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Equipment/Kit - Sales/Hire

Organisations and individuals selling and/or hiring out equipment/specialist kit for use within the wildlife film-making industry.

Production Gear

Achtel Pty Ltd

Achtel Pty Limited
913 Coles Bay Road
Coles Bay
Tasmania 7215

Director: Pawel Achtel

+61 (0)407 472 747

Email: pawel.achtel@24x7.com.au

Website: www.achtel.com & www.4k.com.au

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We offer underwater 3D and 2D production services, stock footage and equipment.

We shoot exclusively in 5k and higher formats and focus on high production value.

Our unique DeepX and 3Deep underwater housings are the first and currently the only housings allowing undistorted and true 4k (and beyond) images underwater.

We also bring strong story telling and experience in blue chip natural history genre.

See: Giant Screens Get Sharper ... With the launch of the new ACHTEL 9x7 camera, the world’s largest cinema screens are about to get sharper. Much, much sharper.


127 Hampton Road
Bristol BS6 6JE
United Kingdom

+44 (0)117 927 9778

Email: info@ammonite.co.uk

Website: www.ammonite.co.uk

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Ammonite is an independent film production company.

We have been in existence since 1994 making high quality, high definition films about science and natural history.

Ammonite develops highly specialised and innovative equipment such as image intensified night vision cameras and motion control systems.

Ammonite's kit can be hired and we offer post-production services.

We also have an extensive library of high definition film clips available for sale.

The Complete Camera Company

The Complete Camera Company

18 Roseburn Cliff
Edinburgh EH12 6AL
United Kingdom

Company Director – Paul O'Connor

Phone: +44 (0)7789 816 994

Email: paul@thecompletecameracompany.com

Website: www.thecompletecameracompany.com

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The Complete Camera Company are a camera consultancy and crewing company. We are here to provide you with truly objective advice on the best camera solution for your production. As a group we have decades of experience in every area of the UK television market.

We have provided crews to many of the leading facilities and production companies and have worked on Bafta and RTS award winning shows.

The company was co-founded by cameramen Paul O'Connor and Ben Hoffmann. Between them, they have over 25 years of experience providing companies with a vast range of specialist camera solutions.

Esprit Film and Television Limited

Esprit Film and Television Limited

Gloucestershire, GL2
United Kingdom

Company Director: Dave Blackham

Phone: +44 (0)1452 741 240

Email: daveblackham@espritfilm.co.uk

Website: www.espritfilm.co.uk

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Esprit Film and Television provide advanced, state of the art Location Filming equipment and Filming services to create must watch content for the worlds best Film makers and Broadcasters.

Whilst Esprit are leaders in Underwater Cinematography Esprit also work in the most remote, hostile but beautiful locations, filming the creatures and people with which we share our planet.

We also facilitate recording wildlife sound and acoustic music.

Esprit work to the highest standards creatively and technically, using both off the shelf equipment and also our own specially developed systems for stills, 2D and 3D photo-cinematography.

Clients of Esprit can hire equipment and services as a package or we can design and build systems and facilities for individual projects.



hydrophones, contact mics & coil pick ups.
East Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Email: tempjez@hotmail.com

Website: www.jezrileyfrench.co.uk

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built by Jez riley French, an experienced field recordist & tutor on the Wildeye sound recording courses, JrF contact mics & hydrophones are used all over the world by artists, film & tv crews, universities, schools, wildlife trusts & fellow enthusiasts.

The driving ethos being to make quality, reasonably priced units, allowing anyone to access fascinating worlds of sound hidden from the naked ear.

Magic Touch Films

Magic Touch Films
Erongo Region

Phone: + 264 64 463 371

Skype Me!

Email: info@magictouchfilms.com

Website: www.magictouchfilms.com

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It is often a daunting experience to film in a foreign country and having a reliable Fixer on the ground makes it a lot easier, and that is where Magic Touch Films comes to the forefront.

Most African countries require filming permissions or licensing, temporary work visas, and carnets or customs documentation for temporary importation of equipment. All of these will be sourced quickly and easily on your behalf by Magic Touch Films and we have excellent relationships with the various government bodies and organisations, which make us super-efficient, highly competent and well-organized.

