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Wildlife Stock Footage / Stills / Sound

Robert Hicks and Tristan Noon

Achtel Pty Ltd

Achtel Pty Limited
913 Coles Bay Road
Coles Bay
Tasmania 7215

Director: Pawel Achtel

+61 (0)407 472 747

Email: pawel.achtel@24x7.com.au

Website: www.achtel.com & www.4k.com.au

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We offer underwater 3D and 2D production services, stock footage and equipment.

We shoot exclusively in 5k and higher formats and focus on high production value.

Our unique DeepX and 3Deep underwater housings are the first and currently the only housings allowing undistorted and true 4k (and beyond) images underwater.

We also bring strong story telling and experience in blue chip natural history genre.

See: Giant Screens Get Sharper ... With the launch of the new ACHTEL 9x7 camera, the world’s largest cinema screens are about to get sharper. Much, much sharper.

Africa Media

Africa Media
Oceans Hotel and Campus
Louis Fourie Road
Mossel Bay
Western Cape 6500
South Africa

Phone: +27 44 690 5799

Skype Me!

Email: katie@oceans-campus.com

Website: www.africa-media.org

& www.oceans-campus.com

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Africa Media has an expansive underwater and terrestrial high definition wildlife library, produced during our work in the Southern African region.

Our library contains unique, high definition clips featuring charismatic African wildlife from above and below the waves.

Africa Media has an extensive inventory of TV production equipment for both topside and underwater filming located within Southern Africa. Hiring video camera equipment from Africa Media can save your production significant amounts of money by reducing excess baggage charges and freight costs.


127 Hampton Road
Bristol BS6 6JE
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)117 927 9778

Email: info@ammonite.co.uk

Website: www.ammonite.co.uk

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Ammonite is an independent film production company.

We have been in existence since 1994 making high quality, high definition films about science and natural history.

Ammonite develops highly specialised and innovative equipment such as image intensified night vision cameras and motion control systems.

Ammonite's kit can be hired and we offer post-production services.

We also have an extensive library of high definition film clips available for sale.

Aquavision TV Productions

Aquavision TV Productions
144 Western Service Road
Gauteng 2191
South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)11 275 0900

Email: info@aquavision.co.za & library@aquavision.co.za

Website: www.aquavision.co.za & www.aquavisionshop.co.za


Aquavision TV Productions

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Thousands of clips to choose from.
Per-second billing.
Choose from a range of licensing options.
Discounted rates for local (South African) companies.


A proudly South African film and television production company, Aquavision has been servicing international clients for over 20 years. With award-winning footage of the highest caliber, we create a range of films from wildlife documentaries to corporate videos and beyond at the heart of which are the passion and integrity for which we are known.

Our international and local broadcasting partners demand fresh, relevant and entertaining content, which we deliver with ease and pride. In our constant pursuit of perfection, we invest richly in the most up-to-date camera, sound and post-production technology available keeping us at the head of the African pack.

It is this investment in technology that enables our team to deliver productions at gold tier technical specifications and upload and download high-resolution, full HD content around the clock.

Our passion and respect for wildlife have been central in forging lasting friendships with prominent nature conservationists, scientists, politicians and law-enforcement agencies. Being part of this formidable network allows us exclusive access to coveted locations across Africa, ultimately making it possible for us to facilitate logistical support for projects of any size. In addition, these friendships enable us to put together Department of Trade & Industry funding, co-production and distribution deals.

We at Aquavision are also proud to offer our clients the biggest library of natural stock footage in the Southern Hemisphere. Our library represents many leading cinematographers, and the material is made instantly available for licensing.

Free Sound Effects

Website: www.audiomicro.com

AudioMicro is the web's largest library of micro stock music, sound effects, and free sound effects.

AudioMicro provides the web's best collection of royalty free music and sound effects at affordable prices.

Buy wildlife sound stock at the most competitive rates available or Browse and Download FREE sound effects!

Our contributors are GRAMMY winning composers and Oscar winning sound effects artists and production houses. No joke.

An unparallelled dedication to customer service. A friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our mission is your project's success.

Sign Up and get access to 2,000+ free sound effects today.

