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Production Services – Pre & Post-Production

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Calle Magallanes 20
38680 Guia de Isora
Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Spain

Freelancer/CEO: Günther Haase

+34 649 517 349

Email: gunther@24-7mediaconcept.com

Website: www.24-7mediaconcept.com

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Production services in the Canary Islands.

Our services include everything from interviews to complete Film and TV production services:

  • Location Scouting
  • Local Crew Management
  • Production management
  • Casting
  • Livestream with own mobile Studio, up to 9 Cameras
  • Sound, Lighting, Grip
  • Permits
  • We provide all of the Equipment required for any Standard Interview

Achtel Pty Ltd

Achtel Pty Limited
913 Coles Bay Road
Coles Bay
Tasmania 7215

Director: Pawel Achtel

+61 (0)407 472 747

Email: pawel.achtel@24x7.com.au

Website: www.achtel.com & www.4k.com.au

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We offer underwater 3D and 2D production services, stock footage and equipment.

We shoot exclusively in 5k and higher formats and focus on high production value.

Our unique DeepX and 3Deep underwater housings are the first and currently the only housings allowing undistorted and true 4k (and beyond) images underwater.

We also bring strong story telling and experience in blue chip natural history genre.

See: Giant Screens Get Sharper ... With the launch of the new ACHTEL 9x7 camera, the world’s largest cinema screens are about to get sharper. Much, much sharper.

AfriScreen Films

AfriScreen Films
Botswana and South Africa

+267 6 80 11 23

Email: production@afriscreen.com

Website: www.afriscreen.com

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AfriScreen Films is a Botswana-based natural history production company.

Our core team have worked in natural history, feature film, TV drama series and corporate film. All the experience, diverse disciplines and skills learnt are now melded into AfriScreen Films, where we have accumulated: 25+ years African wildlife filming expertise, 20+ years feature film and TV drama experience, 20+ years editing and post production skills and a lifetime of African bush skills and field operations.

We produce our own films, film sequences for international productions and provide comprehensive fixing and facilitation services throughout Southern Africa.

CV's welcome by email. Work experience offered for those with at least 3 years in the industry.



195 Piccadilly Circus
London W1J 9LN
United Kingdom

Email: albert@bafta.org

Website: www.wearealbert.org

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For sustainable TV and Film production.

We bring the screen industries together to tackle our environmental impact. We are albert. So are you. Join us.

albert is leading a charge against climate change; bringing the film and TV industries together to tackle our environmental impact and inspiring screen audiences to act for a sustainable future.

An on-line resource for the media production industry, developed in conjunction with the UK's major broadcasters, and supported by BAFTA.

We Are ALBERT – Editorial Tool


127 Hampton Road
Bristol BS6 6JE
United Kingdom

+44 (0)117 927 9778

Email: info@ammonite.co.uk

Website: www.ammonite.co.uk/post-production

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Ammonite is an independent film production company.

We have been in existence since 1994 making high quality, high definition films about science and natural history.

Ammonite develops highly specialised and innovative equipment such as image intensified night vision cameras and motion control systems.

Ammonite's kit can be hired and we offer post-production services.

We also have an extensive library of high definition film clips available for sale.

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

British Columbia

Aerial Cinematographer: Martin Gregus Jr – martin@martingregusjr.com
Director: Martin Gregus Sr

Phone: +1 (778) 858 6016 & +1 (778) 896 6016

Email: matkojr@matkopictures.com

Websites: www.aviaeye.com & www.matkopictures.com

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Specializing in aerial wildlife cinematography, AviaEye™ is the leader in commercial RPAS/Drone cinematography and photography.

Our crew has collected more than 3000 hours flying on all seven continents with some of the worlds most elusive and endangered wildlife.

Focusing primarily on RPAS operations in the Arctic and Antarctic we are fully licensed to fly in every region of Canada and abroad.

Get in touch with us today and let us turn your vision into a reality.

AviaEye - Professional Aerial Cinematography

The Complete Camera Company

The Complete Camera Company

18 Roseburn Cliff
Edinburgh EH12 6AL
United Kingdom

Company Director – Paul O'Connor

Phone: +44 (0)7789 816 994

Email: paul@thecompletecameracompany.com

Website: www.thecompletecameracompany.com

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The Complete Camera Company are a camera consultancy and crewing company. We are here to provide you with truly objective advice on the best camera solution for your production. As a group we have decades of experience in every area of the UK television market.

We have provided crews to many of the leading facilities and production companies and have worked on Bafta and RTS award winning shows.

The company was co-founded by cameramen Paul O'Connor and Ben Hoffmann. Between them, they have over 25 years of experience providing companies with a vast range of specialist camera solutions.

Conservation Media

Conservation Media
P.O. Box 7061, Missoula
MT 59807

Owner: Jeremy Roberts

Phone: +1 (406) 360 9684

Email: jroberts@ConservationMedia.com

Website: www.ConservationMedia.com

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Conservation Media specializes in telling conservation science stories through award-winning film productions, photography, writing, and through narrative workshops for conservation professionals.

While based in the northern Rocky Mountains, we also provide HD stock footage and production support for natural history productions throughout the American West and beyond.

Contact us today to see how we can bring your vision into focus.



Owner/Composer: Matthias Förster

Phone: +49 151 6144 0224

Skype Me!

Email: daydreamz-studios@outlook.com

Website: www.daydreamz-studios.com

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DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS is based in Germany and is run by Matthias Förster.

DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS produces music for several genres but has specialized in music for documentaries and advertising.

Further experiences are in sound design, especially for sound libraries for Parawave Audio and u-he.

