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Wildlife Film Training / Education

National Film and Television School

Africa Media

Africa Media
Oceans Hotel and Campus
Louis Fourie Road
Mossel Bay
Western Cape 6500
South Africa

Phone: +27 44 690 5799

Skype Me!

Email: katie@oceans-campus.com

Website: www.africa-media.org

& www.oceans-campus.com

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Master the art of wildlife documentary film making in the heart of South Africa. Our unique wildlife documentary film making training course allows students to develop and produce your own 5-miniute wildlife documentary film to showcase your abilities to industry professionals.

Africa Media, in partnership with Oceans Campus and Scotia Private Game reserve provides incredible access and guidance to aspiring film makers to develop the skills essential for a career in documentary film. Utilizing only top of the range broadcast quality audio and video equipment, join established wildlife and film specialists Ryan Johnson, Ian De Fries and Justin Bean on this unique month long training program.

For more information visit our program information page.

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

British Columbia

Aerial Cinematographer: Martin Gregus Jr – martin@martingregusjr.com
Director: Martin Gregus Sr

Phone: +1 (778) 858 6016 & +1 (778) 896 6016

Email: matkojr@matkopictures.com

Websites: www.aviaeye.com/training.html & www.matkopictures.com

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Specializing in aerial wildlife cinematography, AviaEye™ is the leader in commercial RPAS/Drone cinematography and photography.

Focusing primarily on RPAS operations in the Arctic and Antarctic we are fully licensed to offer training in every region of Canada.

Training our clients to fly both safely and legally under Canadaís new regulations we strive to get you off the ground as quickly as possible.

Get in touch with us today and get flying in no time.

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography


Center for Environmental Filmmaking

School of Communication
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20016-8017

Executive Director: Maggie Burnette Stogner

Phone: +1 202 885 2160

Email: stogner@american.edu

Website: www.environmentalfilm.org

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The Center for Environmental Filmmaking (CEF) is one of the leading environmental and wildlife film programs in the world. Our mission is to advance filmmaking, photography and new forms of immersive and interactive storytelling as powerful catalysts that inform, inspire, and empower. We create transformative and innovative media, working together to address the critical environmental challenges we face today. CEF is committed to diversifying the field, increasing equity, and building compassionate communities. The Center provides an outstanding array of courses, experiential learning opportunities such as Classroom in the Wild, creative media labs, film and speaker series, and internships. In addition to its accomplished and award-winning faculty, CEF partners with conservation and advocacy organizations, media companies, and a vast network of experts, scholars, and policymakers. Join CEF for a creative, high-impact program that truly makes a difference.

For more information, go to www.american.edu/soc/environmental-film.

Signature initiatives

Located in Washington, DC, we belong to a broad and vital community that includes the Smithsonian Institution, the National Geographic Society, PBS, as well as many nonprofit environmental organizations and government agencies, providing rich opportunities for our students.

Each year we partner with Maryland Public Television for a producing course, and offer students an array of fellowships with Nat Geo Wild, the National Park Service, NASA, the Nature Conservancy, and many others.

In addition to our campus courses, we offer experiential learning through Classroom in the Wild at locations around the globe.

CEF invites world-class filmmakers to American University to talk, teach, and mentor.

We participate in the Environmental Film Festival, American Conservation Film Festival and other major film festivals and conferences.

As part of AUís School of Communication (SOC), the center partners with SOCís programs in journalism, public communication, film and media arts, and communication studies, drawing on the expertise of the accomplished filmmakers on SOCís faculty to offer students world-class professional training. We also collaborate with the departments across campus, such as Environmental Sciences, Anthropology, School of International Service, the Center for Environmental Policy, Environmental Law Center, and others.