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

British Columbia

Aerial Cinematographer: Martin Gregus Jr – martin@martingregusjr.com
Director: Martin Gregus Sr

Phone: +1 (778) 858 6016 & +1 (778) 896 6016

Email: matkojr@matkopictures.com

Websites: www.aviaeye.com & www.matkopictures.com

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Specializing in aerial wildlife cinematography, AviaEye™ is the leader in commercial RPAS/Drone cinematography and photography.

Our crew has collected more than 3000 hours flying on all seven continents with some of the worlds most elusive and endangered wildlife.

Focusing primarily on RPAS operations in the Arctic and Antarctic we are fully licensed to fly in every region of Canada and abroad.

Get in touch with us today and let us turn your vision into a reality.

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

Community-based Biodiversity Conservation Films (CBCF)
1758, Kijabe Farm, Naivasha 20117, KENYA

Phone: +254 725711057

Email: info@communityconservationfilms.org

Website: www.communityconservationfilms.org

Technical Director: Elijah Chege – cbcfkenya@gmail.com

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CBCF produce environmental films/documentaries, offer a minimum of two weeks film production training, community film showing, film distribution. We sell stock footage and stills. We are looking for conservation-themed films. We are working towards being conservation filmmaking agents in East Africa. We are also looking for collaborators and sponsors. We are happy to co-produce.

CBCFs Goals:

  • To train indigenous young conservationists in Kenya, Tanzania and the rest of East Africa to make biodiversity conservation films for the sake of effective environmental education.
  • To make these films in partnership with local communities about issues linked to their local livelihoods.
  • To distribute these films among education organisations (NGO and government) within East Africa and beyond.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of digital films as a means of education and capacity-building in schools, communities and countries where we exist.

Conservation Media

Conservation Media
P.O. Box 7061, Missoula
MT 59807

Owner: Jeremy Roberts

Phone: +1 (406) 360 9684

Email: jroberts@ConservationMedia.com

Website: www.ConservationMedia.com

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Conservation Media specializes in telling conservation science stories through award-winning film productions, photography, writing, and through narrative workshops for conservation professionals.

While based in the northern Rocky Mountains, we also provide HD stock footage and production support for natural history productions throughout the American West and beyond.

Contact us today to see how we can bring your vision into focus.



Owner/Composer: Matthias Förster

Phone: +49 151 6144 0224

Skype Me!

Email: daydreamz-studios@outlook.com

Website: www.daydreamz-studios.com

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DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS is based in Germany and is run by Matthias Förster.

DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS produces music for several genres but has specialized in music for documentaries and advertising.

Further experiences are in sound design, especially for sound libraries for Parawave Audio and u-he.

Our royalty-free AudioJungle portfolio can be found here: audiojungle.net/user/daydreamz-studios/portfolio

Matthias Förster

Doubleclick Productions

Doubleclick Productions

Contact: John Gussman

Phone: +1 360 808 6406

Email: jgussman@dcproductions.com

Website: www.dcproductions.com

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Photography / Video Production / UAV Services / Stock / Location Services.

John Gussman

Environmental Investigation Agency

62-63 Upper Street
London N1 0NY
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 7354 7960

Email: ukinfo@eia-international.org

Website: www.eia-international.org

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The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent campaigning organisation committed to bringing about change that protects the natural world from environmental crime and abuse.

EIA produces hard-hitting campaign films on a wide range of environmental crimes, as well as bespoke training films for enforcement agencies.

It also has one of the world's largest archives of footage devoted to the illegal trade in wildlife products and other environmentally damaging commodities. The collection is data-based and is available on a professional basis to journalists, publishers and programme-makers. All the funds raised from the sale of this archive help to fund future campaigns. The visual media you see on the website is indicative of what is available in the whole collection.

We are always prepared to listen to programme pitches from media professionals with a view to highlighting our work.

Our vision is a future where humanity respects, protects and celebrates the natural world for the benefit of all.

EYESEALAND visual media

The Netherlands

Contact: Pieter Huisman

Phone: +31 6 5539 8685

Skype Me!

Email: pieterhuisman@eyesealand.com

Website: www.eyesealand.com

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Pieter Huisman has a background in documentaries, having filmed in over 30 countries since 1998.

He enjoys working as part of team, as well as on projects that require self-motivation and an independent mindset.

Pieter’s love for nature, determination and patience are endless.

Skills include using extreme telephoto lenses, macro, underwater, high speed filming, infrared nocturnal, remote controlled cameras and HD and 4K stock shots.