Our royalty-free AudioJungle portfolio can be found here: audiojungle.net/user/daydreamz-studios/portfolio

Matthias Förster

Delicious Digital

Delicious Digital
39-40 West Point
Warple Way
London W3 0RG
United Kingdom

Founder/Exec Director: Ollie Raphael

Phone: +44 (0)20 8749 7272

Email: ollie@deliciousdigital.com

Website: www.deliciousdigital.com

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Delicious is a full service music company specialising in original composition, live recording and all areas of audio production for wildlife film and TV.

Doubleclick Productions

Doubleclick Productions

Contact: John Gussman

Phone: +1 360 808 6406

Email: jgussman@dcproductions.com

Website: www.dcproductions.com

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Photography / Video Production / UAV Services / Stock / Location Services.

John Gussman

Ember Films

Ember Films Ltd
United Kingdom

Jonathan Jones

Phone: +44 (0)844 8099 567

Skype Me!

Email: info@emberfilms.co.uk

Website: www.emberfilms.co.uk

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UK based creative digital agency specialising in: Slow-motion photography, 3D, Commercials, Documentaries, Post Production, Concepts + design and much more...

Environment Films

Environment Films
274 Queenstown Road
London SW8 4LP
United Kingdom

Managing Director: Ella Todd
Production Manager: Carina Thomas
Client Associate: Lucy Pearson

Phone: +44 (0)20 7498 1600

Skype Me!

Email: info@environmentfilms.org

Website: www.environmentfilms.org

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Environment Films is an independent production company based in central London, specialising in sophisticated films, documentaries and commercials for organisations whose work and interests are connected to the natural world.

Environment Films produce media for television, the internet, DVD distribution and provide a non-profit service to charities.

EPM Asia

EPM Asia Ltd

703 Beautiful Group Tower
77 Connaught Road, Central
Hong Kong

EPM Asia
Steven Ballantyne, FRGS, CEO, Producer, Field Director, Production Management, Location Scout & Management. Production Development.

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Phone: +852 6992 2571

Skype Me!

Email: steven.epm@gmail.com

Website: www.epm-asia.com

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EPM Asia Ltd
Pre-production & Production management across Asia
Hong Kong – China – Philippines – Papua New Guinea

To discuss your next Asia based production email: steven.epm@gmail.com

EPM Asia is a professional factual TV Production Logistics Service with bases in Hong Kong, Shanghai and the Philippines, providing a specialist service supporting productions to film in some of the remotest locations across Asia.

With extensive experience of TV production logistics, planning and legal support in Pacific, Central and East Asia, MD Steven Ballantyne ( FRGS) and his local teams will provide a trusted and dedicated bespoke service for your production.

EPM is highly regarded by wildlife film professionals, and recent projects have included BLP's Disney Nature 'Born in China' and Tigress Productions BBC Two series 'Birds of Paradise; The Ultimate Quest'

Established by Location Producer and Field Director Steven Ballantyne in 2007, EPM has expanded over recent years to meet the growing needs of their blue chip production clients and in 2016 launched a dedicated office in China head-up by Mr. Weiyi Feng – “ China is the ultimate filming destination with an amazing array of landscapes, cultures and wildlife”

EPM provides a comprehensive production management service, including:

  • Factual, Reality, Documentary & Wildlife film Production Management Service
  • Field Director/Location Producer
  • Location Scouting and Location Management
  • Local and Tribal Negotiation
  • Comprehensive Production Management service
  • Aerial filming (China and across Asia)
  • Remote location access (Tibet, Mongolia, across Asia)
  • Permits and Permissions – Local and Goverement
  • Logistic Development, Planning and Management
  • Threat Assessment, Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Evaluation.
  • Service Contract Negotiation
  • Manage all production requirements in line with producer and production schedules
  • Research, Content Development and Interview Management
  • Pitch and Bid Development/Support
  • Budget, Payment Planning and Petty Cash Management
  • Field Logistics and camp management

Read about recent clients & testimonials here: EPM-Asia

Esprit Film and Television Limited

Esprit Film and Television Limited

Gloucestershire, GL2
United Kingdom

Company Director: Dave Blackham

Phone: +44 (0)1452 741 240

Email: daveblackham@espritfilm.co.uk

Website: www.espritfilm.co.uk

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Esprit Film and Television provide advanced, state of the art Location Filming equipment and Filming services to create must watch content for the worlds best Film makers and Broadcasters.

Whilst Esprit are leaders in Underwater Cinematography Esprit also work in the most remote, hostile but beautiful locations, filming the creatures and people with which we share our planet.

We also facilitate recording wildlife sound and acoustic music.

Esprit work to the highest standards creatively and technically, using both off the shelf equipment and also our own specially developed systems for stills, 2D and 3D photo-cinematography.

Clients of Esprit can hire equipment and services as a package or we can design and build systems and facilities for individual projects.

Excelman Productions

Excelman Productions
67, rue Traversiere
Paris 75012

Phone: +33 6 0742 7838

Email: lyon@excelman.com

Website: www.excelman.com

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Douglas Lyon: Line Producer, Field Producer and founder of Excelman Productions.

