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Robert Hicks and Tristan Noon

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Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative

ANNOUNCING The 2021 Film Selections
22 February 2021

We are thrilled to share our 2021 line-up with you. We narrowed the field more than ever before and were faced with many challenging decisions. The 65 films are the strongest of the strong and were chosen for this particular moment. We can't wait to share these films and learn, grow, track, explore, inspire, swim, listen, act, fly, and engage with the work made by so many exceptional filmmaking teams this year. Congratulations!

A Little About the 2021 IWFF Line-Up

One film features lichen which can grow in the most inhospitable places but can’t be kept in captivity.

Two films feature the elusive snow leopard.

Three films feature sea turtles - different than those poor, very cold turtles in Texas this past week.

Eight 2021 selections feature whales and are included in the Rising From the Depths thematic collection.

Eleven 2021 selections feature Montana prominently.

Twenty-plus countries are represented by selected filmmakers during this festival.

Eighty-four-year-old Dame Judi Dench holds dung beetles in her hands. The decline of these insects is a major indicator of climate change in the forests of Borneo.

Ninety-seven percent of the herring eggs gathered on Sitka Sound are harvested by dragging hemlock branches in the water.

Two hundred bird species can be identified from their song by blind ornithologist Juan Carlos Sires.

Four hundred Haast Tokoeka Kiwi birds are left on the planet.

Millions of food insecure people can be provided for with seaweed and kelp, also a source of biofuel, and viable food for cattle.

IWFF ANNOUNCING The 2021 Film Selections

2021 Finalists

Congratulations to the 2021 finalist films, selected by an anonymous preliminary jury. Our final jurors are currently viewing and making decisions. The 2021 category winners, special jury awards, and the Best of Festival award will be announced on April 30 in a special IWFF ceremony.

Animal Behavior
Any program that includes especially notable footage of animal behavior that is rare, impactful in terms of our understanding of the natural world or was captured using innovative techniques.

Leopard Legacy
The Coyote: Yellowstone's Underdog
Wild Tokyo

A program 45 minutes or longer in length made for reaching audiences through theaters, the internet, or television.

Kingdoms of Fire, Ice & Fairy Tales
Youth v Gov

Living With Wildlife
Any program that focuses on the complex and interdependent relationship between humans, animals, and the environment.

Corona The Pandemic and the Pangolin
Home for All
The Last Song of the Nightingale

New Vision
Any program that displays an innovative, forward-thinking approach to filmmaking within this traditional genre offering a new vision of what wildlife filmmaking can be and how these stories are told.

The Silence That Remains
Under Review: Katahdin

A series is three or more programs of any length made for reaching audiences through theaters, the internet, or television. Submission requirement: select three episodes representative of the series.

A Perfect Planet
Australia's Ocean Odyssey
H20: The Molecule That Made Us

A short film under 40 minutes in length.

Nest 38
Rewilding Honeybees
The Return

Short Short
A short film under 10 minutes in length.

Gamechangers: The Football Team Scoring Conservation Goals
The Big Reset - Worldviews

Any program made while the filmmaker was enrolled in an academic institution - finalists must verify enrollment.

Growing Up Kiwi
Secrets of the Salamanders

Life on the Rocks

Sustainable Planet
A program with a strong conservation message that features inspiring activism in response to our changing planet. Films may address growing public awareness and education, experimenting with innovative solutions or profiling activism toward a more sustainable planet.

River's End
The Condor & The Eagle

Wildlife Conservation
A program with a strong conservation message that follows the future of a species, highlights newfound biological research, represents the scientific process accurately and presents solutions for the betterment of wildlife sustainability.

After the Wildfires
Galapagos: Secrets of the Ocean Giants
American Ocelot

Young Adult & Children's
Any program that engages a deeper understanding of the natural world and wildlife in younger viewers.

Hidden Wild
Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker

2021 Theme: Rising From the depths
Whales are the guardians of the oceans and, as they navigate the tumultuous currents, they serve as a steadfast symbol for all of us as we navigate the currents of life and the climate crisis.

A Voice for Whales
Bahari Yetu (Our Ocean)
Chasing the SNOT of the Whales of Samana
Echoes in the Arctic
Secrets of the Whales- Orca Dynasty
The Witness Is a Whale
Wild Window: Whales

IWFF ANNOUNCING The 2021 Film Selections

Website: wildlifefilms.org

View the 2021 films individually here.

View the category finalist nominations here.

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/IWFF.htm

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