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Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival Announces Dates Around UK and Ireland!
From Wilderland Festival
3rd October 2019

A brand new film festival showcasing incredible wildlife stories from around the world.

Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival

Wilderland Film Festival promises to share important, breathtaking stories from the natural world as it announces 26 dates in theatres around the UK for Autumn 2019.  The UK’s first-ever touring wildlife film festival, Wilderland will shine a light on some astonishing and thought-provoking stories - filmed by a host of independent international filmmakers. Tickets are available from www.wilderlandfestival.com

Wilderland Film Festival is the brainchild of zoologist filmmakers Dan O’Neill and Isaac Rice, who recruited some of the most acclaimed wildlife filmmakers to whittle down a shortlist of over 50 short films to the chosen 9 films that will be seen during the tour. Judges, including award-winning cameraman Doug Allan (The Blue PlanetPlanet Earth, Frozen Planet), naturalist and author Stephen Moss (Britain’s Big Wildlife RevivalSpringwatch), and producer/director Louise Heren (Big Cat Diaries) have chosen films that will take audiences on a journey through the world’s most enigmatic wildlife; from a film exploring how the mercurial Snow Leopard and Himalayan communities co-exist, to the diminishing Orangutan population of Orangutans in Borneo, to the impact of noise-pollution in our seas on the majestic humpback whale and many more.

Wilderland Film Festival - 2019 UK Tour

Dan O’Neill and Isaac Rice said "Wilderland is a platform for the new era of independent wildlife filmmakers. It will inspire everyone to think more about the natural world in our daily lives. Wilderland's ethos is that anyone can be a conservationist, and everyone has a part to play in the future of our planet.”

Wilderland brings these films to UK theatre audiences for the very first time. The touring festival is sure to attract the attention of all wildlife fans and lovers of travel, conservation and adventure.

Doug Allan, panel member and cameraman says, "Anyone with a fascination for the natural world and conservation should make sure they book their ticket to Wilderland. It’s inspirational.”

Steve Backshall, BAFTA-winning English naturalist, writer and TV presenter says "It’s so exciting to see these breathtaking films on the big screen for the first time

Gordon Buchanan, wildlife TV presenter and cameraman says “Wilderland is special because it gives audiences unparalleled insight into some of the world’s most incredible wildlife”

Audiences will also have the opportunity to support the effort to save some of our planet's most endangered species. At each show, the audience will be invited to vote for one of five endangered species identified by the Wilderland Vote. Votes will be counted each night and, at the end of the tour, the Wilerland team will embark on a journey to make a film about the most voted-for species, raising awareness of its plight and encouraging support for grassroots charities working to help them. The resulting film will be premiered at the next Wilderland Film Festival, and funded by a percentage of profits from the festival.

Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival - UK & IRELAND TOUR - Autumn '19

The selected short films programmed are as follows:

A Place For Penguins follows an unlikely duo as they team up and take on an ambitious, novel and entirely unique project - creating the world’s first artificially induced African penguin colony.

Renowned National Geographic photographer Tim Laman, researcher Cheryl Knott, and young explorer Robert Suro shed new light on the similarities between our ancient ancestors and ourselves before it's too late.

Flamboyant follows the story of one young cuttlefish as she learns to hunt in a new home after a life-changing encounter with a diver.

Gripping to the core, Blood Island tells the powerful story of a group of abandoned ex-lab chimpanzees, their captors and the people still fighting to save them.

The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has it all: humour, action and tragedy.

Keeper of the Call follows farmer Wynford as he works alongside conservationists to save a precious family of endangered curlews. But with the modern countryside so full of dangers, will Wynford see his chicks fly?

A Voice Above Nature explores the surface of the seas and the intimate calls of whales in a way never seen before to reveal a not-so-silent-killer.

Living With Snow Leopards examines the principal issues in conserving the world’s most enigmatic cat. Delving into the lives of farmers in Northern India, a new method is fighting to save this iconic animal’s future.

The dramatic story of young man who risks everything to save an iconic animal from the hands of an insatiable and cruel collector.

Films are suitable for all ages.

Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival
Wilderland founders Isaac Rice and Dan O’Neill will host and introduce each film live on stage

Approx running times:

  • 7.30pm – First Half
  • 8.30pm – Interval
  • 8.50 pm - Second Half
  • 9.50 pm – Finish

Facebook: @wilderlandfest | Twitter: @WilderlandFest | Instagram: @wilderlandfest | #wilderland


Tonbridge, EM Forster Theatre
Oct-08 Manchester, Waterside Arts Centre www.watersidearts.org
Oct-09 Hereford, The Courtyard www.courtyard.org.uk
Oct-10 Cardiff, Chapter Arts Centre www.chapter.org
Oct-12 Cirencester, Sundial Theatre www.sundial-theatre.co.uk
Oct-13 Abingdon, Amey Theatre www.sportsandleisure.abingdon.org.uk
Oct-14 Sheffield, Student Union www.su.sheffield.ac.uk
Oct-15 Crewe, Lyceum Theatre www.crewelyceum.co.uk
Oct-16 Bray, Mermaid Arts Centre www.mermaidartscentre.ie
Oct-17 Cork, The Everyman www.everymancork.com
Oct-19 Corby, Corby Cube www.thecorecorby.com
Oct-20 Norwich, The Enterprise Centre at UEA www.norwichsciencefestival.co.uk
Oct-21 Dorking, Dorking Halls www.dorkinghalls.co.uk
Oct-22 Shrewsbury, Theatre Severn www.theatresevern.co.uk
Oct-23 Penrith, Rheghed Centre www.rheged.com
Oct-30 Teignmouth Pavilions www.pavilionsteignmouth.org.uk
Nov-06 Salisbury, Arts Centre www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk
Nov-07 Bridgwater, McMillan Theatre www.mcmillantheatre.com
Nov-11 Liverpool, Epstein Theatre www.epsteinliverpool.co.uk
Nov-12 Morecambe, Platform Theatre www.lancaster.gov.uk
Nov-17 Stirling, Macrobert Arts www.macrobertartscentre.org
Nov-18 Inverness, Eden Court www.eden-court.co.uk
Nov-19 Shetland, Mareel www.shetlandarts.org
Nov-20 Banchory, The Barn www.thebarnarts.co.uk
Nov-21 Peebles, Eastgate Theatre www.eastgatearts.com
Nov-22 Musselburgh, The Brunton www.thebrunton.co.uk


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Wilderland Wildlife Film Festival

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