We are Producers, Production Managers, Line Producers, Field Producers, Journalists and Directors! We have 20 years of experience in more than 50 different countries, with an incredible network of contacts, and reliable veteran staff in each country! We have come to be known as "Africa specialists", but actually we began with Fashion and News, then Variety shows and Reality Shows, and although we love it all, but we must confess a particular passion for Broadcast News, Documentaries, and... well, you guessed it: Africa! The primary vocation of Excelman Productions ranges from the complete production to simply the logistic management and co-ordination, of a wide spectrum of primarily audio-visual projects in video or film: hard news, documentaries, live satellite broadcasts, variety shows, reality shows, sports events, TV films, commercials, etc. In just a few years, after many prestigious shoots all over France, Europe and two dozen African nations (a total of more than 50 different countries), EXCELMAN Productions has become a privileged partner of all of the major Japanese television networks and production companies as well as the most prominent advertising agencies. Need a crew to tell your story? A Producer? Director? A Journalist? Contact Us! We work extensively throughout Europe and Africa and we would be delighted to suggest cost effective solutions in order to achieve results above and beyond your hopes and expectations!

As concerns the wildlife film genre, strangely we have not done any! It is a mystery, but given our extensive experience in Africa, it would be very easy for us to handle the logistics of such projects, which is why I thought that Wildlife-Film.com might be good for us... We have, of course, for many of our Africa projects, tracked and filmed wild animals, and have a good idea of the difficulties involved... but we have never worked on a project dedicated strictly to the “Wildlife” theme... Yet!

EYESEALAND visual media

The Netherlands

Contact: Pieter Huisman

Phone: +31 6 5539 8685

Skype Me!

Email: pieterhuisman@eyesealand.com

Website: www.eyesealand.com

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Pieter Huisman has a background in documentaries, having filmed in over 30 countries since 1998.

He enjoys working as part of team, as well as on projects that require self-motivation and an independent mindset.

Pieter’s love for nature, determination and patience are endless.

Skills include using extreme telephoto lenses, macro, underwater, high speed filming, infrared nocturnal, remote controlled cameras and HD and 4K stock shots.

He is also proficient as an editor and colourist.

References include Channel 4, Animal Planet, Nature Conservation Films and National Geographic.

Figure Nine

Figure Nine
15 Lower Chapel Road
Bristol BS15 8SH
United Kingdom

Director - Ollie Laker

Phone: +44 (0)7983 400 450


Website: www.figurenine.co.uk

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With over twelve years diverse experience Figure Nine provide Rope access, Rigging and Height Safety.

We have experience working in Tropical forest canopies with Scientists and film crews.

We are able to provide support for expedition, filming, Science and research and operate in Industrial, Urban and Remote locations.

HASP Training

HASP Training Ltd
34 Thistlebarrow Road
Dorset BH7 7AL
United Kingdom

Managing Director - Rupert Godesen

Phone: +44 (0)1202 729 068
Mobile: +44 (0)7884 001 600


Website: www.hasptraining.co.uk

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If you are embarking on an assignment overseas, you can sometimes find yourselves isolated, afraid or caught up in a situation that you can't handle. Despite your best intentions, trouble might come looking for you.

A HASP course will equip you with a tool box of proven methods and techniques to ensure your safety. You will leave our care with more confidence, awareness and a range of new skills, which will enable you to operate safely and securely.

We have several courses to choose from ranging from 2.5 to 5 days. We have also designed a bespoke 2 day course which we have streamlined for freelancers on a budget. All courses provide the delegates with the opportunity to qualify for the Emergency First Aid Certificate.

Course Snapshot: Our residential courses are run in Surrey or we can provide you with a mobile HASP team to run the training anywhere in the world. We run a well-paced, informative programme of training, with great emphasis on practical scenarios for the delegates to try out their new skills.

The HASP Team Our security instructors are ex-British Army with a solid base of teaching experience, both to military and civilian audiences. Our medical instructors are UK Paramedics with years of front line experience. On completion of one of our courses, delegates will be able to deal with a wide variety of medical emergencies and situations and be awarded the Emergency First Aid Certificate (all covered in the cost of the course).

Himalaya Karakoram Travel

Himalaya Karakoram Travel

Contact: Christof Hahn

Phone: +975 771 79 090 / +975 774 04 508

Skype Me!

Email: christof.hkt@gmail.com

Website: www.himalayakarakoramtravel.com/bhutan-film-fixing

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Welcome to Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and to Himalaya Karakoram Travel, your Fixer in Bhutan. If you are planning some filming in Bhutan, we can help. Bhutan has a lot to offer, Royal Bengal Tigers, Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Black Necked Cranes, White Bellied Herons, Golden Langurs, Yetis and of course Thunder Dragons, all in the most beautiful landscapes and nature.

We are experienced media fixers who offer a range of services to make your shoot in our beautiful country as smooth, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. We know the country and procedures well and provide the following professional services to film productions:

  • Support to process and obtain all necessary permissions to film in Bhutan.
  • Location recommendations and scouting.
  • Sourcing local crew.
  • Research and fact-checking.
  • Provision of local experienced assistance for your project.
  • Arrangement of all necessary logistics.
  • Information about visas.

If there is something you need that is not on this list, just ask.

iTravel Films

iTravel Films

Director: Ritesh Kadam

Phone: +91 950 383 9398

Email: ritesh.kadam@theitravelgroup.com

Website: www.theitravelgroup.com/itravelfilms

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We are pleased to introduce you to iTravel Films through which we offer our extensive support for Photography and Filming projects across many remote and the unexplored destinations around the Indian Subcontinent.

Operating for the last e years, we offer a one stop support for any Photography and Filming crew- large or small for all your requirements.

We are pleased to list below all the services that we can offer pertaining to your projects across India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Myanmar.

Having worked with multiple projects (National & International) ranging from Wildlife, Culture, People, Adventure & Festivals, we surely can be that strong pillar of support in the asian region.