Accommodation and vehicles are of international standards and will meet your expectations and level of comfort in most African countries.

Our travelling motto is that no location is inaccessible. We can travel either by road or light aircraft to the remotest parts of the country. We will work closely with clients to devise the best schedule and logistics to meet your production’s available time schedule and budget.

Our locations range from the ever changing vistas of the dune-sea, desert landscapes, African savannah, captivating mountains and canyons, rivers and lakes as well as rural villages, cities and abandoned ghost towns. Namibia also offers natural panoramas filled with an abundance of wildlife which is a natural history filmmaker’s dream, as well as rustic rural villages of a variety of ethnic groups and tribes for the visual anthropologist.

Magic Touch Films

Panasonic UK

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe
Panasonic UK

Panasonic House
Willoughby Road
Bracknell RG12 8FP
United Kingdom

Email: info@business.panasonic.co.uk

Website: www.business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera

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Our broadcast and professional AV equipment is used for wildlife film-making across the globe and we offer some of the industry’s best-performing products.

With the crucial balance of robustness, portability, low power consumption and professional functions, Panasonic broadcast equipment provides a complete end-to-end solution and has been used to produce critically acclaimed wildlife documentaries such as the BBC’s Frozen Planet.

Photoguerra - Underwater Productions

Photoguerra - Underwater Productions, Lda.


Photoguerra - Underwater Productions

Company Director: Rui Guerra

Photoguerra - Underwater Productions

Phone: +351 917 301 750

Skype Me!

Email: photoguerra@meo.pt or info@photoguerra.net

Website: www.photoguerra.net

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We are a company specialized in underwater filming (and photography) in all kind of environments. Rui Guerra, the key person behind it, has more than 30 years experience as a diver and more than 20 years in underwater image.

All the equipment we use is available to rent with image/camera assistant and/or camera operator included.

We use specialized underwater housings from top brands (Nauticam and Subal) to have 100% control of our cameras, including our main cinema 6K RED Weapon camera. The design of our RED housing, allows the use of two simultaneous batteries, for more then 3h30 of operation. We use a big 1TB card with 1h15min recording capacity at full resolution.

All our cameras have surface live feed vídeo output to the director’s / DP monitors, so they can see in real time what the camera is recording. And we also ahev full control of the camera form a surface computer, so it is possible to change settings, record and playback very fast, without taking the camera out of the water.

We also have several autonomous underwater lighting systems to bring you the full colors from any scene. We use top quality vídeo lights from Light & Motion, with high CRI and TLCI. Besides being completely autonomous, our lights can also be connected to the main power supply (220 / 110 V) for long duration shoots and can be used outside water, for top lighting effect, in a very small and powerful system.

As for diving equipment we use a closed-circuit rebreather to stay longer, deeper, safer and without noise or bubbles to disturb marine life ant to not interfere with the frame. Of course, that we also have regular scuba equipment and we can also free dive to capture fast ocean action, like whales and dolphins.

Camera movement is something that we can do in a very stable way, using an underwater scooter with smooth and 100% controllable speed.

Based in Portugal, our main grounds for underwater filming are Azores islands, Madeira islands and Portugal mainland. But we are available to work anywhere in the world, for how long it takes to capture the footage you are after.

Besides underwater filming and photography, underwater time-lapse is also one of our specialities.

We have the equipment, the skills, the experience and know-how to capture the footage you need for your documentary, feature film, commercial, etc.

Production value and a personal relationship with our customers are a priority for us. Talk to us!

Pink Noise

Pink Noise Systems Ltd
Unit 21, The Glenmore Centre
Jessop Court
Waterwells Business Park
Gloucestershire GL2 2AP
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1453 825802
Mobile: +44 (0)7970 416 043

Skype Me!

Email: sales@pinknoise-systems.co.uk

Website: www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk

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John McCombie - A freelance sound recordist with 20 years experience, including lots of documentary and wildlife film recordings.

Pink Noise Systems, specialising in location sound equipment. Top class advice, sales and back up. We also rent specialist equipment including hydrophones and 5.1 surround equipment, main dealers for Sound Devices.