He is also proficient as an editor and colourist.

References include Channel 4, Animal Planet, Nature Conservation Films and National Geographic.

Fabio Borges Media House

Fabio Borges Media House
Fernando de Noronha, PE

Phone: +55 (81) 99 994 8281

Email: Fabio.borges@videosub.com.br

Website: www.hydrosphera.com.br

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Fabio Borges is a nature and outdoor motion and still photographer (also underwater and drone). 25 years of TV / Cinema experience.

Working as a wildlife filmmaker and photographer for 25 years, Fabio Borges has traveled the world, mostly (but not limited to) for underwater shoots.

His footage has been seen in all major nature / wildlife TV channels, beside cinema (best photography awards in cinema) and advertising.

He has also worked as local fixer and expedition leader for many multi-purpose projects (biology research and film-making, for instance).

Greenpeace International

Greenpeace International

Amsterdam 1058 NB
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 718 2115

Email: media.library.int@greenpeace.org

Website: www.photo.greenpeace.org

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Greenpeace International has an inhouse production team of four.

Its members produce, edit and shoot video content for the environmental organisation.

The GPI video desk also works with a number of freelance videographers / editors and production companies.

For footage requests, register for an account on the online archive. Here you can search, order via cart and download videos in high resolution. Using the 'Advanced Search' gives you the opportunity to source footage using keywords, etc.

Greenpeace International

Hairy Frog Productions
Church View, Heydon
Norfolk NR11 6AD
United Kingdom

Director - Mike Linley

Mobile: +44 (0)7885 964 790

Email: mike@hairy-frog.co.uk

Website: www.hairy-frog.co.uk

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Established in 2001, Hairy Frog Productions is an independent wildlife production and educational company. It has an extensive Stills Image Library featuring a comprehensive selection of wildlife images and also a huge and varied range of flora, fauna, people and beautiful scenics from around the world. They have approximately 45,000 slides and 75,000 digital images and are growing daily.

Hairy Frog also has a large Sound Library and wildlife stock footage Digital Video Library (originally shot on Super 16 & DV Cam). Rates are extremely competitive. They are fully equipped to film and edit in full HiDef. They specialise in providing stills, video clips and factual content for iphone apps, Smart boards and tables and touch screen digital displays.

Kimen: The Natural World

Kimen: The Natural World

Producer/Cameramen: Pedro Leon Juliá and Juan Marcos Fernández

Junín de los Andes

Phone: +54 911 56 463 489

Email: kimenelmundonatural@gmail.com

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We are a small production team based in Argentina, currently working on a nature documentary in Neuquén Province, Patagonia.

It is our belief that contemplating, studying and connecting with the natural world around us makes us stronger as individuals and as a social collective.

We have substantial knowledge of wildlife and ecological conservation practices in the region so as to get close to the animals and cause minimal impact on the environment during fieldwork.

Our extensive experience travelling deep into the Andean Patagonian forest, by foot and canoe, allows us to reach rare and remote places in the mountain range.

We handle all aspects of production. 4K acquisition: aerial, underwater and terrain. Exclusive footage is available for purchase.

We are happy to be contacted for distribution opportunities of our current documentary film and for collaboration on future projects.

Pedro Leon Juliá and Juan Marcos Fernández



Badestr. 19a
48149 Münster

Founder / Director / DoP: Christian Baumeister
Head of Production: Petra Löttker, PhD
Editor / Producer: Christina Hackl

Phone: +49 251 4144167 0
Fax: +49 251 4144167 20

Email: info@lightandshadow.tv

Website: www.lightandshadow.tv

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LIGHT & SHADOW is a film production company that makes factual programs focusing on nature and wildlife around the world.

Our productions have garnered awards across the globe and been aired by leading broadcasters such as BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, ARD, ZDF, arte, ORF, NDR.

Founded in 2001 by Christian Baumeister, LIGHT & SHADOW has earned a reputation for high-quality programs that use creative and innovative visuals to tell previously-untold stories.

We use cameras that can capture up to 8K resolution, only the finest lenses, and numerous special filming techniques and technologies.


Lightning Strike Media Productions

Lightning Strike Media Productions
Republic of Palau

Phone: +680 488 6958

Director - Richard Brooks

Email: richardwbrooks66@gmail.com

Website: www.lightningstrikeproductions.co.uk

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Media Production Company based in the Republic of Palau for over ten years.

