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NaturVision Call For Entries 2022

NaturVision Film Festival celebrates its 2022 winners
By Ralph Thoms
4th August 2022

Ludwigsburg: the award ceremony of this year’s NaturVision Film Festival saw 13 film awards presented in a total of 12 categories. The prizes went to Switzerland, Austria, England, South Africa, France and Italy.

NaturVision 2022

There was hardly a dry eye in the house as the award ceremony host Dana Hoffmann stepped forward to make a very personal announcement.

NaturVision 2022 - Barrikade - Bilder einer Waldbesetzung
Barrikade - Bilder einer Waldbesetzung

The documentary film debut of David Klammer's Barrikade – Bilder einer Waldbesetzung [Barricade – Pictures of a Forest Occupation], which ended up winning the NaturVision Rethink Film Award, had such a profound effect on her that she spontaneously donated a €1,000 endowment. The film subjectively yet powerfully tells the story of committed activists attempting to save Germany’s Dannenröder Forest.

NaturVision 2022 - Stilles Land – Vom Verschwinden der Vögel – © Heiko De Groot
Stilles Land – Vom Verschwinden der Vögel – © Heiko De Groot

The German Biodiversity Film Award is sponsored to the tune of €8,333 by HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH, who have turned their company grounds into a biotope and are involved in all kinds of sustainability projects. Member of the management Siegmar Klein presented the award to Heiko De Groot for his film Stilles Land – Vom Verschwinden der Vögel [Silent Land – On the Disappearance of Birds]. The jury were especially impressed by the magical narrative style of the film, which highlights the complex web of biodiversity in the habitat of a north-German meadow.

NaturVision 2022 - Der Bauer und der Bobo
Der Bauer und der Bobo

Thanks to Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector, the German Conservation and Sustainability Film Award also carries an €8,333 prize. The winner of the award was Austrian director Kurt Langbein for his outstanding cinema film Der Bauer und der Bobo [The Farmer and the Townie]. Entertaining to the end, it skilfully uses the conflict between a mountain farmer and a city journalist to explore the contrasts between urban and rural, economy and ecology, tradition and progress – and reflect on the future of farming.

NaturVision 2022 - The Elephant and the Termite
The Elephant and the Termite

The third main prize of the festival – the German Wildlife Film Award – is sponsored by the city of Ludwigsburg and again worth €8,333. The award went to Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble for their original and artistically constructed film about the savannah, The Elephant and the Termite. Mayor Dr. Matthias Knecht emphasised in his speech how important it is to the city of Ludwigsburg that NaturVision continues to establish itself in Baden-Württemberg. Together with the economic region of Stuttgart and the state of Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg plans to provide further financial support for the film festival.

NaturVision 2022 - Green Warriors: Cursed Uranium
Green Warriors: Cursed Uranium

To give the many courageous and journalistically outstanding works submitted their own forum, the main jury decided on an additional category this year, called Story – investigative. Winner of this special award was Green Warriors: Cursed Uranium by Martin Boudot. The documentary about radioactive pollution arising from the mining and storage of uranium not only impressed the jury with its spectacular drone shots and authentic interviews – it even led to a lawsuit against the mining company.

NaturVision 2022 - Circle of Moose
Circle of Moose

Five films were nominated in the Newcomer category, each one engaging and unique, making it impossible for the jury to choose just one winner. As a result, the €1,000 prize, sponsored by dieUmweltDruckerei, was shared this year by two remarkable debut works: Circle of Moose by Josefin Kuschela, which humorously brings us the extraordinary relationship between the Alaskan moose and the people who help ensure its survival.

NaturVision 2022 - Sagebrush Gold
Sagebrush Gold

And Sagebrush Gold, the graduation film of Marcus Widger, which cleverly explores the price to pay for an energy revolution based on electrical energy – ultimately leaving it up to the viewers to decide.

NaturVision 2022 - Axel Wagner und die Klimakrise – Wasser in der Erderwärmung
Axel Wagner und die Klimakrise – Wasser in der Erderwärmung

It is important to NaturVision that children and young people are given a voice in the competition. This year’s NaturVision Youth Jury Award – funded by Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector to the tune of €2,000 – went to a young online documentary series from broadcaster SWR. In Axel Wagner und die Klimakrise – Wasser in der Erderwärmung [Axel Wagner and the Climate Crisis – Water’s Role in Global Warming], the young jury, who handed over their award in person, felt that the presenter really got through to them individually with his direct and unreproaching manner.

NaturVision 2022 - Pia und die wilde Natur: Abtauchen in die Seegraswiese
Pia und die wilde Natur: Abtauchen in die Seegraswiese

The children’s jury practically took over the stage at the Central Filmtheater. They chose Pia und die wilde Natur: Abtauchen in die Seegraswiese [Pia in the Wild: Diving into the Seagrass Meadow] as their winner of the NaturVision Children’s Film Award, and Pia Amofa-Antwi herself was delighted to accept the trophy. The award carries an endowment of €2,000 from the Wiedeking Stiftung.

NaturVision 2022 - WILD – Jäger und Sammler
WILD – Jäger und Sammler

The NaturVision Camera Award for 2022 went to Swiss filmmaker Mario Theus for WILD – Jäger und Sammler [In the Wild – Hunters & Gatherers]. The jury were deeply impressed by its well-composed images, which create a separate narrative level.

NaturVision 2022 - Wildes Marokko – der Goldene Süden
Wildes Marokko – der Goldene Süden

The NaturVision Film Music Award, sponsored by the NaturVision Förderverein with €1,000 prize money, was awarded to Steffen Kaltschmidt for his music for Wildes Marokko – der Goldene Süden [Wild Morocco – The Golden South]. The judges praised his quite unique answer to the film’s dramatic narrative in the form of a regional music connection.

NaturVision 2022 - My Neighbour is a Bear
My Neighbour is a Bear

For the fifth time NaturVision joined forces with Audi Environmental Foundation to present the Short Film Award, this year with the theme “Grown to be Wild”. For Managing Director Dr. Rüdiger Recknagel, a key motivation for the foundation’s commitment is to inspire people’s interest in conservation, and films are a particularly effective way to reach them. The €5,000 prize money went to Mattia Cialoni for his moving and witty film My Neighbour is a Bear, based in the village of Villalago in the Apennine Mountains of Italy, whose inhabitants have an unusually friendly relationship with their wild friends, the bears.

NaturVision 2022 - Udo Zimmermann
Udo Zimmermann

The NaturVision Honorary Award has been given out six times in the festival’s twenty-year history – not least to celebrated wildlife filmmaker Heinz Sielmann. In 2022 the award went to Udo Zimmermann, filmmaker and former BR (Bavarian TV) editor. In her tribute speech, Annette Scheurich, producer and head of Marco Polo Film AG, praised his greatest achievements in the realm of nature and wildlife films as an editor, a sensitive mentor to filmmakers and a supporter of NaturVision.

NaturVision 2022 - Winners
NaturVision Winners 2022

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