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British Wildlife Photography Awards

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Wildscreen Festival 2016

Follow us on TwitterLike our Facebook PageBWPA 2016 Winners Announced!
by British Wildlife Photography Awards
5 September 2016

News image

The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

A Celebration of British Wildlife

The British Wildlife Photography Awards proudly announce the winners for 2016.

The awards celebrate both the work of amateur and professional photographers and the beauty and diversity of British wildlife.

Winning images are chosen from thousands of entries in fifteen separate categories including a special film category for Wildlife in HD Video and two junior categories to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography.

The Overall Winning Image, ‘Hitchhikers’ of a Lion’s mane jellyfish, is by George Stoyle.

BWPA 2016 Overall Winner - ‘Hitchhikers’ of a Lion’s mane jellyfish, is by George Stoyle
“Hitchhikers” (Lion’s Mane Jellyfish) St Kilda, off the Island of Hirta, Scotland by George Stoyle ©

“I was working on a project to assess the current biological status of major sea caves around some of the UK’s most remote islands. At the end of one of the dives I was swimming back to the boat when I came face to ‘face’ with the largest jellyfish I’ve ever encountered. As I approached cautiously I noticed that a number of juvenile fish had taken refuge inside the stinging tentacles”, George Stoyle.

David Nussbaum, Chief Executive, WWF-UK comments; WWF-UK are delighted to sponsor the Coast and Marine category in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016, celebrating the diversity, splendour and drama of UK wildlife. This year’s winning image [of a lion’s mane jellyfish] is a striking example of the natural beauty and variety of life we have within and around our shores, as well as the skill and artistry of our wildlife photographers. The photo exquisitely captures the voluptuous frills and folds, and kaleidoscope colours of this giant jellyfish. But it’s the jelly’s Piscean ‘stowaways’ that make this picture, a shoal of shimmering, glistening juvenile fish finding safe harbour amongst the tangle of tentacles.

The winners:

George Stoyle is The Overall Winner with his image ‘Hitchhikers’ of a Lion’s mane jellyfish.


“Hitchhikers”, Lion’s mane jellyfish, St Kilda, off the Island of Hirta, Scotland, George Stoyle


BWPA 2016 Animal Portriaits Winner - Jamie Mina
"Contemplation" by Jamie Mina ©

“Contemplation”, Mountain hare, Tomatin, Inverness, Scotland, Jamie Mina


BWPA 2016 Animal Behavior Winner - Jacqueline Spindley
"Back Garden Babies" by Jacqueline Spindley ©

“Back Garden Babies”, Garden spider, Nottinghamshire, England, Jacqueline Spindley


BWPA 2016 Urban Wildlife Winner - Geoff Trevarthen
"The Supermarket Starling" by Geoff Trevarthen ©

“The Supermarket Starling”, Cornwall, England, Geoff Trevarthen


BWPA 2016 Hidden Britain Winner - Stephen Darlington
"Emergence" by Stephen Darlington ©

“Emergence”, Goring, Oxfordshire, England, Stephen Darlington


BWPA 2016 Wild Woods Winner - Steve Palmer
"Twisted Green" by Steve Palmer ©

“Twisted Green”, Derbyshire, England, Steve Palmer


BWPA 2016 Habitat Winner - Charles Everitt
"Living Space" by Charles Everitt ©

“Living Space”, Bass Rock, East Lothian, Scotland, Charles Everitt


BWPA 2016 Botanical Winner - David Maitland
"Bird Seed" by David Maitland ©

“Bird Seed”, Silver birch and Garden spider web, Norfolk, England, David Maitland


BWPA 2016 Close to Nature Winner - Jeanette Sakel
"Tadpoles" by Jeanette Sakel ©

“Tadpoles”, Bristol, England, Jeanette Sakel


BWPA 2016 Nature in Black and White Winner - Chaitanya Deshpande
"Free Bird" by Chaitanya Deshpande ©

“Free Bird”, London, England, Chaitanya Deshpande

BWPA 2016 Nature in Black and White Highly Commended - Raymond Besant
"Fulmar Winter Sky" by Raymond Besant ©

HIGHLY COMMENDED "Fulmar Winter Sky" Northern Fulmar, Orkney, Scotland, Raymond Besant