Catering to clients who require high quality Underwater, Topside, Time-lapse, Drone or Helicopter based footage or photography.

With good experience of a wide range of cameras from Super UHD slomo and Cinematic systems using surface feed and comms for underwater work to heavy lift UAVs.

A vast portfolio of stock footage and photos are available.

Fixer for visiting production teams. We can organize everything from filming permits to accommodation.

Previous clients include: BBC, Discovery Channel, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Aljzeera, ZDF, CNN, Arte.

Richard Brooks

Mikolji Corp

Mikolji Corp
Colombia, Venezuela and South Florida, USA

Founder: Ivan Mikolji

Operations: Yelka Mikolji

Phone: +1 305 219 1526

Email: info@mikolji.com

Website: www.mikolji.com

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Eco-educational nature documentaries.

Beautiful underwater footage of tropical rainforest of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. 

Piranhas, freshwater rays, electric eels, river dolphins, Orinoco alligator.

Ivan Mikolji

Founder Ivan Mikolji

Ivan Mikolji

Mindful Audio Pakistan

Mindful Audio
United Kingdom

Recordist/Composer: George Vlad

Phone: +44 (0)7549 059 530

Email: hyppocrites@gmail.com

Website: www.mindful-audio.com

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Sound production, post production and music for media.

Woodland Atmosphere is a collection of ambiences recorded in wooded areas around Edinburgh by George Vlad. These include birdsong from species such as wren, robin or blackbird; crows, magpies and ravens cawing; wood pigeons cooing; woodpeckers hammering; various birds flapping their wings and flying overhead; soft and medium intensity wind, and the subtle air of the woodland. Visit: www.mindful-audio.com/#/woodland-atmosphere

Moving Pictures Africa

Moving Pictures Africa
South Africa

Robert Hofmeyr – Cinematographer

Phone: +27 82 883 2274

Email: bobhof@gmail.com

Website: www.movingpictures.africa

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Profile Page

Moving Pictures Africa specialises in African wildlife and nature cinematography. We are totally self-sufficient with our own Red camera kit and 4x4 vehicle, and we are able to film high quality 4K+ content in remote areas at very competitive all-inclusive rates. Plus, we guarantee our work: if we don’t get the shots you want, you only pay our hard costs.

We are based in South Africa and have experience filming in all Southern African countries.

We also have a growing archive of 6K Raw wildlife footage available to license.

Nature on Film

West Sussex
United Kingdom

Owners: Mick and Pat Jenner

Mobile: +44 (0)7906 357 860

Email: michaeljenner16@gmail.com

Website: www.nature-on-film.co.uk

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Profile Page


Wildlife Film Specialists

West Sussex based husband and wife wildlife film makers Mick and Pat Jenner. Mick is an experienced award winning camerman and film maker.

We have an extensive library of stock footage from the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Please contact us for details and prices..


The Travel Collection, Gamewatchers Safaris, promotional filming for Jakarna Wildlife Trust, the Press Association, BBC South Today's Finn's Country and  BBC 2's Hugh's Wild West.

International Awards

UWOL Challenge

Winner 31 Autumn Colours
Winner 33 Dawn Chorus
Runner Up 19 Long Distance Traveler
Runner Up 30 Reed Warbler
Runner Up 37 Why? Here is the Answer


Nature Picture Library

Nature Picture Library
5a Great George Street
Bristol BS1 5RR
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)117 911 4675
USA Toll-free: 1 866 508 8473

Email: info@naturepl.com

Websites: www.naturepl.com & www.naturepl.fr

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Nature Picture Library represents more than 500 of the world's leading wildlife and nature photographers, including many cameramen and film producers, supplying still images and video clips for a variety of media.

We are experienced at licensing for television and film projects.

If you cannot find the content you need on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to do research from your brief.

We are interested in receiving submissions of nature and wildlife video clips.

Make contact by email initially to request submission guidelines.

NHNZ Moving Images
5 Melville Street
Dunedin 9016
New Zealand

Manager: Caroline Cook

Phone: +64 3 479 9832

Email: ccook@nhnz.tv

Website: www.nhnzmovingimages.com

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If extraordinary content AND the production budget are important to you, then visit www.nhnzmovingimages.com

We represent over 200,000 hours of natural history, science, adventure, culture, and special effects moving images, including exclusive stock footage from the National Geographic Channels production archives.