Services Include:

  • Production Management
  • Permits & Paperwork
  • Location Scouting
  • Equipment Rentals Including Drones
  • Travel logistics Management
  • Documentary Research Work
  • Itinerary and Route Mapping Services
  • Broadcast Content Shot to order

Ritesh Kadam

Jungle Run Productions

Jungle Run Productions
Jalan Raya Sanggingan #1
Ubud 80571, Bali

Phone: +62 8123813887 & +62 361979109
Fax: +62 361975378

Email: info@jungle-run.com

Website: www.jungle-run.com

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Jungle Run Productions offers complete production services for Indonesia and SE Asia including: HD crews & kit, location and production management, film permit facilitation, fixers, translators, full post-production, graphics and stock footage. We've worked with broadcasters and producers from around the globe. Some of our clients include: broadcast clients: BBC (1, 2, 3, Panorama, & BBC World), National Geographic, Animal Planet, One Planet Pictures, ICON Films, Diverse Bristol, Ricochet, Disney Channel, ABC USA, MTV, Paramount Pictures, CNN, EBU, NOS Holland, E! TV. NGO collaborations include: The Nature Conservancy (TNC), WWF, CIFOR, IFC, UNDP, USAID. Field production support for British, Dutch, Brazilian, German, Indonesia, Taiwanese, American, Canadian and Singaporean television productions. We're looking to collaborate with serious producers and broadcasters to make great factual programs in Indonesia and SE Asia. We've worked throughout the region in some of the most remote regions that Asia serves up. Jungle Run has been operating since 1993 and is fully licensed for television production and distribution in Indonesia.


PT Lahuka Indonesia Ekspededisi
Lahuka Ltd
Galur Sari Timur No 76 Utan Kayu
Matraman Jakarta Timur

Phone: +62 (0)21 857 9925

Director - Hendra Margono

Skype Me!

Email: lahuka.filming@gmail.com

Website: www.lahukafilming.co.id

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Experience has shown that expedition organizers, researchers, film and television projects invest considerable time in navigating complex ever-changing bureaucratic corridors.

You can maximize time, funds and effort by accessing LAHUKA's expedition research and filming knowledge and local support networks - gained over decades in Indonesia.

What we do:

Television and filming Location Manager and Fixer services.

LAHUKA team provide professional services for visiting Film crews, we assist the filming team through the complicated process of the filming application submission, we monitor the application on submission until approval in Indonesia.

We assist on appointment (as in country partner) in the co ordination of the schedule often working in conjunction with other appointed in country partners, we liaise with all Government departments on your behalf to obtain The National Filming permit, Police Travel permits, National Park or BKSDA (Conservation) controlled area Permits. We specialize in wildlife location reconnaissance.

We provide an efficient and friendly service at a competitive rate and operate a flexible service and tariff structure to accommodate a wide range of needs ranging from our basic meet and greet service (National filming permit, customs clearance) to more detailed services as required. We have successfully co ordinated Helicopter filming and boat trips and secured sensitive permits to film traditional ceremonies. Our clients include BBC Digital, BBC Natural History, Silverback Films to name a few.

Lightning Strike Media Productions

Lightning Strike Media Productions
Republic of Palau

Phone: +680 488 6958

Director - Richard Brooks

Email: richardwbrooks66@gmail.com

Website: www.lightningstrikeproductions.co.uk

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Media Production Company based in the Republic of Palau for over ten years.

Catering to clients who require high quality Underwater, Topside, Time-lapse, Drone or Helicopter based footage or photography.

With good experience of a wide range of cameras from Super UHD slomo and Cinematic systems using surface feed and comms for underwater work to heavy lift UAVs.

A vast portfolio of stock footage and photos are available.

Fixer for visiting production teams. We can organize everything from filming permits to accommodation.

Previous clients include: BBC, Discovery Channel, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Aljzeera, ZDF, CNN, Arte.

Richard Brooks

Magic Touch Films

Magic Touch Films
Erongo Region

Phone: + 264 64 463 371

Skype Me!

Email: info@magictouchfilms.com

Website: www.magictouchfilms.com

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Magic Touch Films is an internationally renowned, established production service company based in Swakopmund, Namibia and is the newest acquisition of the IMWE Namibia Holdings group.

Magic Touch Films facilitates Adventure, Science, Wildlife, Humanitarian, Historical, Survival Documentaries and Reality Entertainment, throughout Namibia and neighbouring countries. With our expertise and knowhow, we are able to facilitate any size production, whether it is a small two man documentary crew or a large reality television production.

We are energetic, ambitious and constantly evolving to give our clients great value for money and always deliver on time. We are passionate about our client’s subjects and our country. Our natural driven boldness will capture the imagination of any Reality TV and Documentary Producer or Broadcaster.

With clients from all corners of the world, we are always pushing the boundaries to facilitate in the most extreme and challenging environments. We are reliable and easy to work with, for personal tailor made service, mixed with great experience and local knowledge, our clients are ensured of a successful project.

We are passionately driven to stay ahead and are inspired by you the filmmaker. We have the touch to bring the magic to your production.

Magic Touch Films

Mikolji Corp

Mikolji Corp
Colombia, Venezuela and South Florida, USA

Founder: Ivan Mikolji

Operations: Yelka Mikolji

Phone: +1 305 219 1526

Email: info@mikolji.com

Website: www.mikolji.com

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Eco-educational nature documentaries.

Beautiful underwater footage of tropical rainforest of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. 

Piranhas, freshwater rays, electric eels, river dolphins, Orinoco alligator.

Ivan Mikolji

Founder Ivan Mikolji

Ivan Mikolji

Mindful Audio

Mindful Audio
United Kingdom

Recordist/Composer: George Vlad

Phone: +44 (0)7549 059 530

Email: hyppocrites@gmail.com

Website: www.mindful-audio.com

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Sound production, post production and music for media.

