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WaterBear Network announces content slate and partnerships with Jack Harries, Lucy Siegle, Tom Mustill and Nicholas Brown as it prepares for December 1 Launch
By WaterBear Network
11 November 2020

Pioneering streaming platform uniquely empowers members to take direct, immediate action to shape a better future for our planet - revealing content deals with Participant Media, Vulcan Productions and Off the Fence



WaterBear Network, the new, free interactive streaming platform dedicated to life on our planet, today revealed its exciting content slate, acquisitions and productions as it readies for December 1 launch.

An innovative digital platform and mobile app, WaterBear empowers its audience to turn intention into action. Featuring original content and curated documentaries inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), WaterBear content will encourage members to dive deeper, learn more and take action, while watching.

Sea Change project’s Africa’s Hidden Seaforest leads the phenomenal line-up of original content sitting on the platform for launch. Three Bulgarian Lions, a documentary by NGO FOUR PAWS Bulgaria and produced by Clawed Hat Films will be premiering on the platform and will be joined by documentary acquisitions such as Chasing Ice, End of the Line, The Last Honey Hunter and Jackson Wild Winner, The Hunt for Medals Not Lions, as well as content from spoken word artist Prince EA.

WaterBear is working with incredible storytellers, addressing issues that include biodiversity, climate action, circularity and community. Creators include filmmaker, activist and influencer Jack Harries; producer, director and writer Tom Mustill; environmental journalist and The One Show’s Lucy Siegel and Emmy Award winner Nicolas Brown among many others. The stories on the platform will play a vital role in bringing attention to the most critical issues of our time in a way no other platform can.

Stunning film shorts and award-winning wildlife documentary series are being sourced from Vulcan Productions, Participant Media, Off the Fence, Black Bean Productions, Go Project Films, Beautiful News, Cineflix, DogWoof, Magnolia Films, Giant and 1091. WaterBear has also licensed films from producer Rob Sorrenti, award-winning photographer, writer and filmmaker Pete McBride and director Ben Masters.

WaterBear will be a powerful showcase for the world’s best short- and long-form impact entertainment. Premiering new content from world-leading directors to facilitate awareness, education and action.

Ellen Windemuth, CEO WaterBear said: “We are proud to be collaborating with such a wonderful group of impact filmmaking producers. It will take a lot of us to tell the stories that bring awareness to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals home to our global audience.”

Andrea Walji, Head of Content and Production WaterBear said: “It’s hugely exciting and inspiring to be working with so many talented filmmakers from around the world. We are bringing impact storytelling of the most critical issues of our time all to one platform.”

Swati Foster, SeaChange Project said: “I am looking forward to sharing my story with you in the WaterBear original, Africa's Hidden Seaforest, coming soon to the WaterBear Network. WaterBear is soon to be a leading platform for content about the living planet and it's a real pleasure to be able to use storytelling to drive awareness for the healing power of nature and to inspire action for the SeaChange Project.”

Lucy Siegle, Broadcaster and Journalist said: “To bring So Hot Right Now, our podcast on climate and nature communications, to the WaterBear platform is one of the most exciting things I've ever been involved with. We've assembled a team of creative stars to turn wisdom from our climate and nature heroes into short films that we intend to be like capsules of action. For me, it's a reversal of the old and thankless idea of preaching nature and climate action to an audience assumed to be passive. Instead we get the chance to make precise but creative content for our fellow active global citizens and share the workings of change. Basically, it's my dream.”

About WaterBear

WaterBear is the first network of its kind: a free interactive video and digital platform dedicated to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It does this through inspirational content, cutting-edge technology that facilitates action, and through its global network of partners. It uniquely empowers the viewer to take direct instant action to support NGOs around the world and shape a better future for our fragile planet.

To be kept updated or receive early access visit waterbear.com

Follow: facebook.com/waterbearnetwork & twitter.com/waterbearnet + instagram.com/waterbearnetwork

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This Is Our World No action is too small to power the wheels of change. Let’s make this life the best it can be. Because there's no alternative. Introducing WaterBear... Here to simplify the world's complexities by providing you with the tools to help support life on our fragile planet. Watch. Connect. Take Action. Sign up now for early access: waterbear.com

Posted by WaterBear Network on Tuesday, 1 September 2020

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