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Offspring Tackles Animal Giants in New Sky One Series
By Pam Beddard
23 May 2018

Bristol-based independent TV production company Offspring Films is finalising a new series for airing on Sky One this summer which puts biologist Patrick Aryee eye-to-eye with some of Earth’s biggest creatures and sees him exploring the issues they face in our rapidly changing world.

Offspring Films - Big Beasts with Patrick Aryee
© Offspring Films - Big Beasts with Patrick Aryee

The three-part series BIG BEASTS: LAST OF THE GIANTS mixes spectacular blue chip footage, from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia, with animated graphics to explore why size matters to individual animals, species and to biodiversity.

Some of Patrick Aryee’s close encounters are with gentle giants – among them, whale sharks, orangutans, giant pandas and giraffes – but there are plenty of thrill-filled ones, too, including a plunge into the murky Amazon to track a 7-metre long anaconda, meeting a venomous Komodo dragon armed only with a forked stick and free diving alongside a sperm whale as big as a bus.

Offspring Films - Alex Williamson
© Offspring Films Founder - Alex Williamson

Alongside today’s giants, the series also introduces a bizarre cast of even bigger prehistoric megafauna that once roamed Earth.  They are brought to life using antiquarian book-inspired CGI illustrated plates, created and animated by another Bristol, UK, company, Moonraker VFX.

Executive producer Alex Williamson says: “Filming on five continents in some of the world’s most remote locations, our crews have managed to capture rare and spectacular behaviours in ways never before seen by audiences, from anaconda breeding balls to elephant seal fights filmed at 1,000fps.  By contrasting today’s mega species with the giants of long ago, we’re able to explore the advantages of being big in the natural world while also showing the very real threats that our biggest animals face today as the planet changes faster than ever before.”

Offspring Films - Big Beasts
© Offspring Films - Big Beasts

The series is the fourth to be made by Offspring for Sky with Patrick Aryee as the presenter.

Episode one of BIG BEASTS: LAST OF THE GIANTS is due to debut on Sky One on Wednesday 13 June with episodes two and three airing on the following Wednesdays. The series is produced by Sam Hodgson.

Offspring Films - Big Beasts
© Offspring Films - Big Beasts

Offspring Films  - www.offspringfilms.com  - is a BAFTA nominated Bristol-based independent production company specialising in factual programming and natural history. Founded in 2014 by award-winning executive producer Alex Williamson, the team at Offspring strive to make extraordinary programmes that stand out through their strong visual style and clear engaging storytelling. @offspringfilms

Patrick Ayree is an award-winning presenter and a lover of everything and anything to do with science. His television career began at the BBC Natural History Unit where he worked on programmes such as Springwatch, Frozen Planet and Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild. Since then he’s gone on to present a number of shows including, Animal Super Senses, Yellowstone and the BAFTA nominated Big Cats: An Amazing Animal Family series for Sky 1 @patrickaryee

Offspring Films

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