Mountain Travels Pakistan

Mountain Travels Pakistan
Ghangchan House
Alibabad, Satellite Town
Gilgit-Baltistan 16100

Director/Location Manager: Ghulam Ahmed

Phone: +92 5815 452750 and +92 346 8486 900

Email: info@mountaintravels.com

Website: www.mountaintravels.com

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Welcome to Gilgit-Baltitstan, located in heart of Himalaya & Karakoram. If you are planning to visit and wildlife filming we can help you, all in the most beautiful landscapes and nature with world most famous Brown Bears, Markhore etc. We have experienced wildlife/cultural filming who offer a range of services to make your shoot in our beautiful area.

Mountain Travels Pakistan is a trusted name in the arena of cultural, adventure, wildlife, and nature tourism in Pakistan. The company formed in 1990 with a small team of committed guides, porters, and other staffs spearheaded by the founder Mr. Ghulam Ahmad.

Professional Services:

Production: Full production service undertaken from initial planning to project completion. We suggest best locations and seasons for your shoot. We create documentaries, entertainment formats and other media projects within the fields of nature, wildlife and adventure.

Does that mean that you will do the filming etc? We do the filming etc and can help with (provide all kinds of guidance and instruments and assistance etc) other film-makers in Karakoram range and Himalaya.

Full time Staff: We can source local guides, wildlife experts, still photographers, camera crew, drivers etc.

Logistics: We can organize transport, accommodation, provisions, hides etc. so that you can concentrate 100% on filming.

Dale Upton - Outlandish

Dale Upton
Cape Town
South Africa

Phone: +27 828 506 717

Email: dale@outlandish.co.za

Website: www.outlandish.co.za

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4x4 Sprinter crew cab hire with accredited driver; roof rack designed for camera use and add-ons for your remote shoooting requirements in and around South Africa.

Option to hire 4x4 quad bike.

Ranger Expeditions

Ranger Expeditions Ltd
62 Creek Road
Hayling Island
Hampshire PO11 9RE
United Kingdom

Expedition Leader -
Stuart Westfield

Phone: +44 (0)7890 620274

Email: rangerexped@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.rangerexped.co.uk

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Profile Page

Ranger Expeditions provides pre-expedition training and skills training courses as excellent preparation for operations in wilderness environments. Our focus is on the successful achievement of your objectives combined with the safety of team personnel.

When in-country we work enthusiastically in support of your project aims in the following roles:

  • Expedition leader/assistant
  • Camera assistant
  • Photographer
  • Logistical support
  • Camp services
  • Field assistant
  • Wilderness skills training

In the field environmental experience includes: Savannah, Desert, Jungle, Volcanic, Altitude (6000m).

Ranger Expedition leaders have extensive wilderness experience in over 20 African National Parks / Game Reserves.

Our focus is on the successful achievement of your objectives combined with the safety of team personnel.

Pasternak Media

Pasternak Media LLC
7533 Fisher Drive
Falls Church
VA 22043

Producer: Kathryn Pasternak

Phone: +1 703 216 1746

Email: kathryn.pasternak@gmail.com

Website: www.pasternakmedia.com

Profile Page

Pasternak Media LLC specializes in supervision of wildlife and conservation films for broadcast television.

We work for, and directly with, producers of wildlife programming. We will help you develop and pitch your concept, and supervise it through completion. Focus is telling the best possible story. Acting as an outside voice, we give the broadcaster confidence that your film will meet their needs, and at the same time, help make sure your original vision doesn't get lost in the process.

Kathryn Pasternak has won two National Emmy Awards and has been nominated for two more, including most recently for Swamp Troop which was the product of first time, African-based producers.

She has a twenty-year track record supervising projects for National Geographic Television, NGC, Animal Planet, and Smithsonian Networks.

Looking for presenter-led, pure wildlife, and conservation-themed stories. Can consult on co-productions.

Photoguerra - Underwater Productions

Photoguerra - Underwater Productions, Lda.


Company Director: Rui Guerra

Phone: +351 917 301 750

Skype Me!

Email: photoguerra@meo.pt or info@photoguerra.net

Website: www.photoguerra.net

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Profile Page

Based in Portugal, our main grounds for underwater filming are Azores islands, Madeira islands and Portugal mainland. But we are available to work anywhere in the world, for how long it takes to capture the footage you are after.

We are a company specialized in underwater filming (and photography) in all kind of environments. Rui Guerra, the key person behind it, has more than 30 years experience as a diver and more than 20 years in underwater image.

From underwater caves, rivers, lakes, under the ice, reefs and coastal seas, off-shore marine wildlife and deepwater environments, we can film where is needed.

We use specialized underwater housings for our work from top brands to have 100% control of our cameras, including our main cinema RED Weapon camera.

We also have several autonomous underwater lighting systems to bring you the full colors from any scene.

We use a closed-circuit rebreather to stay longer, deeper, safer and without noise or bubbles to disturb marine life. Of course, that we also have regular scuba equipment and we can also free dive to capture fast ocean action, like whales and dolphins.

Besides underwater filming and photography, underwater time-lapse is also one of our specialities.

We have the equipment, the skills, the experience and know-how to capture the footage you need for your documentary, feature film, commercial, etc.

Production value and a personal relationship with our customers are a priority for us. Talk to us!

Red Six Ltd

Red Six Ltd
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7739 842 369

Email: andrew@redsixmix.com

Website: www.redsixmix.com

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Profile Page

Andrew Wilson is a Film and TV Re-Recording mixer working either from his own purpose-built mixing facility based at Real World Studios near Bath or freelance from the facility of your choice.