12 Wolseley Road
Woburn Road Industrial Estate
Kempston, Bedford MK42 7TN
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1234 855 222
Fax: +44 (0)1234 855 270

Email: sales@polecam.com

Website: www.polecam.com

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Polecam is a manufacturer of highly portable camera cranes delivering much sought after production value to any shoot.

Polecam rigs allow you to achieve a crane style shot quickly and easily in places you just wouldn’t believe possible and at a cost that won’t break your budget. Polecam provides solutions to type of shot, location and budget with a range of options including a choice of precision controlled pan & tilt heads for 2D, 3D, underwater or D-SLR use.

Polecam is a person-portable, single operator jib arm and camera system with a maximum 8m reach, weighing around 20kg. A Polecam rig can be operated in the harness or on a tripod, with a relocation time as little as it takes to walk there, be it just a few paces, up some steps or even in and out of a boat.

Pro Gear

Production Gear Ltd
Unit 2, Mundells Court
Welwyn Garden City
Hertfordshire AL7 1EN
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 8236 1212

Email: info@productiongear.co.uk

Website: www.productiongear.co.uk

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Production Gear Ltd is a UK based company supplying broadcast and professional video production equipment both to the UK market and internationally.

We pride ourselves on our easy, no hassle approach to sales. We will not attempt to sell you equipment that is not suitable and we will offer you entirely unbiased advice. As we represent a number of manufacturers we have a selection of products that we can demonstrate and explain the pros and cons of each system.

Our sales team have over 60 years combined knowledge and experience of the production industry - this is just one of the many reasons that broadcasters, rental houses and freelance camera operators choose us as their preferred supplier.


Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd
Libby’s Drive, Slad Road, Stroud
Gloucestershire GL5 1RN
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1453 759 338

Email: info@rycote.com

Website: www.rycote.com

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Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd is a manufacturer of accessories, mic windshields, windscreens, suspensions & shock mounts for both professional & consumer broadcast microphones and camcorder mounted microphones.

For more than forty years, Rycote has specialised to develop the best shock and wind protection for the extremes of field production sound, which is a statement that no other company in the world can claim. It is not just our specialty, it is our passion. It has never been enough to build the best field production tools for microphones today, we are constantly engineering better tools for tomorrow.


PO BOX 15475
Kota Kinabalu
Sabah 88864

Phone: +60 88 727058/723077/721006
Fax: +60 088 727059

Email: info@scubazoo.com

Website: www.scubazoo.com

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Profile Page

Scubazoo has an extensive inventory of TV production equipment for both topside and underwater filming located within Malaysia.

Hiring video camera equipment from Scubazoo can save your production significant amounts of money by reducing excess baggage charges and freight costs to Borneo or elsewhere in Malaysia.

Equipment is available for dry or wet hire... Take a look at our equipment inventory here or contact Scubazoo for package details, availability and rates.

If you don’t see what you need, please contact us and we’ll be able to source it from one of our reliable and respected affiliates.

SCV London

SCV Distribution
Unit C1, Belcon Industrial Estate
Geddings Road
Hoddesdon EN11 0NT
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)3301 222 500

Email: sales@scvdistribution.co.uk

Website: www.scvdistribution.co.uk

SCV London is one of the most high profile distributors in the UK Recording Industry today. Offering a wealth of recording technology products for professionals and hobbyists alike, SCV London can offer over 1,000 products from 17 different manufacturers ranging from computer products to award winning studio monitors.

SCV London, carefully selects the manufacturers we represent to ensure that we remain the primary supplier of quality recording equipment for all applications.


Unit 4c Woodley Park Estate
59-69 Reading Road
Berkshire RG5 3AW
United Kingdom

Managing Director: Nigel Paine

Office UK: +44 (0)203 468 2250
Mobile UK: +44 (0)7967 445829
Mobile Slovakia: +421 (0)917 163 367

Email: nigel@seesense.eu

Website: www.seesense.eu

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SeeSense miniature camera solutions for wildlife filming.

Visit our website or contact us for SD and HD miniature cameras.

Specialist solutions include:

  • Low-light (EM-CCD, SWIR or thermal imaging systems)
  • High Speed HD camera (only 60 x 60 x 75mm)
  • High Definition IR filming
  • 3D mini camera solutions
  • 3D high speed compact camera solution
  • Many other innovative solutions in a compact package.
Contact SeeSense with your miniature camera requirements.


