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James Dunbar

James Dunbar

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7794 798 430

Email: james@jamesdunbarphotography.com

Website: www.jamesdunbarphotography.com & www.teamcandiru.co.uk

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I am a freelance photographer and camera operator looking for any entry level position. Ideally camera assisting work, however I can happily fulfil the role of runner or jr. researcher.

  • I have some professional experience, working at Ammonite as a researcher and camera assistant.
  • I am a zoologist; therefore I can read, interpret, digest and explain complex scientific concepts from primary sources. And thus fulfil the position of a researcher. Furthermore I have done research for both Sky and Ammonite, the former as part of a work experience placement and the latter as part of paid employment.
  • I have very good knowledge of insects and arachnids, with a particular emphasis on ants.
  • I have a master’s degree with distinction from the University of Salford where I learned the basics of wildlife film-making.
  • I produce my own short sequences about wildlife. My aim is to film common, but rarely seen behaviour in order to educate people about invertebrate life around us. I filmed this sequence showing a raft spider laying eggs (a behaviour filmed by me for the first time) received an honourable mention in 2013’s British Wildlife Photographer of the year Awards. I have also made this sequence about mating and courtship in the common daddy longlegs. I am currently in the process of finishing off two more films on orb spiders and water boatmen.
  • I also shoot stills.

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