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Jackson Wild

Jackson Wild
240 South Glenwood Street
Jackson Hole
Wyoming 83001

Phone: +1 307 200 3286

Operations Director: Christie Quinn

Email: christie@jacksonwild.org

Website: www.jacksonwild.org

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We are Jackson Wild

Founded in 1991, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival has become Jackson Wild, expanding our reach and impact around the globe.

Jackson Wild believes in the power of media to inspire wonder for our living planet and ignite action to restore it through high-impact collaboration.

Jackson Wild creates impact through four pillars of engagement:

1) Summits

The Jackson Wild Summit is an extraordinary annual convening where collaboration and innovation thrive, and new ideas are launched. Cross-disciplinary conversations on the critical issues facing our planet set the stage for strategic partnerships that happen nowhere else, as participants work together to address conservation and environmental challenges. In 2019, the conservation focus will be Living Oceans. Partner summits around the world will echo this conservation theme, broadening reach and deepening global impact.

2) Awards

Media today deepens understanding of the world around us, inspires commitment to protect and restore the natural systems upon which all life depends and empowers the radical changes that will be required. The nature equivalent to the Oscars®, the Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in science and nature storytelling. In addition to media, the Jackson Wild Legacy Awards recognize visionary filmmakers, conservationists, scientists and thought leaders.

3) New Frontiers

Stories connect us to the planet and to each other. It’s critical to bring diverse voices that bear witness to the world through unique and authentic stories. The Jackson Wild Media Lab will train and mentor emerging conservation media leaders in unique programs that directly engage them with the most influential content creators from around the globe. Beginning in Southern Africa and Latin America, Jackson Wild is working with local organizers to globalize the voices of young filmmakers.

4) Global Impact

Jackson Wild works with UN agencies and global partners to empower locally-driven engagement that inspires action. The annual World Wildlife Day Film Showcase creates a portfolio of programs selected from 250+ entries, that are presented globally at special screening events through Jackson Wild on Tour. Working closely with CITES, the UN Environment and UN Development Programme Jackson Wild furthers deep-impact media strands at a series of high level global convenings in 2019-20 where world leaders address critical environmental, social and economic challenges.

The 2021 Jackson Wild Summit to be Live-streamed ... Now an exclusively virtual event to be held from Monday-Thursday, Sept 27-30 2021

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you that this year’s Jackson Wild Summit will be shifting to virtual, due to the resurgence of COVID-19, with sessions from the Center stage live-streamed to a virtual audience. This action is being taken in the interests of your safety and well-being and that of our staff, volunteers and the entire global Jackson Wild community.  But, there is still much to talk about—and so much to do as we accelerate new perspectives and new storytelling strategies to engage new audiences to connect with our planet and each other as we engage a broader and more inclusive global audience than ever before. 

Knowing that no one has the stamina and time for more than a few hours of online convening, we will present a tight and incredible lineup of compelling live sessions and networking events for three hours Monday Sept 27-Wednesday, Sept 29 culminating in the Jackson Wild Awards Celebration on Thursday, Sept 30. 

Sessions will be hosted live and in-person from the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts stage with a limited number of Fellows, Mentors, Speakers, Staff, Volunteers and VIPs in attendance. All other Summit registrants will attend virtually. Of course, everyone will have full access to the amazing finalist films, as well a collection of dynamic on-demand sessions!

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience if you have made travel or lodging plans, and now have to undo them. If you end up having any nonrefundable fees that put you in any sort of hardship, please email christie@jacksonwild.org we can work with you to see what we can help cover.

If you are interested in being a live audience member for those sessions we will be streaming live from the Center for the Arts stage, please email christie@jacksonwild.org

Pass options & prices:

VIRTUAL SUMMIT PASS: $120 ... for a 20% discount to the Summit use this code: Virtual20

Your full virtual pass will give you access to on-demand sessions and films, as well as all live streamed and online programming during the 2021 Jackson Wild Summit. In addition, you will receive access to the Virtual Delegate Lounge throughout the week of the Summit.

Visit: jacksonwild.org/attend.html

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Jackson Wild

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