He's done pretty much every aspect of sound post over the years and has a load of award nominations to back it up. He is arguably the single most experienced natural history sound mixer working today.

An ever-growing portfolio of freelance sound people and an extensive range of equipment means Red Six can provide bespoke sound work for all projects, from location to delivery, from mute to mixed.

Andrew is a member of BAFTA, a council member of the Association of Motion Picture Sound, and is probably the only Re-Recording mixer ever to have played the sousaphone at Glastonbury Festival.

Red Wolf Productions

Red Wolf Productions
West Molesey
United Kingdom

Director: Lewis Hayes

Phone: +44 (0)7727 210 225

Email: lewisahayes@hotmail.com

Website: www.redwolfproductions.co.uk

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Profile Page

Camera Operator and Editing Services, specialising in Natural History, but also available for ENG Camera Work, Corporate and Documentaries.

Television credits with BBC, CNN, Discovery and Quest.

Sankofa Drone Services

Sankofa Drone Services
United Kingdom

Luke Dell – CAA Approved Drone Pilot

Phone: +44 (0)7490 707 137

Email: luke@sankofadroneservices.co.uk

Website: www.sankofadroneservices.co.uk

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Profile Page

Luke is a fully licensed, insured and CAA approved drone pilot based in West Midlands, UK.

Luke has a passion for all things natural, wildlife, landscapes and travel.

Luke has many years’ experience flying drones and started by using a phantom 2.

He says "My number one goal is to see my name or company name in the credits of a Wildlife film."

Luke is willing to travel to capture amazing 4k drone footage and stills photography.

Check out his 4K showreel!


DJI Inspire 1 Pro – Zenmuse X5
DJI Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic Air
DJI Osmo – Zenmuse X3 & X5

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
United Kingdom

Directors: James Shooter, Peter Cairns, Mark Hamblin & Mat Larkin

Phone: +44 (0)1540 651 352

Email: james@scotlandbigpicture.com

Website: www.scotlandbigpicture.com

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Vimeo YouTube

Profile Page

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a non-profit social enterprise, founded by a group of professional communicators motivated by the need to rebuild healthy ecosystems where wildlife and people flourish.

Our job is to open hearts, unlock minds and build community. We work with a range of partners and clients to produce innovative films, books, photo-stories, presentations and education resources, all designed to inform, inspire and influence fresh thinking around the benefits of a wilder Scotland.


PO BOX 15475
Kota Kinabalu
Sabah 88864

Phone: +60 88 727058/723077/721006
Fax: +60 088 727059

Email: info@scubazoo.com

Website: www.scubazoo.com

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Profile Page

Scubazoo are South East Asia’s leading underwater filming and photography company.

Based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo, we are dedicated to producing high quality programming, and providing filming services such as location management and equipment hire for our clients.

Scubazoo’s team has a wealth of underwater imaging experience – our scope of work has ranged over a broad spectrum of different projects, including filming and location management for productions filmed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Tonga, South Africa, US, Canada, Thailand, Mozambique and more for broadcast on channels such as BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, CNN, and ITV.

Scubazoo has an extensive inventory of TV production equipment for both topside and underwater filming located within Malaysia. Hiring video camera equipment from Scubazoo can save your production significant amounts of money by reducing excess baggage charges and freight costs to Borneo or elsewhere in Malaysia..

Scubazoo’s publications department has built up a large and diverse library of beautiful and memorable photographic images. Aside from our own coffee table books, reef and Sabah’s Underwater Treasure, our images have appeared in magazine articles, books, posters, brochures and advertising campaigns all over the world.

Solebay Music

Solebay Music
Wood Farm
Halesworth region:
Suffolk IP19 0EU
United Kingdom

Director: Frank Pescod

Phone: +44 (0)7789 404 670

Skype Me!

Email: frank@solebaymusic.co.uk

Website: www.solebaymusic.co.uk

Connect on LinkedIn Be my friend on FacebookFollow me on Twitter Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Subscribe to my Vimeo Channel

Frank Pescod is a unique sound composer and director of his own music production company Solebay Music.

Frank covers many genres and styles using the latest technology working out of his studio based on the Suffolk coast. Solebay Music is a top recording facility capable of tracking live to picture or delivering music to brief.

Products and services include:

  • Sound branding
  • Bespoke music for commercial use
  • Music for TV, Film, Adverts, Gaming, Apps & Online Media

Clients include: BBC1, BBC 2, CHANNEL 4, Masterchef, Homes under the hammer, Bargain Hunt, Place in the sun, Harley Davidson, Louis Vuitton, River Island, Triumph, Mahogany Hair Design, Fit 4 fashion and many more.

Soulwater Productions

Soulwater Productions
Canggu Permai, Kuta Utara
Badung Regency, Bali

Director: Adrienne Gittus

Phone: +62 82 247 179 035

Skype Me!

Email: adidive13@gmail.com

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Profile Page

Media and production based in Indonesia.

Experienced underwater and topside camera person, documentary maker and award winning filmmaker.

Both pre and post production, rebreather certified to 100m, with all own dive and camera equipment.


Some local language and extensive local contacts.

Adrienne Gittus

Subvision Productions

Subvision Productions
Port Alberni

Owner: Peter Mieras

Phone: + 1 250 735 5050

Email: info@subvisionproductions.com

Website: www.subvisionproductions.com

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Profile Page

Pre-production: We help with aspects of pre-production, like research, location scouting etc.

