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American Conservation Film Festival

American Conservation Film Festival
P.O. Box 889
West Virginia
WV 25443

Festival Coordinator: Hilary Lo

Email: info@conservationfilmfest.org

Website: www.conservationfilmfest.org

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The American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF) is an annual, four day festival held in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, a vibrant arts community 70 miles west of the nation’s capital.

ACFF is dedicated to promoting outstanding, environmental conservation films from professional filmmakers and students alike.

We screen films that illuminate:

  • Human interactions with wildlife and wild places.
  • Issues driven by natural resource conservation.
  • Humans as part of the environment and/or living in a continuum of cultural tradition.
  • Conservation of cultures, communities, and or lifestyles in conjunction with changes in the natural world.
  • How youth encounter and understand the natural world.

Join us March 10 -12, 2023 and share the experience of watching 17 films together (in person!) at the newly renovated Shepherdstown Opera House!

Our festival brings fresh new films that tell stories that are beautiful, soul-stirring, thoughtful, challenging, funny, and may even change your life. Plus, in partnership with the Shepherdstown Community Club, we'll be sharing an Indian dinner on Sunday evening. Pop-up conservation-themed events at Evolve throughout the weekend, too!

We can’t wait to celebrate 20 years with you!

More info and enter here: filmfreeway.com/ACFF


American Conservation Film Festival

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