We offer a worldwide, all media rate of US$40 per second, in perpetuity - no minimums; we license by the second; and provide a free research service.

Photoguerra - Underwater Productions

Photoguerra - Underwater Productions, Lda.


Company Director: Rui Guerra

Phone: +351 917 301 750

Skype Me!

Email: photoguerra@meo.pt or info@photoguerra.net

Website: www.photoguerra.net

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Based in Portugal, our main grounds for underwater filming are Azores islands, Madeira islands and Portugal mainland. But we are available to work anywhere in the world, for how long it takes to capture the footage you are after.

We are a company specialized in underwater filming (and photography) in all kind of environments. Rui Guerra, the key person behind it, has more than 30 years experience as a diver and more than 20 years in underwater image.

From underwater caves, rivers, lakes, under the ice, reefs and coastal seas, off-shore marine wildlife and deepwater environments, we can film where is needed.

We use specialized underwater housings for our work from top brands to have 100% control of our cameras, including our main cinema RED Weapon camera.

We also have several autonomous underwater lighting systems to bring you the full colors from any scene.

We use a closed-circuit rebreather to stay longer, deeper, safer and without noise or bubbles to disturb marine life. Of course, that we also have regular scuba equipment and we can also free dive to capture fast ocean action, like whales and dolphins.

Besides underwater filming and photography, underwater time-lapse is also one of our specialities.

We have the equipment, the skills, the experience and know-how to capture the footage you need for your documentary, feature film, commercial, etc.

Production value and a personal relationship with our customers are a priority for us. Talk to us!

Photos of Africa

Photos of Africa
Max-Eyth- Stasse 38
Messstetten 72469


Producer: Chris du Plessis

Phone: +49 (0)152 5896 8239

Skype Me!

Email: info@photosofafrica.com

Websites: www.photosofafrica.com & www.southafricatravelchannel.com

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Passionate about Filming Tourism and Wildlife Destinations - driven by the need to help build on conserving what is left in Africa.

Documentary Films, filmed and made by professionals of South Africa.

A beautiful collection of HIGH DEFINITION STOCK FOOTAGE for sale of nature, wildlife, cities, agriculture, time-lapse, Southern Africa tourism and much more.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Website: www.pond5.com 

Pond5.com is the world’s first open marketplace for stock video footage, and it’s a better way for video professionals to buy or sell stock footage for use in productions.

Video, film and television producers anywhere in the world can find and buy instantly downloadable, broadcast quality royalty-free footage for use in their productions. Video/film creators and content owners around the world can offer their owned work for licensing and use by others.

And, like any vital marketplace, people are able to connect, collaborate and share creative inspiration.

David Rice

David Rice
1302 #7 Sawmill Creek Road
Alaska 99835

Phone: +1 907 747 6152

Email: david.alaska.rice@gmail.com

Website: vimeo.com/channels/freestockvideoclips

Subscribe to our Vimeo Channel

Providing FREE HD Video Stock Footage at: vimeo.com/channels/freestockvideoclips.

All Free Stock Video Clips are FREE to use for any purpose. Both commercial and non commercial use. You do not have to give the Cinematographer credit. However, if you do wish to give credit, make it simple: David Rice, Sitka Alaska. Also available at: vimeo.com/channels/freestockvideoclips

Free is Free. However, donations are welcome. Donations can be made via the 'Tip Jar' located at the bottom of the player window. Or sent to: David Rice, 1302 #7 Sawmill Creek Road, Sitka Alaska 99835.

All video clips are downloaded as mp4 files. If you would like a an original mpeg2, MT2, or MTS file, email me at: david.alaska.rice@gmail.com.

Custom Work and Shot Requests: Health permitting, I may be able to perform a shot request, or find the video clip your looking for in my extensive HD Video collection.

About: Video Clips filmed and produced by local Sitka Alaska Cinematographer Hobbyist David Rice. Over the years with only limited resources, David Rice has produced video footage that has been seen on National Television, Motion Pictures, Corporate DVD, Educational Exhibits, Aquariums, Advertising Agencies, Documentaries, Internet, and Mobile Devices. David is currently permanently disabled, retired and living in Sitka Alaska. If you would like to support and help David in producing future video productions, please visit the Tip Jar located on each Video Player or post. Thank You!

