries is 28 February 2020.

This year again we are offering a winter special for films submitted by 31 December: a 50% discount on the submission fee. So there’s no time to lose! To avail yourself of this special offer, just enter WINTER SPECIAL 2019 in the "Discount" field when you register. Once your registration is verified, you will receive a separate confirmation with the discounted price. There is no submission fee for the category "NaturVision Newcomer Award" (please provide a training certificate).

 New York WILD Film Festival

New York WILD Film Festival
23 W. 73rd Street #1201
New York
New York 10023

Founder and Executive Director: Nancy Rosenthal

Phone: +1 21 2
8 776 364

Email: nywildff@gmail.com

Website: www.nywildfilmfestival.com

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Profile Page

Awareness of all things WILD is vital.

More than ever people are fascinated with all things connected to the planet and aware of the urgency to save it.

The New York WILD Film Festival is a documentary film festival showcases a spectrum of topics, from exploration and adventure to wildlife and the environment, bringing all things WILD to the most urban city in the world.

Through powerful, exhilarating films and conversations WILD presents an extraordinary opportunity to exchange ideas, affect vital change and celebrate the WILD.

2019 New York WILD Trailer

The 7th annual New York WILD Film Festival will be February 27-March 1, 2020.

Science Media Awards & Summit

Science Media Awards & Summit
1 Guest Street
MA 02135

Phone: +1 307 200 3286

Email: christie@jhfestival.org

Website: www.sciencemediasummit.org

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Profile Page

September 25-27, 2018 | WGBH, Boston

SMASH aims to boost science literacy in the global public by convening top scientists and science media pros.

Join Jackson Hole WILD and WGBH in Boston, September 25-27, 2018, for the Science Media Awards & Summit in the Hub (SMASH), where more than 300 science media stakeholders will gather to celebrate exceptional media, cutting-edge discoveries and explore new ways of communicating the wonders of science to a global audience in a rapidly-changing media landscape.

Science Media Awards & Summit

22nd Sept 2016: Jackson Hole Science Media Awards Announces 2016 Winners

28th Sept 2018: Jackson Hole Science Media Awards Announces 2018 Winners

Sondrio Festival - International Documentary Film Festival on Parks

Sondrio Festival - International Documentary Film Festival on Parks

Via Perego, 1
Sondrio 23100

Phone: +39 0342 526 260

Email: info@sondriofestival.it

Website: www.sondriofestival.it

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Profile Page

Annual international film festival and competition focusing on nature documentaries made in National Parks, Nature Reserves and Protected Areas.

The 33rd edition of the Sondrio festival will be held in Italy, between 11 and 24 November 2019.

Stories Lived Environmental Video Short Contest

Stories Lived

Delray Beach

Phone: +1 561 862 8948

Email: Courtney@StoriesLived.com

Website: www.storieslived.com

Follow us on TwitterLike our Facebook PageGoogle+
Vimeo YouTube

Profile Page

Personal Mission/Environmental Category Contest: Video shorts, 5 min. or less, that tell the how and why an individual or group is doing something positive for the environment and inspiring others with their actions!

Please see website for details and examples: www.storieslived.com/contest


The Stories Lived Online Video Contest will present $5,300 in cash prizes across multiple categories, awarded over a 3.5 month period.

  • Personal Triumph Finalists: 3 Finalists selected | $200 awarded to each Finalist (determined by Stories Lived staff.)
  • Personal Passion Finalists: 3 Finalists selected | $200 awarded to each Finalist (determined by Stories Lived staff.)
  • Personal Mission Finalists: 3 Finalists selected | $200 awarded to each Finalist (determined by Stories Lived staff.)
  • Audience Award Winner: 1 Winner from 9 Finalists | $1,500 to Winner (determined by online vote.)
  • Jury Award Winner: 1 Winner from 9 Finalists | $2,000 to Winner (determined by our esteemed Jury.)

