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Newyonder – Streaming Service

Newyonder, a New Streaming Service Launches with Two Original Feature Films
By Jason Peters
14th March 2022

Nineteen months in the making, the certified B Corp streaming service Newyonder launched earlier this month!

Newyonder – Streaming Service

On launch day (2nd Feb), Newyonder Originals were made live to be steamed on all compatible devices. And to celebrate the occasion, they launched with a bang - with a London Euston digital billboard takeover:

Newyonder on Instagram: @newyonder

Also see on linkedin.com.

Newyonder is a new global streaming service, film studios and certified B Corp dedicated to leaving our planet wilder through storytelling optimism and change.

Go beyond the story and subscribe for change®.

Watch Newyonder Originals in 4K UHD on compatible devices, at any time, and help drive real tangible change from your own sofa – with a percentage of the revenue going towards regenerative and sustainable impact projects.

Now that the streaming service is live, two great films are already live and available to stream.

‘Wild Isles’ and ‘Three Moons of Biyangdo’ and readily available to watch for the first time.

So, you are invited to watch the films and support this newly launched streaming service that makes a difference.

Newyonder – trailer

Wild Isles

Our planet is full of life. From vast oceans to wide-open skies, the diversity of life here seems infinite. But one of those here on earth has been changing the balance for all of its residents.

Yet this is a story of hope.

Meet the people and communities who are making a difference and showing us the way to a brighter, wilder future. Restoring our natural world and restoring our faith in humankind across Britain's Wild Isles.

Visit: newyonder.earth/asset/wildisles

Newyonder – trailer

Three Moons of Biyangdo

Follow the story of a disappearing, centuries-old tradition that encapsulates the delicate balance, and deep connections, between humanity and the natural world.

Kyung-Mi, Geum-Mi and Jeong-Mi Moon are three sisters, now in their sixties, Haenyeo "sea women", taking only what they need from the sea one breath at a time.

Visit: newyonder.earth/asset/threemoonsofbiyangdo

Newyonder – Streaming Service

About Newyonder:

The Founder and CEO of Newyonder® is Jon Cleave. He's a producer and distributor of Original programming in cinematic film & television.

As a media and entertainment company, global streaming service and Certified B Corp®, Newyonder is dedicated to leaving our planet wilder and more biodiverse, through storytelling, optimism and change, because it’s through stories that people make sense of the world. So, the greater we understand it, the more likely we are to preserve it.

Subscribe. Stream. Save (the planet).

Head to Newyonder® to go beyond the story and subscribe for change®. Stream Newyonder Originals on compatible devices, at any time, and help restore the planet from your own sofa – with at least 5% of the revenue going towards regenerative and sustainable impact projects.

Positive Impact:

The more people who watch Newyonder films, the larger their community grows – and the better off we leave our planet – by donating to nature-based solutions e.g. Seagrass Restoration, brought to life by ‘Newyonder Allies’ (fulfilment partners).

The films are also albert-certified (BAFTA) carbon-neutral productions.

To read more about Impact, visit: newyonder.earth/page/Impact

Visit the website to find out more newyonder.earth/page/About and sign up.

Profile Page: Wildlife-film.com/-/Newyonder.htm

Visit/Like facebook.com/newyonder & tiktok.com/@newyonder

Newyonder – Streaming Service

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