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
United Kingdom

Directors: James Shooter, Peter Cairns, Mark Hamblin & Mat Larkin

Phone: +44 (0)1540 651 352

Email: james@scotlandbigpicture.com

Website: www.scotlandbigpicture.com

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Profile Page

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a non-profit social enterprise, founded by a group of professional communicators motivated by the need to rebuild healthy ecosystems where wildlife and people flourish.

Our job is to open hearts, unlock minds and build community. We work with a range of partners and clients to produce innovative films, books, photo-stories, presentations and education resources, all designed to inform, inspire and influence fresh thinking around the benefits of a wilder Scotland.

Scubazoo Images

PO BOX 15475
Kota Kinabalu
Sabah 88864

Phone: +60 88 727058/723077/721006
Fax: +60 088 727059

Email: info@scubazoo.com

Website: www.scubazooimages.com

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Profile Page

Scubazooimages provides rights managed photos and video clips for sale and licensing.

This extensive library includes stills and high definition video footage of iconic underwater marine life such as sharks, turtles, rays and whales shot in locations around the world with a large selection being sourced on the rich reefs of South East Asia's Coral Triangle.

Scubazooimages stock library also has a large and popular collection of conservation stock photos and footage including shark finning, fish bombing, cyanide fishing and deforestation as well as a growing collection of tourism related images.

Our underwater stock footage is originated on a variety of formats including HDCAM, XDCAM, HDV 1080i and DVCAM. Scubazoo's reknowned cameramen and photographers are also available on assignment - please email us for any specific shoot enquiries.


SDB Films

South Africa

Company Directors: Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott

Phone: +27 82 927 9022

Email: library@sdbfilms.com

Website: www.sdbfilms.com/stock-footage

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Profile Page

Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott are the award winning film-makers who make up SDB Films.

The team have worked for years to gain access into highly sensitive areas across Africa aswell as work with the best researchers and scientists in the continent's wildest places.

Their two independent films to date are 'STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war' and 'KINGDOMS of FIRE, ICE & FAIRYTALES'. Selected for 35 film festivals, the critically acclaimed STROOP has gone on to win 30 awards globally. KINGDOMS was released in December 2020.

Critically acclaimed 'STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war' premiered at the San Francisco Green Film Festival in September 2018 after 4 years of filming. The film has since been selected for 35 film festivals winning 30 international awards. The film is available digitally and on DVD and has been broadcast around the world in 7 languages. See 'STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war' official website: www.stroop-film.com

'Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairytales' is the second film by Bonné de Bod and Susan Scott. KINGDOMS is a departure for the duo from their investigative filmmaking as they look at iconic wildernesses in three locations: Yellowstone National Park in America; the Black Forest in Germany; and the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. Originally planned as a television series, COVID brought the filming to a halt and the filmmakers had to adapt and even included the COVID storyline into the film to bring relevance to our searching for a way forward in these new times.

Our iconic imagery as well as unique from location sound recordings are represented by stock footage agencies in north america we sometimes handle direct requests.

Subvision Productions

Subvision Productions
Port Alberni

Owner: Peter Mieras

Phone: + 1 250 735 5050

Email: info@subvisionproductions.com

Website: www.subvisionproductions.com

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Profile Page

We specialize in nature and eco-science stock footage over a wide range of topics. Situated at a remote location on Vancouver Island, it allows us to create unique stock footage both terrestrial and aquatic. Of course, during the many productions we have worked on, we have expanded our library over the years.

Our underwater library includes HD and 4K footage of many of the creatures that call the Pacific Northwest home. We concentrate on creating behavioural footage and often a series of wide, medium, close-up and macro shots. In the freshwater realm we work often with salmon.

You can check out our on-line channels for General footage incl. underwater : youtube.com/user/SubvisionFootage/videos

Salmon specific footage: youtube.com/c/Salmonstockfootagevideos

The terrestrial library includes animals, fungi and other living things. But, also shots of eco- science related activity like tagging fish, fisheries, plankton tows and other research activities.

Contact us for an inquiry or a request to obtain a specific shot you are looking for.

Table Mountain Films

Table Mountain Films
PO Box 469
Sea Point 8060
Cape Town
South Africa

Producer/Creative Director: Joe Kennedy
Producer/Managing Director: Katharina Pechel

South Africa: +27 82 931 3777
UK: +44 7968 068 382

Skype Me!