Logistics: With our 36 ft certified vessel we can accommodate film crews that want to shoot underwater.

Camera: We can be DOP with an underwater system capable of shooting 4K ProRes HQ 10 bit 60fps 4:2:2. We are also certified as drone pilot by Transport Canada.

Guiding: We can be your underwater guide, safety diver, captain and other roles you need to be filled during your shoots

Table Mountain Films

Table Mountain Films
PO Box 469
Sea Point 8060
Cape Town
South Africa

Producer/Creative Director: Joe Kennedy
Producer/Managing Director: Katharina Pechel

South Africa: +27 82 931 3777
UK: +44 7968 068 382

Skype Me!

Email: info@tablemountainfilms.com

Website: www.tablemountainfilms.com/stock-footage

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Profile Page

Table Mountain Films is a Cape Town based production company, specialising in documentary and wildlife filmmaking.

Whether it's making films of our own, facilitating overseas productions or helping to get the ideas of others to the screen, we have a specialist for every stage of the production process.

Our highly experienced team has a core of two very talented and diversely skilled individuals, both with their own unique background in filmmaking. Joe Kennedy from Canada and Katharina Pechel from Germany.

We have an extensive library of HD, 4K, Phantom, aerial, underwater and topside footage of wildlife filmed around Africa.

Terra Conservation Films

Terra Conservation Films
Via XXV Aprile, 24
Fiesole 50014

DOP: Giuseppe Bucciarelli

Phone: +39 333 108 2482

Skype Me!

Email: giuseppe@terraconservationfilms.com

Website: www.terraconservationfilms.com

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Profile Page

Terra Conservation Films is an award-winning production company specialized in working with non-profit organizations and nature enterprises to make documentaries focusing on the conservation of the natural world and the interaction between people and the environment.

If you need a video to fundraise, increase your outreach, raise awareness and promote action, Terra Conservation Films can assist you in finding the best approach through films of unique visual and conceptual impact.

We use broadcast-quality audio and video equipment to always deliver to you top quality services.

For more information, please visit our website at www.terraconservationfilms.com

TERRA CONSERVATION FILMS showreel from Terra Conservation Films.

Darryl Sweetland

Thailand Wild

Contact: Darryl Sweetland

Mobile: +66 81 532 0303

Skype Me!

Email: darrylsweetland@yahoo.com

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Profile Page

Production: Full production service undertaken from initial planning to completed project. Any length project from short promo video to NGO presentation to full length documentary film.

Editing: We can edit your project for you, or our static and mobile edit facilities are available to you to begin the edit process yourself whilst here in Thailand.

Location Scouting: Use my 15 years experience of living and working in Thailand to help suggest best locations and seasons for your shoot.

Staff: We can source local guides, wildlife experts, still photographers, camera crew, drivers etc.

Pre-production: We can undertake many aspects of pre-production, in particular research, to help increase the chances of you getting the footage you need.

Logistics: We can organize transport, accommodation, provisions, hides etc. so that you can concentrate 100% on filming.

Filming Permits and Work Permits: As a Thai based company we can apply for film and work permits on your behalf, cutting the red tape and the costs.

Narration: With a neutral and clear British English accent and 10 years experience as an English teacher, my narrations are often appreciated by audiences for whom English is not a first language.  To date I have narrated over 100 short wildlife films and several full length documentaries.

The Sound Room

The Sound Room
16D Huron Street
Auckland 0622
New Zealand

Composers/Producers: Tom Fox and Marshall Smith

Phone: +64 21 611 316

Email: info@thesoundroom.co.nz

Website: www.thesoundroom.co.nz

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Profile Page

The Sound Room Ltd (est. 2003) is based in Auckland, New Zealand and is run by composers/producers Tom Fox and Marshall Smith.

The Sound Room writes and produces music and sound design for film and TV all around the world.

Our services:

  • Music composition / songwriting / arrangement / production
  • Sound design / SFX / foley
  • Mixing for film & TV (7.1 surround)
  • Mixing & mastering for music
  • Voiceover casting and recording

The Sound Room

This World Can Ltd

This World Can Ltd
United Kingdom

Director: Tom Nelson

Phone: +44 (0)7885 623 401

Email: tom@thisworldcan.com

Website: www.thisworldcan.com

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Profile Page

A production company with a clear vision - to inspire people, business leaders and governments to be more considerate of each other and the planet.

TYR Solutions
Langdale House
Canon Pyon
Herefordshire HR4 8NU
United Kingdom

Director: Steve Cook

Phone: +44 (0)20 3239 5257

Skype Me!

Email: steve.cook@tyr-solutions.com

Website: www.tyr-solutions.com

Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter

TYR Solutions is a risk mitigation company.

We provide a number of solutions from training, equipment and consultancy. Our philosophy is that no two organisational entities are alike, and that many interrelated factors such as the nature of their business, profile of their employees and the geographical range of their assets, uniquely determine their level of exposure, hence customised solutions are required to meet their needs. Whilst TYR Solutions operates predominately in high risk hostile environments for a number of media organisations, we have also deployed consultants on documentaries for health and safety purposes, to build jungle base camps, provide remote medical facilities and individual tracking and secure communications.

TYR Solutions has identified the need for medical/security awareness consultancy, communications and tracking support for documentary and wildlife production companies. We have a number of consultants with remote location and FGASA Field guides. Our consultants can also operate as logistics and base camp managers. TYR can also offer pre trip planning.

TYR Solutions can enhance communications through the sale or rental of satellite phones, Bgans and personal and vehicle tracking devices and can either monitor the tracking platform for the client or we can set the client with their own platform.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide superior solutions through customer training, consultancy and support in order to exceed our customer‚s expectations through continuous improvement and interaction.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Umingmak Productions Inc.