Slowmo High Speed Camera Hire
84 Thorley Lane
Timperley, Altrincham
Cheshire WA157AN
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7961 483137

Email: info@slowmo.co.uk

Website: www.slowmo.co.uk

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Profile Page

Slowmo is a high speed camera rental company that has been running successfully since 2003. We have the latest industry-leading Photron high speed cameras (The Photron BC-2 HD, the super sensitive Photron SA-1.1 and the practical Photron SA-3) which can be hired with or without an operator. Contact us for a cost effective high speed camera hire. Quotes are provided on a job-to-job basis. If you are new to digital high speed, Slowmo will be glad to talk through your particular application and how it may benefit from being captured at high frame rates.

High Speed Cameramen: Jonathan Jones & Ed Edwards

Take a look at the website and contact company director Mark Johnson at any time to discuss all things high speed!

Telinga Microphones

Telinga Microphones

Phone: +46 295 310 01

Email: info@telinga.com

Website: www.telinga.com

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Microphones for wildlife and broadcasting.

TYR Solutions Ltd

TYR Solutions
Langdale House
Canon Pyon
Herefordshire HR4 8NU
United Kingdom

Director: Steve Cook

Phone: +44 (0)20 3239 5257

Skype Me!

Email: steve.cook@tyr-solutions.com

Website: www.tyr-solutions.com

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Profile Page

TYR Solutions is a risk mitigation company.

We provide a number of solutions from training, equipment and consultancy. Our philosophy is that no two organisational entities are alike, and that many interrelated factors such as the nature of their business, profile of their employees and the geographical range of their assets, uniquely determine their level of exposure, hence customised solutions are required to meet their needs. Whilst TYR Solutions operates predominately in high risk hostile environments for a number of media organisations, we have also deployed consultants on documentaries for health and safety purposes, to build jungle base camps, provide remote medical facilities and individual tracking and secure communications.

TYR Solutions has identified the need for medical/security awareness consultancy, communications and tracking support for documentary and wildlife production companies. We have a number of consultants with remote location and FGASA Field guides. Our consultants can also operate as logistics and base camp managers. TYR can also offer pre trip planning.

TYR Solutions can enhance communications through the sale or rental of satellite phones, Bgans and personal and vehicle tracking devices and can either monitor the tracking platform for the client or we can set the client with their own platform.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide superior solutions through customer training, consultancy and support in order to exceed our customer‚s expectations through continuous improvement and interaction.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.


(Visual Effects & Productions LLC)
P.O.Box 49265

Phone: +971 43 471 248
Mobile: +971 554 153 373
Fax: +971 43 479 335

Email: vfxwildlife@gmail.com

Website: www.vfxme.com

Profile Page

Our objective at VFX has always been to house the best talent armed with cutting edge equipment.

We offer every aspect of video production from production through post utilizing our 4000 sq. ft. studio.

We have comprehensive production and post production facilities.

In house facilities include a Redone, Epic, Scarlet, besides 3 HD cameras, 100KW of lighting, grip, jibs, track and dollies, sliders and qualified personnel.

Post facilities include two real time 4K/2K/HD-edit suites, and a digital sound studio.

We have specially prepared 4X4 vehicles with rooftop tents and extensive camping and outdoor gear for filming and living in remote areas. This is backed by an experienced crew who multi-task.

We would love to collaborate with all who share a passion for the Natural World.

See a VFX promo here!


London & Bristol
United Kingdom

London: +44 (0)20 8922 1222
Bristol: +44 (0)117 927 7473

Email: bristol@vmi.tv

Website: www.vmi.tv

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Profile Page

Established in 1979 in London and now firmly established in Bristol, VMI specialise in supplying quality digital camcorder packages hire for Documentary, Natural History, Commercials, Drama, Promos and Corporate TV productions.

We have supplied equipment for many BBC Natural History series recently including BBC Earth, BBC Oceans, BBC Mountains, and BBC Dynasty as well equipment for many other Natural History productions for Off Spring Films, Icon Films, Warehouse 51 and others.

