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Fabio Borges / Hydrosphera
Photo by Renata Larroyd

Fabio Borges

Fabio Borges / Hydrosphera

Fabio Borges Media House
Fernando de Noronha, PE

Phone: +55 (81) 99 994 8281

Email: Fabio.borges@videosub.com.br

Website: www.hydrosphera.com.br

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Nature and outdoor motion and still photographer (also underwater and drone). 25 years of TV / Cinema experience.

Fabio Borges / Hydrosphera

Working as a wildlife filmmaker and photographer for 25 years, Fabio Borges has traveled the world, mostly (but not limited to) for underwater shoots. His footage has been seen in all major nature / wildlife TV channels, beside cinema (best photography awards in cinema) and advertising. He has also worked as local fixer and expedition leader for many multi-purpose projects (biology research and film-making, for instance).


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