Please see Contest Info Page for details! :)

See the most recent winners here: www.wildlife-film.com/features/Stories-Lived-Environmental-Category-Winners-Announced-30-January-2017.html

Sunny Side of the Doc

Sunny Side of the Doc

21 bis Quai Maubec
La Rochelle 17000

Phone: +33 5 46 55 79 79

Email: welcome@sunnysideofthedoc.com

Website: www.sunnysideofthedoc.com

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Profile Page

Sunny Side of the Doc, international factual and doc market, brings together broadcasters, distributors and producers to buy programmes, and to find partners.

Asian Side of the Doc puts the spotlight on the dynamic Asian factual programmes sector and includes 4 days of networking, pitch sessions, panels, events and a sales market to create new partnerships and get access to key buyers from across Asia and beyond.

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

Wilderland Festival

United Kingdom

Company Directors: Isaac Rice & Dan O’Neill

Phone: +44 (0)7538 006 225

Email: isaac@wilderlandfestival.com

Website: www.wilderlandfestival.com

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Profile Page

Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival is the UK’s first touring wildlife film festival annually touring the country bringing inspirational short wildlife films to the public.

Focusing on conservation, these films achieve the important job of getting these crucial messages out into the world.

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

The UK's first touring wildlife film festival IS BACK! Wilderland brings the world's most breathtaking independent wildlife shorts to the public THIS SPRING ... Touring theatres across the UK & Ireland (MARCH - MAY 2020). To find out more and to buy tickets, head to: wilderlandfestival.com/tickets

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: ++31 6 14 060 229

Email: info@wffr.nl

Website: www.wffr.nl

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Profile Page

About WFFR

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) is the only film festival for nature documentaries in the Netherlands and shows the most recent films from home and abroad. Since its first edition in 2015, WFFR has been taking place in the Rotterdam film theatre Cinerama, which was also the vibrant heart of the festival this year. The programme consists of beautiful documentaries showing the beauty of nature, as well as films showing the relationship between man and nature. During WFFR, visitors can talk to the many filmmakers present, attend special lectures and take part in interesting activities related to nature conservation.

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2020 - Call For Entry

Showing your film to the Dutch audience? Last year Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam welcomed more than 10,000 visitors and is growing ever since we started back in 2015.

We are open for entries until 1 May 2020.
The festival will be held from 27 October - 1 November 2020.
The competition is free of fees and selected filmmakers receive hotel lodging during the festival days (for two people) and free admission to all festival related events and films.

In 2020 Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam will recognise outstanding achievements in 10 Flamingo Award categories. Your entry will automatically compete for either Best Film/Best Short Film and the Audience Award.

Entry categories:

  • Green Impact
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Awareness
  • Van Lawick Conservation
  • People & Nature
  • Children's
  • Newcomer

You can submit your film via FilmFreeway.

The rules and terms can be found on FilmFreeway.

If you wish to submit your film otherwise, please contact competition@wffr.nl for the possibilities.

Wildscreen Festival

Wildscreen Festival

United Kingdom

Email: hello@wildscreen.org

Website: www.wildscreen.org

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Profile Page

Wildscreen Festival is the world’s leading international festival celebrating and advancing storytelling about the natural world through visual media.

For over 30 years the prestigious biennial Festival has been convening and celebrating the world's best natural world storytellers, it is home to the illustrious Wildscreen Panda Awards, the highest accolade in the wildlife film and TV industry.

Through collaboration with an ever-growing community of filmmakers, photographers, broadcasters, technologists and conservation organisations we aim to transform the craft of natural world storytelling across platforms and across audiences, ensuring as many people as possible experience the natural world, feel part of it and want to help protect it.

Next Festival Dates: 19-23 October 2020!

Wildscreen announced (28th May 2020) the 20th anniversary edition of the Festival will bring the natural world to the online world this October.

Seizing the opportunity for evolution in light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the reimagined virtual event will be the most accessible Wildscreen Festival to date, with more people than ever before being able to tune in to its ground-breaking content and benefit from the events unrivalled networking opportunities.