We support every HD and 4K camera format for hire from DSLR to ARRI Alexa with everything in between. VMI's product range also includes lighting, grip & sound to support location productions.

What stands us apart from other suppliers is our meticulous attention to detail, high level of presentation, generously accessorised packages and fanatical level of customer service.

VI Rental

VI Rental
4 Charnwood House
Marsh Road
Bristol BS3 2NA
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)117 939 3333

Email: bristol@virental.co.uk

Website: www.virental.co.uk

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Profile Page

VI Rental Bristol provides a tailored service to a large variety of clients. Our Ashton office has a long-standing, sterling reputation for supplying both up to date equipment and exceptional technical support.

Our service for providing kit for natural history shoots is renowned as our specialty.

Our hire coordinators are always happy to go the extra mile to help you find the best solution to your broadcast needs.

Wild Images

Wild Images
Suite 255, Private Bag x16
Constantia, Cape Town 7806
Western Cape
South Africa

Phone: +27 21 794 0804

Email: info@wildimages.tv

Website: www.wildimages.tv

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Wild Images is an independent production company specialising in television programme production and the provision of moving and still images of "wild" subjects.

We have our own gyro stabilised HD aerial rigs and various other bits of specialist filming kit available for hire.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wild Screens

Wild Screens
Hairy Frog Productions Ltd
4 The Paddock
White Horse Lane
Norfolk NR14 8TD
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7885 964790

Email: mike@hairy-frog.co.uk

Website: www.hairy-frog.co.uk

Mike Linley has been producing and filming factual wildlife documentaries for over 30 years. Showing TV audiences all over the planet the wonders of the natural world has given him an immense amount of pleasure.

However, one thing that’s always concerned him is that the programmes he's made have only been viewable at home, on the TV, removed from the wild spaces of Britain.

But now new technology is changing this. Over the past year he has been working with interpretation specialists Ugly Studios to develop interactive touchscreen displays.

These screens enable his vast catalogue of digital video footage, photographs and wildlife facts to be viewed in situ, on a reserve, right there, where the wildlife can be seen. Not only is this fascinating for visitors, it is a useful tool for visitor centre staff to use; helping visitors identify the wild species they have seen and so learn more about them.

Download a PDF about WILD SCREENS here.

See a touch-screen in action: Touchscreen Promo

Wild Tiger Productions

Wild Tiger Productions
A113, First Floor
Near Malviya Nagar
New Delhi
Delhi 110017

CEO: Sabyasachi Patra

Phone: +91 99 1090 0446

Email: sabyasachi.patra@indiawilds.com

Website: www.indiawilds.com

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Profile Page

We are passionate individuals who have left our high profile corporate positions to pursue our passion for filming. We produce films and documentaries covering natural history as well as conservation challenges. We also create film on social issues.

Stock: We have a good collection of Full HD stock footage as well as high resolution stills of various rare natural history moments.

Production Services: We offer full production services from conception to project completion.

Research: Our team is well versed in undertaking research to come out with ideas not used before in any other films, tie-up experts, researchers working in the field as well as officials for interviews etc.

Location: Our experience will help you in narrowing down on the location and undertake any location scouting if required, along the length and breadth of India.

On location Editing & Logistics: We also offer on location editing services during the shooting stage so that the director is able to review the footage as well as the flow of the film and it gives the flexibility to reschedule the shoot and fine-tune the logistics requirements. Given the length and breadth of India, we ensure the most efficient logistics planning for the shoot.

Filming Equipment Rentals & Crew: For ease of foreign crew, we offer filming equipment rentals including Canon cinema cameras, DSLRs, Go Pro cameras, lenses, OConnor fluid heads, tripods, rigs, hides, sound equipment etc as well as crew to operate the equipment.

Music: Our talented music composers are always ready to create original scores for your films, documentaries, jingles and music videos by collaborating with you online.

Free Members

Barcode Films USA jake@barcodefilm.com
DOER Marine USA info@doermarine.com
Green Door Films UK info@greendoorfilms.co.uk
Marine Scene South Africa service@marinescene.co.za
Wildlife Watching Supplies UK enquiries@wildlifewatchingsupplies.co.uk

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