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British Wildlife Photography Awards

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Follow us on TwitterLike our Facebook PageBWPA 2014 Winners Announced!
by British Wildlife Photography Awards
1 September 2014

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The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014

A Celebration of British Wildlife

The British Wildlife Photography Awards proudly announce the winners for 2014.

The Awards celebrate both the work of amateur and professional photographers and the beauty and diversity of British wildlife. Winning and commended images are chosen from thousands of entries in sixteen separate categories including a special film category for Wildlife in HD Video and three junior categories to encourage young people to connect with nature through photography.

“Each year the British Wildlife Photography Awards generates an incredible catalogue of splendid, exciting, imaginative and artistic images, proving beyond doubt that we have the richest palette of life to celebrate in our own backyard. Anyone passionate about protecting and preserving wildlife will be inspired by the British Wildlife Photography Awards, which in its fifth year has done more than any other award to raise the profile of British wildlife”, Chris Packham, TV Presenter and Naturalist.

The Winners

British Wildlife Photographer

BWPA Overall Winner - The Tourist
by Lee Acaster
'The Tourist' by Lee Acaster (London, England)

The winning picture ‘The Tourist’, is by Lee Acaster, for his image of a Greylag Goose in London. "It was a real privilege to have such a close encounter with a wild bird in the very heart of London. I vividly remember the excitement I felt as she patiently waited for me to get the shot, and I knew immediately this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m just grateful that she didn't lose interest as quickly as my children do when I’m taking photographs of them”. Lee Acaster.

Judge Mark Ward, Editor-in-Chief, at RSPB Nature’s Home Magazine commented “The winning photograph shows a familiar bird in a familiar setting, but the visual impact is extraordinary. The stormy, brooding backdrop sets a dramatic scene, while the orange and pink from the bird bring vibrancy to the monochromatic cityscape. Lee’s stunning photograph proves you do not have to travel far from home to capture the very best of Britain’s wildlife images.”

The Category winners are:

BWPA Animal Portraits Winner - Shag Resting by Steven Fairbrother

ANIMAL PORTRAITS – 'Shag Resting' by Steven Fairbrother (Farne Islands, Northumberland, England)

BWPA Animal Behaviour Winner - The Otter and the Puffin by Richard Shucksmith

ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR – 'The Otter and the Puffin' by Richard Shucksmith (Shetland Isles, Scotland)

BWPA Urban Wildlife Winner - Green and Red Telephone Box by Philip Braude

BOTANICAL BRITAIN – 'Green and Red Telephone Box' by Philip Braude (London, England)

BWPA NATURE IN BLACK AND WHITE - 'Blue on Black. Blue Shark by Alexander Mustard

NATURE IN BLACK AND WHITE – 'Blue on Black. Blue Shark' by Alexander Mustard (Cornwall. England)

BWPA URBAN WILDLIFE Winner - The Tourist Greylag Goose by Lee Acaster

URBAN WILDLIFE – 'The Tourist' Greylag Goose by Lee Acaster (London, England)

BWPA Coast and Marine Winner - George Karbus for In the Living Room

HABITAT – 'A Life at Sea - Nesting Gannets' by Ruth Asher (Shetland Islands, Scotland)

BWPA WildWoods Winner - Autumn Jewels, Woodland by Peter Cairns

WILDWOODS – 'Autumn Jewels, Woodland' by Peter Cairns (Cairngorms National Park, Scotland)

CLOSE TO NATURE Winner - Grey Seal Claws - Jim Greenfield

CLOSE TO NATURE – 'Grey Seal Claws' by Jim Greenfield (Lincolnshire, England)

BWPA Coast and Marine Winner - Big Blues. Blue Shark by Alexander Mustard

COAST AND MARINE – - 'Big Blues. Blue Shark' by Alexander Mustard (Cornwall, England)

Window Gnat - Susie Hewitt

HIDDEN BRITAIN – 'Window Gnat' by Susie Hewitt (County Antrim, Northern Ireland)

BWPA Documentary Winner - Hazel Dormouse Monitoring by Nick Upton

BWPA Documentary Winner - Hazel Dormouse Monitoring by Nick Upton

BWPA Documentary Winner - Hazel Dormouse Monitoring by Nick Upton
BWPA Documentary Winner - Hazel Dormouse Monitoring by Nick Upton
BWPA Documentary Winner - Hazel Dormouse Monitoring by Nick Upton
BWPA Documentary Winner - Hazel Dormouse Monitoring by Nick Upton

