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Peter Mieras

Peter Mieras

Peter Mieras  Subvision Productions

Subvision Productions
Port Alberni

Phone: + 1 250 735 5050

Email: info@subvisionproductions.com

Website: www.subvisionproductions.com

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(underwater) cameraman, marine services, story development, fixer, researcher, stock footage.

Fluency in Dutch, German, English and French allows him to work in many locations and on many international projects.

In 2003 he moved from Europe to Canada. He holds dual citizenship and can work on both sides of the Atlantic. (European Union)

Active in ocean conservation and stewardship projects and has won awards for his work.

In-depth knowledge on salmon and ocean life and advised film crews and production companies on story development.


  • PADI Master Instructor (not active)
  • 60 tonnes Master ticket from Transport Canada
  • Certified drone pilot by Transport Canada
  • Certified breathing air gas blender EFR First Aid Instructor (not active)
  • Peter is familiar with the logistics of working on remote locations and running generators, desalinators etc.


  • 5000 plus logged dives (in tropical and cold-water environments)
  • Next to his own films from conception to delivery, Peter has contributed to many wildlife productions, either as cameraman, safety diver, nature guide or stock footage provider.
  • Projects he has worked on include those of BBC NHU, NHK, CBC, National Geographic, as well as many national and local productions.
  • Kelp and Critters: Host, Writer and Underwater Director of Photography.


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