Executive Director Maggie Burnette Stogner

Maggie Burnette Stogner has been directing, producing, and writing award-winning documentaries for 30 years. Her work spans topics from the environment to ancient civilizations to social issues. Maggie was a producer at National Geographic TV & Film for ten years and supervised over 200 documentaries for their signature series “EXPLORER”, including many expedition films to remote corners the world. Through her production company Blue Bear Films, founded in 2005, she creates large-screen films and immersive media for world-touring museum exhibitions for National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institution, LucasFilm, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and others. She directed and wrote the award-winning independent film “In the Executioner’s Shadow” which won the prestigious Women Film Critics Circle award for Best Directing. She is a full professor at American University in Washington DC and teaches “Producing Environmental and Wildlife Films”, “Producing the Historical Documentary”, as well as documentary directing and writing. She is a judge for the Emmy Awards - Best Documentary and Best Natural History categories, and Jackson Wild; an Advisory Board Member of the DC-Environmental Film Festival; a member of the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences; and an Executive Member of Women in Film and Video.


62-63 Upper Street
London N1 0NY
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 7354 7960

Email: ukinfo@eia-international.org

Website: www.eia-international.org

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The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent campaigning organisation committed to bringing about change that protects the natural world from environmental crime and abuse.

EIA produces hard-hitting campaign films on a wide range of environmental crimes, as well as bespoke training films for enforcement agencies.

We have implemented extensive training of NGOs in Indonesia with regard to shooting, editing and promoting campaign films. This has included a three-year DFID-funded training programme in Tanzania – Read about it and watch some of the films produced by local groups and individuals at www.eia-international.org/giving-a-voice-to-tanzanian-communities (Also see: www.eia-international.org/tanzania-training)

EIA also has one of the world's largest archives of footage devoted to the illegal trade in wildlife products and other environmentally damaging commodities. The collection is data-based and is available on a professional basis to journalists, publishers and programme-makers. All the funds raised from the sale of this archive help to fund future campaigns. The visual media you see on the website is indicative of what is available in the whole collection.

We are always prepared to listen to programme pitches from media professionals with a view to highlighting our work.

Our vision is a future where humanity respects, protects and celebrates the natural world for the benefit of all.

Field Projects International

Field Projects International
St. Louis

Phone: +1 314 649 8636

Email: admin@primates-peru.org

Website: www.fieldprojects.org

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We are offering a Wildlife Cinematography course taught in the Peruvian Amazon by Emmy winner Robin Cox (BBC Earth/Natural History Unit) with Keshav Sishta (Blackbird Productions) and guided by two experienced tropical biologists.

This summer's workshop runs from August 7th-17th, 2015, and offers opportunities to film/photograph a wide range of wildlife in a region with 500+ species of birds, 11 primate species, snakes, caiman, turtles, insects, and much more. Enrollment deadline is July 20th.

On June 8th, the first 8 applicants who sign up starting at 8am (Central Standard Time) receive more than 30% off the cost of the course ($1100 savings!).

HASP Training

HASP Training Ltd
34 Thistlebarrow Road
Dorset BH7 7AL
United Kingdom

Managing Director - Rupert Godesen

Phone: +44 (0)1202 729 068
Mobile: +44 (0)7884 001 600


Website: www.hasptraining.co.uk

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If you are embarking on an assignment overseas, you can sometimes find yourselves isolated, afraid or caught up in a situation that you can't handle. Despite your best intentions, trouble might come looking for you.

A HASP course will equip you with a tool box of proven methods and techniques to ensure your safety. You will leave our care with more confidence, awareness and a range of new skills, which will enable you to operate safely and securely.

We have several courses to choose from ranging from 2.5 to 5 days. We have also designed a bespoke 2 day course which we have streamlined for freelancers on a budget. All courses provide the delegates with the opportunity to qualify for the Emergency First Aid Certificate.

Course Snapshot: Our residential courses are run in Surrey or we can provide you with a mobile HASP team to run the training anywhere in the world. We run a well-paced, informative programme of training, with great emphasis on practical scenarios for the delegates to try out their new skills.

The HASP Team Our security instructors are ex-British Army with a solid base of teaching experience, both to military and civilian audiences. Our medical instructors are UK Paramedics with years of front line experience. On completion of one of our courses, delegates will be able to deal with a wide variety of medical emergencies and situations and be awarded the Emergency First Aid Certificate (all covered in the cost of the course).