Email: info@tablemountainfilms.com

Website: www.tablemountainfilms.com/stock-footage

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Profile Page

Table Mountain Films is a Cape Town based production company, specialising in documentary and wildlife filmmaking.

Whether it's making films of our own, facilitating overseas productions or helping to get the ideas of others to the screen, we have a specialist for every stage of the production process.

Our highly experienced team has a core of two very talented and diversely skilled individuals, both with their own unique background in filmmaking. Joe Kennedy from Canada and Katharina Pechel from Germany.

We have an extensive library of HD, 4K, Phantom, aerial, underwater and topside footage of wildlife filmed around Africa.

Terra Conservation Films

Terra Conservation Films
Via XXV Aprile, 24
Fiesole 50014

DOP: Giuseppe Bucciarelli

Phone: +39 333 108 2482

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Email: giuseppe@terraconservationfilms.com

Website: www.terraconservationfilms.com

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Terra Conservation Films is an award-winning production company specialized in working with non-profit organizations and nature enterprises to make documentaries focusing on the conservation of the natural world and the interaction between people and the environment.

If you need a video to fundraise, increase your outreach, raise awareness and promote action, Terra Conservation Films can assist you in finding the best approach through films of unique visual and conceptual impact.

We use broadcast-quality audio and video equipment to always deliver to you top quality services.

For more information, please visit our website at www.terraconservationfilms.com

TERRA CONSERVATION FILMS showreel from Terra Conservation Films.

Umingmak Productions Inc.

Umingmak Productions Inc.

1 Coppermine River - Box 250

Owner: Mathieu Dumond

Phone: +1 867 982 2591

Email: umingmakproductions@gmail.com

Website: www.umingmakproductions.ca

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Cinematography and photography services (Cinema, Video, Drone, Timelapses) and Arctic advisor (Wildlife, Communities and field logistic).

Umingmak Productions Inc. is dedicated to document the environment, wildlife and people of the Arctic.

Umingmak Productions Inc.
Mathieu Dumond – Cinematographer, Drone Operator, Timelapse Photography, Arctic Consultant

(Visual Effects & Productions LLC)
P.O.Box 49265

Phone: +971 43 471 248
Mobile: +971 554 153 373
Fax: +971 43 479 335

Email: vfxwildlife@gmail.com

Website: www.vfxme.com

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Visual Effects & Productions (VFX) is a 12 year old company based in Dubai and is headed by Yusuf Thakur.

We have been filming wildlife in the Middle East since 1993, since 2003 on HD, and from 2008 on the Redone and thus have one of the most extensive wildlife footage libraries, both topside and underwater, of the region. We have one of most comprehensive Natural History footage library of the region, 90% of which is HD/2K/4K.

Subjects covered are both topside and underwater, including but not limited to birds (practically all the breeding species of the Gulf), mangroves, deserts, mountains, desert island, mammals, snakes, lizards, insects, trees, plants, fish, dugongs, turtles and other marine life.

Man and Environment: camels, falcons, fishing, farming, desert and mountain habitats.

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WildBear Entertainment

WildBear Entertainment
Rose Bay
New South Wales

Executive Producer & Principal: Bettina Dalton

Phone: +61 2 9212 1135

Skype Me!

Email: bettina.dalton@wildbear.tv

Website: www.wildbear.tv

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As an integrated factual entertainment company, WildBear is a broad based production business working across television, theatrical, corporate, educational, and government communications.

The award-winning principals of WildBear have co-produced with leading international and Australian broadcasters including National Geographic, Discovery, Arte/ZDF, CCTV9, FINAS Malaysia, PBS, Beijing TV, ABC TV, SBS, FOXTEL, and the Nine Network.

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Gloucestershire GL2 7BT

United Kingdom

Head of Media Production: Sacha Dench

Phone: +44 (0)1453 891900

Email: sacha.dench@wwt.org.uk

Website: www.wwt.org.uk

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Small media production team based at WWT HQ in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

Providing full media production services to the organisation and it's partners.

We have a large archive of footage covering wildlife, conservation in action, people in nature.