BWPA 2016 British Seasons Spring - Common Weasel - Robert E FullerBWPA 2016 British Seasons Summer - Common Weasel - Robert E Fuller

BWPA 2016 British Seasons Autumn - Common Weasel - Robert E FullerBWPA 2016 British Seasons Winter - Common Weasel - Robert E Fuller
"Common weasel" by Robert E Fuller ©

“Common weasel”, North Yorkshire, England, Robert E Fuller


BWPA 2016 Documentary series Winner - Harvest Mice by Nick Upton

BWPA 2016 Documentary series Winner - Harvest Mice by Nick Upton

BWPA 2016 Documentary series Winner - Harvest Mice by Nick Upton
BWPA 2016 Documentary series Winner - Harvest Mice by Nick Upton
BWPA 2016 Documentary series Winner - Harvest Mice by Nick Upton
BWPA 2016 Documentary series Winner - Harvest Mice by Nick Upton
"Harvest Mice" by Nick Upton ©

“Harvest Mice”, Monitoring and tracking Nick Upton


Spring on the River from BWPAwards

“Spring on the River” Liam Marsh

Young People’s Award WildPix


BWPA 2016 Young People 12-18 Winner - Rebecca Bunce
"Kung Fu Puffin" by Rebecca Bunce ©

“Kung Fu Puffin”, Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales, Rebecca Bunce (age 18)


BWPA 2016 Young People Under-12 Winner - Seren Waite
"Cygnet with Swan" by Seren Waite ©

“Cygnet with Swan”, London, England, Seren Waite (age 10)

Highlights of all the Winning and Commended films of 2016:

BWPA Highlights 2016 from BWPAwards.

Highly commended entries:

Mountain Hare by Richard Hughes
Lady of the Stream – Grayling Spawning by Jack Perks
Barn Owl and its Pellets by Russell Savory
by Richard Mann
Rebirth by James A R Salisbury
Wild Lives in London by Rhodri Williams

Congratulations to those above, especially to the marvellous Wildlife-film.com members highlighted! (Films embedded below...)

See all HD Video Commended Entries here: www.bwpawards.org/videowinners2016

View all the winning Images, including the video winner and selection of highly commended entries here: www.bwpawards.co.uk

The Prizes

First prize: £5,000

Category winners will receive a Canon PowerShot G5 X

Wildlife in HD Video category winner will receive a Sky World HD package and a HD TV. Plus a Canon XA-30 Professional Camcorder.

The British Seasons Portfolio prize is a Páramo Voucher for £600.

The Young winner (under 12) will receive: £300
The Young winner (12 -18) will receive: £500

The Exhibition

Over 100 images and videos, including winning and commended entries launches at the Mall Galleries, London, commencing Tuesday 6th September and is open until Saturday 10th September. For full details of opening hours visit: http://www.mallgalleries.org.uk.

Exhibition Tour www.bwpawards.org/c/galleries/exhibitions

Check venues times for opening hours:

The Mall Galleries, London 6th to 10th September 2016
Astley Hall, Lancashire 16th September to 5th November 2016
Nature in Art, Gloucestershire 13th September to 13th November 2016
Aberystwyth, Wales 12th November to 14th January
Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton 21st January to 26th March 2017
Moors Valley Country Park, Dorset, 14th January to 26th February 2017
Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, Wild Film Festival, 08th March to 15th April 2017
Nunnington Hall, Yorkshire, 13th May to 09th July 2017

The Book

The British Wildlife Photography Awards: Collection 7 showcases the very best entries from the British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2016. This stunning coffee table book is a celebration of British wildlife as captured on camera by today’s best amateur and professional photographers.

British Wildlife Photography Awards Book - Collection 7

The book is available here: www.bwpawards.org/competition/book

The Sponsors

Canon, SKY, RSPB Wildlife Explorers, WWF, The Wildlife Trusts, Shetland Nature, Countryside Jobs Service, CVP.com, Buglife, Paramo, BBC Wildlife Magazine and Outdoor Photography Magazine.

Supported by

Wild Arena, Kristal Digital Imaging Centre, Wildeye.co.uk, Wildlife-film.com

Maggie Gowan
British Wildlife Photography Awards
Email: mail@maggiegowan.co.uk
Website: www.bwpawards.co.uk

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