Leeds Beckett University

The Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University

The School of Film, Music and Performing Arts
Leeds Beckett University
Electric Press
Civic Campus
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)113 812 3330

Email: d.p.turner@leedsmet.ac.uk

Website: www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/fmapcourses

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The Northern Film School part of the School of Film, Music and Performing Arts at Leeds Beckett University are offering a wide range of professional short courses from January 2015.

Wildlife Filmmaking Workshop 2015

Suitable if you are a committed amateur, an aspiring professional or have had some previous filmmaking experience and have a love of wildlife. Our location in the heart of Yorkshire offers an abundance of wonderful wildlife and filming opportunities that are sure to inspire.

Wildlife film production is a complex web of aesthetics, field craft, narrative, technology and physical logistics. Thisworkshop engages with all of these aspects, whilst allowing you to develop your creative vision and aesthetic.

Preliminary seminar and discussion sessions will interrogate moral standpoints and examine your own objectives. It will also include an overview of wildlife law and countryside codes of behaviour.

Using the Northern Film Schoolís equipment, you will practice use of long lenses, close-up photography, atmospherics, weather, water, stabilisation, sound production, storyline development and post-production.

Filming will take place on location; there will be some early starts, visits to field study centres and wildlife reserves, with at least one overnight expedition. You will edit your material into a cogent whole, with the completed piece being presented at a closing event to an invited audience, with scope for debate and discussion around the work produced.

On this workshop you will:

  • work on wildlife projects with sensitivity for your subject, a background of basic wildlife law, and health and safety awareness in the field
  • handle cameras, lenses, sound to enable effective wildlife production
  • manage time and resources to produce positive outcomes
  • work in teams and individually identifying objectives, scripting, logistics, application of technology and final editing
  • develop an awareness of narrative, composition,sequence and context in your own wildlife production work.

13 days full-time

Course only: £2000 (inc. all equipment & location expenses)
Accommodation: £400 (bed, breakfast & evening meal)

29 June 2015

Montana Film Academy

Montana Film Academy
c/o IWMC
718 S. Higgins Avenue
MT 59801

Phone: +1 406 728 9380

Email: iwff@wildlifefilms.org

Website: www.montanafilmacademy.com

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The Montana Film Academy is the training program of the International Wildlife Media Center & Film Festivals.

It was established about ten years ago, with the mission and purpose of inspiring the next generation of filmmakers, scientists, adventurers and explorers.

Programs of the Montana Film Academy include outreach and programming in local and regional schools, with students of all ages, and youth throughout the year.

We also offer teacher training programs specifically in video and film production.

During our two annual film festivals, IWFF and CINE, the Academy provides filmmaking workshops, summer wildlife, adventure and documentary film camps and other youth related programs.

These include After-School and Winter/Spring Holiday Film & Wildlife Programs and Teen Film Workshops as well as an all-volunteer High School Media Mentoring Program.

Montana State Uni

MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking

Montana State University
SchVCB 22
11th Avenue and Grant St
PO Box 173350
Montana 59717-3350

Phone: +1 406 994 5884

Program Head: Dennis Aig

Email: snhf@montana.edu

Website: sfp.montana.edu/sciencenaturefilm

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Profile Page

The MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking Program is an intensive, three-year academic program that trains students with backgrounds in science and technology to become skilled filmmakers who contribute to the greater public understanding of science.

Training includes both traditional and new media with an emphasis on story, character, mixed and emerging dramas, and the sciences as well as natural history.

We have our own WEBBY-winning podcast/website TERRA: THE NATURE OF OUR WORLD and our graduates work as freelancers and as staff members for organizations ranging from NASA to National Geographic to the human rights advocacy group WITNESS.

Our motto is "Master the past, Capture the Present, Create the future."

National Film and Television School

National Film and Television School

Beaconsfield Studios
Station Road
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1494 671234

Email: info@nfts.co.uk

Website: www.nfts.co.uk

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First established in 1971, the National Film and Television School (NFTS) has evolved to become a leading global institution, developing some of Britain and the worldís top creative talent. It is widely acknowledged to be the top school of its kind in the UK and one of the best internationally.

National Film and Television School

The School runs a hugely successful MA in Directing and Producing Science & Natural History.


