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New New New Corporation and NHNZ say Cheers to Beers for Bears
3 September 2018

Dunedin-based New New New Corporation (Fermented Beverage Division) and NHNZ’s Wild Studios are collaborating on a bold new online video and fundraising initiative; brewing beer to help threatened sun bears. This innovative project will help to support the Sun Bear Outreach charity in Borneo.

NHNZ Beers for Bears
A close-up of Denny Bear. Photographer credit: Braydon Moloney.

NHNZ’s short-form division, Wild Studios, is creating a web series to showcase how New New New (NNN) is crafting an American brown ale in the sun bears’ name. A portion of the proceeds from every beer sold will be donated toward Sun Bear Outreach. Wild Studios’ online webisodes will delve into the fascinating process of brewing beer and celebrate the people coming together to support the cause, including a launch party on Friday 2nd November, 2018.

NHNZ became aware of the sun bears’ plight while filming an upcoming series,Orangutan Jungle School, at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. While BOSF and the NHNZ film crew’s work focused on orangutans, the arrival of an orphaned sun bear cub, named Denny Bear, uncovered the struggles that this vulnerable species also faces in order to survive in the wilds of Borneo.

Denny Bear

BOSF cares for 16 sun bears at their existing facility. However, ideally the bears would be cared for at a sanctuary dedicated solely to sun bears. Fortunately such a place does now exist, called Sun Bear Outreach. Transporting the sun bears from Central Kalimantan to Sun Bear Outreach in East Kalimantan is expensive. This is the motivation behind NHNZ and New New New’s fundraiser; to support the transport of these precious bears, expand the Sun Bear Outreach facility and spread awareness about sun bears. These bears require sanctuaries due to the destruction of their habitat, including large-scale deforestation for palm oil plantations. Sun bears are classified by the IUCN as Vulnerable.

NHNZ Beers for Bears
A close-up of Denny Bear with Yati, Head Vet at BOSF Nyaru Menteng. Photographer credit: Braydon Moloney.

“NHNZ created the Wild Studios division to help use our award-winning production skills to promote awareness of true stories that are important to us. Once the seed of the ‘Beers for Bears’ idea was planted, the collaboration with New New New really took off. We are excited to taste the finished product, but even more excited to see the positive impacts of this online video and fundraising campaign for the sun bears,” says NHNZ Managing Director, Kyle Murdoch.

Close connections with NHNZ meant collaborating on a fundraising beer was quickly embraced. “After a couple of small batches were taste-tested and tweaked, the Sun Bear brew was born, in the form of an American brown ale, and with the label design in the conceptual stages, NNN is preparing to release a very delicious beer with a mission. Not just a superior product, but a way of raising both awareness and funds for the rescue and rehabilitation of sun bears in Indonesia,” explains New New New’s Dallas Synnott.

Tom Koykka, NHNZ’s Post Production Manager and a leader of this project, says “When looking at fundraising models, so many just have their hands out. We wanted something that would entertain, educate, have a global reach, and offer something in return. We wanted more than just feeling good. Have a beer and help a worthy cause. It’s all about the win-win.”

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the release of videos, information about how to help the cause, and something tasty to drink at New New New. NHNZ’s short-form video content about this project will soon be freely available online to spread the word.

Start watching below:

#Beers4Bears - Cute mystery animal is revealed at Orangutan Jungle School

#Beers4Bears Ep 01: "The Problem" This is the first episode telling the story of our Sun Bear fundraising campaign’. It outlines some of the problems facing Sun Bears in Indonesia and the beginnings of our efforts to help. For more info and to donate, please see the links below.

#Beers4Bears Cute bears get help from caring humans

#Beers4Bears Ep 02: "The Idea" The second episode continues telling the story of our Sun Bear fundraising campaign’. It further explains the problems facing Sun Bears in Indonesia and outlines the beginnings of the idea to on how to help. For more info and to donate, please see the links below.

#Beers4Bears Tasty Beers helping cute Bears

#Beers4Bears Ep3: "The Bear and the Beer" The third episode continues telling the story of our Sun Bear fundraising campaign’. This episode begins to draw a parallel between the bear and the beers flavor profile. For more info and to donate, please see the links below.

For more information and to donate:


Sun Bear Outreach

Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation

Proudly supported by


About NHNZ:

We’re NHNZ, an international production company that sees the world a little differently. Maybe that’s because we’re located on the edge of it. Based in Dunedin, on New Zealand’s south-east corner, we collaborate with some of the world's best filmmakers to make factual TV for the biggest global broadcasters.

Over the years, we've made original content for PBS, Discovery Channels, Animal Planet, A&E Bio Channel, Smithsonian Channel, National Geographic Channels, NHK, CCTV, Travel Channel, Arte and France Télévisions. We've also picked up over 300 awards along the way, including the Wildscreen Panda and a number of Emmy Awards.

Now part of the Blue Ant Media family, we've been sharing some of the planet's most interesting stories for 40 years. And we're as dedicated as ever to creating programmes from a different perspective. nhnz.tv

About New New New Corporation:

Synonymous with the history of global brewing, New New New Corporation returns to define an era of consumer innocence and easy good times – re-establishing its Fermented Beverages Division in Dunedin, New Zealand.

New New New Corporation - Fermented Beverages Division is a futuristic craft brewery where advanced brewing technology meets inspired innovation. Situated in a rebuilt and reimagined historic tram stables, the brewery and tap room are Dunedin’s only independent commercial enterprise of its kind. newnewnew.nz

NHNZ New New New Corp

Wild Studios

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