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International Wildlife Film Festival

International Wildlife Film Festival
Roxy Theater
718 S. Higgins Ave.
Montana 59801

Phone: +1 406 728 9380
Fax: +1 406 728 2881

For help with tickets, passes and membership: hello@wildlifefilms.org
For film sponsorship: iwff@wildlifefilms.org

Website: www.wildlifefilms.org/festival

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The International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF), created and based in Missoula, Montana, hosts a wide-ranging line-up of special events, public screenings, seminars and panel discussions and evening receptions.

The Missoula Festival is not a trade show or marketplace; it is a forum for people to teach and learn about the natural history filmmaking business and wildlife issues.

Our Festival is an eclectic collection of people who have a great concern for wildlife and wildlands, and how television, film and video play important roles in understanding and protecting creatures and habitat world-wide.

The mission of the International Wildlife Film Festival is to foster knowledge and understanding of wildlife and habitat through excellent, honest wildlife films and other media.

The IWFF was the first juried wildlife film competition in the world.

The 45th International Wildlife Film Festival will be April 23-30 2022 & May 1-7: IWFF Virtual Viewing Dates

Due to the success of the virtual programs in 2020 & 2021, the festival will continue to offer our international audience the chance to view films.

An IWFF virtual catalog will be offered for one week, May 1-7, 2021.

The traditional festival will happen at the Roxy Theater and will kick off by parading down Higgins avenue in the 30th WildWalk.

There are new opportunities for selected filmmakers like Film Camp! More details are on our submissions page or on FilmFreeway.


November 1: Submissions Open
December 1: Regular Deadline
January 1: Late Deadline
February 1: Final Deadline
April 23-30: IWFF 2022 Dates
May 1-7: IWFF Virtual Viewing Dates

Films eligible for the International Wildlife Film Festival's juried competition must demonstrate exemplary film craft. They must also have a central focus on non-domesticated wildlife species, natural habitats, or conservation. The jury prioritizes scientific accuracy, ethical decision-making made during production, and demonstrated efforts toward the betterment of our natural world. IWFF highlights both the best of this long-lasting genre as well as alternative approaches to storytelling within the wildlife film genre.

Apply through FilmFreeway: filmfreeway.com/InternationalWildlifeFilmFestival



Each year, IWFF adopts a festival theme that is reflected within an annual thematic submissions category. The jury will seek varied interpretations on this theme to share with audiences as a Resilience in The Wild collection.

For the 2022 festival thematic submission category, IWFF seeks films that demonstrate resilience within the wild. In nature, beings push themselves to the limit to survive. Survival requires skill, ingenuity, and resilience, especially today. In our 45th year, IWFF has its own story of survival - a story that involves a clear mission, continued grit, and a loyal pack. This year's festival selections will share stories of inspiring triumphs in the wild whether they are microscopic or epic. Each film has the capacity to create a cascade of positive impulses in its wake. We look forward to sharing heartfelt stories of triumph on our screens, behind the camera, and through science.

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International Wildlife Film Festival

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