Ranger Expeditions

Ranger Expeditions Ltd
62 Creek Road
Hayling Island
Hampshire PO11 9RE
United Kingdom

Expedition Leader -
Stuart Westfield

Phone: +44 (0)7890 620274

Email: rangerexped@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.rangerexped.co.uk

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Profile Page

Ranger Expeditions provides pre-expedition training and skills training courses as excellent preparation for operations in wilderness environments. Our focus is on the successful achievement of your objectives combined with the safety of team personnel.

When in-country we work enthusiastically in support of your project aims in the following roles:

  • Expedition leader/assistant
  • Camera assistant
  • Photographer
  • Logistical support
  • Camp services
  • Field assistant
  • Wilderness skills training

In the field environmental experience includes: Savannah, Desert, Jungle, Volcanic, Altitude (6000m).

Ranger Expedition leaders have extensive wilderness experience in over 20 African National Parks / Game Reserves.

Our focus is on the successful achievement of your objectives combined with the safety of team personnel.

TaTanka Productions

TaTanka Productions
Castle Rock

Directors: Tom and Sabrina Karges

Phone: +1 720 308 4179

Email: tatankaproductions@hotmail.com

Website: www.tatankaproductions.net

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Full service videotape and film production, specializing in documentaries.

Wildlife Documentary Workshops are also offered. Visit: tatankaproductions.net/wildlife_film_making_workshop.html

TYR Solutions
Langdale House
Canon Pyon
Herefordshire HR4 8NU
United Kingdom

Director: Steve Cook

Phone: +44 (0)20 3239 5257

Skype Me!

Email: steve.cook@tyr-solutions.com

Website: www.tyr-solutions.com

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Profile Page

TYR Solutions is a risk mitigation company.

We provide a number of solutions from training, equipment and consultancy. Our philosophy is that no two organisational entities are alike, and that many interrelated factors such as the nature of their business, profile of their employees and the geographical range of their assets, uniquely determine their level of exposure, hence customised solutions are required to meet their needs. Whilst TYR Solutions operates predominately in high risk hostile environments for a number of media organisations, we have also deployed consultants on documentaries for health and safety purposes, to build jungle base camps, provide remote medical facilities and individual tracking and secure communications.

TYR Solutions has identified the need for medical/security awareness consultancy, communications and tracking support for documentary and wildlife production companies. We have a number of consultants with remote location and FGASA Field guides. Our consultants can also operate as logistics and base camp managers. TYR can also offer pre trip planning.

TYR Solutions can enhance communications through the sale or rental of satellite phones, Bgans and personal and vehicle tracking devices and can either monitor the tracking platform for the client or we can set the client with their own platform.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide superior solutions through customer training, consultancy and support in order to exceed our customer‚s expectations through continuous improvement and interaction.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

The International School of Wildlife Film-making

Since the late 1990s Wildeye's core activity has been providing educational opportunities in the form of short specialist courses in the UK, and longer overseas opportunities. We have now had thousands of students on our courses from all over the world and are thrilled to hear of those that are now accomplished in the industry, award-winners, or simply making better wildlife films for their own enjoyment.

We have always had a strong focus on conservation and the desire to use film as a tool to help conserve our natural world.

Currently Wildeye is focussing on providing short courses on wildlife and conservation film-making in association with universities and colleges. Do contact us if you would be interested in something like this for your own institution.

Also see Wildeye Publishing for a range of books on wildlife film-making.


Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future

Wild Pages: The Wildlife Film-makers' Resource Guide

Conservation Film-making - How to make films that make a difference

Free Members

Bristol Wildlife Filmmakers
Contact info@bristolwildfilm.co.uk

Cornwall College Newquay - FdSc Wildlife Education and Media
Contact newquay.enquiries@cornwall.ac.uk

The University of Cumbria BA Hons Wildlife and Media
Contact enquirycentre@cumbria.ac.uk


The University of Otago
Graduate courses in Science and Natural History FIlmmaking

New Zealand
The University of Salford
1 year postgraduate MA Wildlife Documentary Production
UWE – Bristol
MA in Wildlife Filmmaking
Contact info@wildfilm.co.nz
New Zealand

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