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Carter McCormick

Carter McCormick

Wildlife Film-maker

Habitat Productions

Habitat Productions
Rising Fawn

Phone: +353 (0)87 689 7348 (Ireland)

Email: ethancartermccormick@gmail.com

Websites: www.habitatproductions.org & www.thewildconnection.com

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Carter McCormick is from Rising Fawn, Georgia where he gained a deep respect for our connection with the natural world.

He began his filmmaking career in 2008 and his passion for film and conservation has taken him to wildernesses around the globe working alongside prestigious research organizations, conservation groups, universities, and other NGOs.

Carter and his wife Paula founded Habitat Productions a non-profit based film production company in 2017, where they focus on the creation of wildlife and environmental documentaries.

Currently Carter is researching how wildlife films can be better formulated for his Phd at University College Cork in Ireland.

While in Ireland, Carter has also founded the Ireland Wildlife Film Festival.


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