Wild Images
Suite 255, Private Bag x16
Constantia, Cape Town 7806
Western Cape
South Africa

Phone: +27 21 794 0804

Email: info@wildimages.tv

Website: www.wildimages.tv

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Wild Images is an independent production company specialising in television programme production and the provision of moving and still images of "wild" subjects.

We have our own gyro stabilised HD aerial rigs and various other bits of specialist filming kit available for hire.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Hipped Barn, Cholwell Farm
Stowey Road, Clutton
Bristol BS39 5TG
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7921 517420

Skype Me!

Email: wildlifeinmotion@gmail.com

Website: www.wildlifeinmotion.com & www.garethtrezise.com

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Gareth Trezise is a Freelance Wildlife Cameraman with a passion for African and British Wildlife.

He has worked with Sir David Attenborough, Jonathan Scott, Warren Samuels, Richard Brock and Butterfly Conservation.

Other services include supplying Stock Footage direct or search wildlifeinmotion on Pond5.

Wildlife Sound Recording Society

The Wildlife Sound Recording Society

Email: secretary@wildlife-sound.org

Website: www.wildlife-sound.org

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The Wildlife Sound Recording Society was formed in 1968, and now has over 250 members in Britain and throughout the world. Its objects are to encourage the recording of wildlife sounds, and to support projects which aim at furthering the knowledge of natural history sounds, the techniques of recording these sounds and other allied subjects. In addition to the Annual General Meeting and Society's Spring Meeting, workshops are held twice a year and other local meetings are held throughout the country from time to time. The Society publishes a journal, Wildlife Sound, twice a year - and a Sound Magazine in CD format of member's work, four times a year. The Society welcomes complete beginners as well as experienced recordists.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for further details about joining the Society at enquires@wildlife-sound.org

Wild Tiger Productions

Wild Tiger Productions
A113, First Floor
Near Malviya Nagar
New Delhi
Delhi 110017

CEO: Sabyasachi Patra

Phone: +91 99 1090 0446

Email: sabyasachi.patra@indiawilds.com

Website: www.indiawilds.com

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We are passionate individuals who have left our high profile corporate positions to pursue our passion for filming. We produce films and documentaries covering natural history as well as conservation challenges. We also create film on social issues.

Stock: We have a good collection of Full HD stock footage as well as high resolution stills of various rare natural history moments.

Production Services: We offer full production services from conception to project completion.

Research: Our team is well versed in undertaking research to come out with ideas not used before in any other films, tie-up experts, researchers working in the field as well as officials for interviews etc.

Location: Our experience will help you in narrowing down on the location and undertake any location scouting if required, along the length and breadth of India.

On location Editing & Logistics: We also offer on location editing services during the shooting stage so that the director is able to review the footage as well as the flow of the film and it gives the flexibility to reschedule the shoot and fine-tune the logistics requirements. Given the length and breadth of India, we ensure the most efficient logistics planning for the shoot.

Filming Equipment Rentals & Crew: For ease of foreign crew, we offer filming equipment rentals including Canon cinema cameras, DSLRs, Go Pro cameras, lenses, OConnor fluid heads, tripods, rigs, hides, sound equipment etc as well as crew to operate the equipment.

Music: Our talented music composers are always ready to create original scores for your films, documentaries, jingles and music videos by collaborating with you online.

Environmental Investigation Agency

Free Members

Aquavision TV Productions Wildlife Archive South Africa stocklibrary@aquavision.co.za
Baloo Films Germany/UK baloofilms@live.co.uk
Barcode Films USA jake@barcodefilm.com
Earth Touch South Africa lcox@earthtouchsa.com
Echo Film Productions Inc USA echofilm@mindspring.com
Getty Images UK uk.mediasales@gettyimages.com
Greg Hensley Productions USA greg@greghensley.com
HDNatureFootage/Pronghorn Productions USA sales@hdnaturefootage.net
Jens Klingebiel Germany jens@tierfilmer.info
Loggerhead Productions Bahamas loggerheadproductions@gmail.com
NaturalHistoryFilm.com Netherlands info@naturalhistoryfilm.com
Real Freedom Productions UK nico@freedom-divers.com
SCOTLAND: The Big Picture Scotland, UK james@scotlandbigpicture.com
Timeframehd.com UK/USA pip.crosley@timeframehd.com
Treasure Images Malaysia editor@treasure-images.com
Wild Scape UK peewit2@tiscali.co.uk

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