DOCUMENTARY SERIES – 'Hazel Dormouse Monitoring' by Nick Upton (Somerset, England)

BWPA British Seasons Winner - Brown Hares by Andrew ParkinsonBWPA British Seasons Winner - Brown Hares by Andrew Parkinson

BWPA British Seasons Winner - Brown Hares by Andrew ParkinsonBWPA British Seasons Winner - Brown Hares by Andrew Parkinson

BRITISH SEASONS – Tomasz Garbacz, “Ptarmigan” (Scotland)

Tide from BWPAwards.

WILDLIFE IN HD VIDEO – 'Tide' by Rebecca Payne (Bristol, England)

Highlights of all the commended winners:

BWPA Highlights 2014 from BWPAwards.

Highly commended entries:

A Sense of Place by Max Smith
A Sting in the Tale
by Mat Thompson
Squirrel Island
by Sam Meyrick
Crustacean Sensation
by Sue Daly
Arctic Char
by Andy Jackson
Urban Foxes by Dani Godwin
Beauty and the Beast by Tim Balmer
Sex Life of a Snail
by Kathryn Feavers
Morning Placidity
by Hilxia Szabo

Congratulations to those above, especially to the Wildlife-film.com members highlighted! (Films embedded below!)

WildPix Young People’s Awards here: www.bwpawards.org/static/young-winner-2014.html

View all the winning Images, video and selection of highly commended entries here: www.bwpawards.co.uk

The Awards and Prizes

1. Overall Winner, British Wildlife Photographer £5,000
2. Winner of Wildlife in HD Video
Sky’s top TV package and a 3DTV Plus a Canon XA - 20 Professional Camcorder, ideal for all sorts of professional content creation.
3. Category Winners will receive these 3 Canon products:
Canon Powershot S120 digital compact camera
Canon LEGRIA mini digital creative camcorder
Splash proof case for LEGRIA mini camcorder
4. Portfolio Winner ‘Documentary Series’.
The winner receive the above three Canon prizes plus a Canon Pixma Pro 1 Printer
5. Portfolio Winner ‘British Seasons Portfolio’
The winner will receive these 5 products from Páramo: Halcon Jacket, Pájaro Trousers, Torres Jacket, Torres Trousers, A Satori fstop bag and Internal Camera Unit.
6. The Young People’s Awards WildPix / BWPA
Young British Wildlife Photographer (12 - 18) £500
Young British Wildlife Photographer (Up to 11) £300
7. The School British Wildlife Photography Award
£1,000 worth of photography and IT products.

Awards Ceremony

All winners, commended entrants and photographers who feature in the book will be invited to an Awards ceremony and launch of the traveling exhibition which will take place on the 3rd of September 2014 at the Mall Galleries, London. The Awards will be hosted and presented by Naturalist and TV Presenter Chris Packham.

The Sponsors

Canon, Sky, RSPB Wildlife Explorers, WWF, The Wildlife Trusts, City of London, CVP.Com, Countryside Jobs Service, Buglife, Páramo and Outdoor Photography Magazine.


WildPhotos, Wildeye, Wildlife-film.com, Kristal Digital Imaging Centre, AA Publishing and Natural England.

The Book

The British Wildlife Photography Awards: Collection 5 showcases the very best entries from the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014.

This superb collection of imagery showcases the very best of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, an annual competition celebrating the breathtaking diversity of the natural history of the British Isles. The photographs within the book demonstrate an extraordinary range of viewpoints and differing approaches. Every picture is accompanied by the photographer's personal account of the inspiration behind the image: wonderfully varied, amusing and illuminating stories that help bring us closer to the fascinating and often unseen world of nature. Also included are the photographer's notes, outlining their technique and the type of equipment used, making this an invaluable resource for anyone interested in improving their photography or investing in new equipment.The book is available here: www.amazon.co.uk

Maggie Gowan
British Wildlife Photography Awards
Email: mail@maggiegowan.co.uk
Website: www.bwpawards.co.uk

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