Wildscreen’s patron, renowned naturalist David Attenborough says, “Never has communicating the threats facing our natural world and the bold solutions required to protect and restore it been so vital. Wildscreen, with its convening power is uniquely placed to support and challenge those who can tell the stories the world needs to hear and see.”

The online edition of the Festival, already slated for the 19-23 October, will include everything that the international industry expects from the genres’ leading event, including keynotes, masterclasses, sessions, commissioner meetings, film premieres and screenings with director interviews, and a new programme of one-to-one meetings.

Over 300 films will also be available over a three-month period between September to December, which will then be accompanied by all the industry content released during the Festival week from Friday 23 October.

Wildscreen Festival 2020 goes virtual ... Read more!

See: Wildscreen Panda Awards 2018 Winners Announced!

See: Wildscreen Panda Awards 2016 Winners Announced!

Wild Shots

Wild Shots Wildlife Photography Symposium
Cape Town
South Africa

Contact - Harriet Nimmo

Phone: +27 (0)79 437 6079

Skype Me!

Email: info@wildshotsevent.com

Website: www.wildshotsevent.com

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Wild Shots - South Africa's new wildlife photography symposium.

Wild Shots is bringing together amateurs and professionals alike, to learn from and be inspired by the best in the business. It features a packed showcase of high-profile speakers presenting their very latest photographic work, telling tales of experiences in the field, and debating hot industry topics. The stellar line-up of speakers includes Africa's very best nature photographers and top industry practitioners.

Wild Shots' aim is to explore the power of nature photography and how it helps to promote a greater public appreciation of biodiversity and the conservation of nature in Africa. The event is open to everyone with an interest in wildlife and nature photography.

For further info & delegate registration see www.wildshotsevent.com

Free Members

Babul Films Society India admn@babulfilms.in
BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit USA info@blueoceanfilmfestival.org
China Ya’an Panda International Animal and Nature Film Festival China animalandnature@gmail.com
Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival Italy festival@cinemambiente.it
CMS Vatavaran Environment & Wildlife Film Festival India info@cmsvatavaran.org
Darsser NaturfilmFestival Germany post@arche-natura.de
Doñana Wildlife and Science Film Festival Spain info@festivaldonana.org
EcoCinema Israel ecocinema@gmail.com
Ecozine: The International Film Festival and Environment of Zaragoza Spain infoecozine@gmail.com
Envirofilm Slovak Republic envirofilm@sazp.sk
Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine France webmaster@underwater-festival.com
Festival International du Film Animalier et de l'Environnement Morocco saad@fifale.com
Green Screen Germany info@greenscreen-festival.de
Green Vision Russia festivalgreenvision@gmail.com
Grenoble International Nature & Environment Film Festival France festival@frapna.org
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival Austria hello@inff.eu
International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö Hungary info@godollofilmfest.com
International Underwater Film Festival Belgrade Serbia dive.bgd@vektor.net
Les Bois Film Festival USA contact@lttv.org
Madeira Film Festival Portugal aitken@madeirafilmfestival.com
Planet in Focus Canada Dawn@planetinfocus.org
San Francisco Green Film Festival USA info@sfgreenfilmfest.org
San Francisco Ocean Film Festival USA info@oceanfilmfest.org
Sondrio Festival - International Documentary Film Festival on Parks Italy info@sondriofestival.it
SunChild Wildlife Film Competition Armenia info@sunchild.org
teleNatura Spain telenatura@unav.es
The Paws and Claws Film Festival Canada info@wildarc.com
UK Green Film Festival UK info@ukgreenfilmfestival.org
Wild & Scenic Film Festival USA jess@wildandscenicfilmfestival.org
Wildlife Vassa Finland terranova@vaasa.fi
Wlodzimierz Puchalski Nature Film Festival Poland wfo@wfo.com.pl

To add your company to this directory, fill in the appropriate form here

British Wildlife Photography Awards


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