Umingmak Productions Inc.

1 Coppermine River - Box 250

Owner: Mathieu Dumond

Phone: +1 867 982 2591

Email: umingmakproductions@gmail.com

Website: www.umingmakproductions.ca

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Profile Page

Cinematography and photography services (Cinema, Video, Drone, Timelapses) and Arctic advisor (Wildlife, Communities and field logistic).

Umingmak Productions Inc. is dedicated to document the environment, wildlife and people of the Arctic.

Umingmak Productions Inc.
Mathieu Dumond – Cinematographer, Drone Operator, Timelapse Photography, Arctic Consultant


(Visual Effects & Productions LLC)
P.O.Box 49265

Phone: +971 43 471 248
Mobile: +971 554 153 373
Fax: +971 43 479 335

Email: vfxwildlife@gmail.com

Website: www.vfxme.com

Vimeo Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Profile Page

Our objective at VFX has always been to house the best talent armed with cutting edge equipment.

We offer every aspect of video production from production through post utilizing our 4000 sq. ft. studio.

We have comprehensive production and post production facilities.

In house facilities include a Redone, Epic, Scarlet, besides 3 HD cameras, 100KW of lighting, grip, jibs, track and dollies, sliders and qualified personnel.

Post facilities include two real time 4K/2K/HD-edit suites, and a digital sound studio.

We have specially prepared 4X4 vehicles with rooftop tents and extensive camping and outdoor gear for filming and living in remote areas. This is backed by an experienced crew who multi-task.

We would love to collaborate with all who share a passion for the Natural World.

See a VFX promo here!


Visual Africa Films Ltd


Line Producer/Director/Camera/Fixer/Producer: Feisal Malik

Phone: +254 733722818 & +254 721431432

Skype Me!

Email: feisal@visualafrica.tv

Website: www.visualafrica.tv

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Profile Page

Fixers based in Kenya.

We can also setup camps for your productions in some of the most remote areas in Kenya.

We also have our own production equipment to produce content.

We also offer photography services and have published a coffee table book.

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Gloucestershire GL2 7BT

United Kingdom

Head of Media Production: Sacha Dench

Phone: +44 (0)1453 891900

Email: sacha.dench@wwt.org.uk

Website: www.wwt.org.uk

Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our YouTube Channel See our Flickr photos

Profile Page

Small media production team based at WWT HQ in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

Providing full media production services to the organisation and it's partners.

We have a large archive of footage covering wildlife, conservation in action, people in nature.

Wild Tiger Productions

Wild Tiger Productions
A113, First Floor
Near Malviya Nagar
New Delhi
Delhi 110017

CEO: Sabyasachi Patra

Phone: +91 99 1090 0446

Email: sabyasachi.patra@indiawilds.com

Website: www.indiawilds.com

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Profile Page

We are passionate individuals who have left our high profile corporate positions to pursue our passion for filming. We produce films and documentaries covering natural history as well as conservation challenges. We also create film on social issues.

Stock: We have a good collection of Full HD stock footage as well as high resolution stills of various rare natural history moments.

Production Services: We offer full production services from conception to project completion.

Research: Our team is well versed in undertaking research to come out with ideas not used before in any other films, tie-up experts, researchers working in the field as well as officials for interviews etc.

Location: Our experience will help you in narrowing down on the location and undertake any location scouting if required, along the length and breadth of India.

On location Editing & Logistics: We also offer on location editing services during the shooting stage so that the director is able to review the footage as well as the flow of the film and it gives the flexibility to reschedule the shoot and fine-tune the logistics requirements. Given the length and breadth of India, we ensure the most efficient logistics planning for the shoot.

Filming Equipment Rentals & Crew: For ease of foreign crew, we offer filming equipment rentals including Canon cinema cameras, DSLRs, Go Pro cameras, lenses, OConnor fluid heads, tripods, rigs, hides, sound equipment etc as well as crew to operate the equipment.

Music: Our talented music composers are always ready to create original scores for your films, documentaries, jingles and music videos by collaborating with you online.

ZED Creative

ZED Creative

Conwy LL27 0RJ
United Kingdom

Creative Director: Anthony Roberts

Phone: +44 (0)7789 071 038

Email: anthony@iamzed.co.uk

Website: www.iamzed.co.uk

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Profile Page

Anthony Roberts

I am a freelance Motion Graphics designer.

I have worked in the design industry for over 23 years, the last 12 years as a creative director.

I have a passion for wildlife and conservation and I have a particular love for Africa, having travelled quite extensively through the southern half of the continent.


Free Members

Aasia Productions Singapore gk@guiladkahn.com
Animals of Montana USA animals@animalsofmontana.com
Avril Kinsey Composer South Africa akinsey@mwerb.co.za
Carlos Campos Brazil carloscamposwildlife@outlook.com
Crocodopolis USA i.dupont@bridgeworth.net
Earth Touch South Africa lcox@earthtouchsa.com
Factual TV Malaysia info@factualtv.asia
Jeffery & McKeith Safaris Zambia info@jefferymckeith.com
Loggerhead Productions Bahamas loggerheadproductions@gmail.com
Photos of Africa South Africa/Germany info@photosofafrica.com
Pinky Productions UK jo@pinkyproductions.com
Real Freedom Productions UK nico@freedom-divers.com
Richard Norris - Composer UK richard@richardnorrismusic.com
Sound Mind Music USA dleon@soundmindmusic.com
South East Asia Fixers Co Thailand mickomail@yahoo.com

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