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Wildlife Winners and Losers - Brock Initiative

ECOSTREAMZ - the new streaming service for the ethically minded viewer, one year on.
By Jason Peters via ECOSTREAMZ
1 February 2019

ECOSTREAMZ launched in February 2018 as a new digital streaming platform, similar to Netflix and Hulu, whose solitary goal is to provide easy access to important films and media dealing with environmental, social justice and wildlife conservation issues. In this day, when so much is happening at breakneck speed, it is now more critical than ever to be well informed. ECOSTREAMZ’ mission is to become THE media clearinghouse for the activist community to learn from, grow and come away being able to make a positive difference in this world.


One year on and the platform is going from strength to strength.

When it comes to environmental and human rights-themed factual content, ECOSTREAMZ is the quintessential source, if not at the forefront, catering to the wildlife conservationist, the environmentalist, the activist. An all-access streaming facilitator for must-watch documentaries to learn, grow, and contribute to our global sustenance.

ECOSTREAMZ is committed to keeping its viewers well fed by streaming content that covers wide-reaching topical subjects from activism, biodiversity, climate change and the environment, to social justice and human rights. It’s all there for any streaming subscriber who cares; the typical ECOSTREAMZ audience.

According to ECOSTREAMZ Founder and CEO, James Branchflower, “While we are living in a time with more available content, it comes however with more clutter and confusion than ever. Viewers seeking a subscriber-friendly, go-to source on a specific issue can now easily find important awareness raising documentaries of choice via our innovative streaming platform.”

ECOSTREAMZ sets new standard. As the proud host of critically acclaimed films, ECOSTREAMZ features stories that matter, touch the spirit, and make a difference. The top- ranked streaming provider is recognized as a one-stop clearinghouse offering must-see eco- social digital programming and other media. All part of its mission to awaken humanity with awe, wonder, and an innate potential to do more.

ECOSTREAMZ - Blood Lions

A prime example of doing more, and sharing in the ECOSTREAMZ vision, is Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace – who joined the streamer’s Advisory Board last Summer.

Subscribe. Learn. Act. ECOSTREAMZ’ groundbreaking wave of documentary storytelling further expands its playing field with distinguished streaming partners – some of the most renowned documentary and independent film festivals in the U.S. and abroad. Subscribers can enjoy and benefit from many award-winning films shortly following their initial festival run. Some currently featured films enjoying high demand on ECOSTEAMZ include: “Blood Lions,” “God in Shackles,” “Tainted Love,” “Ofir: A Wildlife Crime Documentary,” and “Silencing the Thunder,” among a whole line-up of other must-watch highly praised films.

ECOSTREAMZ - Gods in Shackles

Participating partners further include: Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Animal Rights Film Festival, International Wildlife Film Festival, The Borneo Project, International Primate Protection League, and the Freeland Foundation, among others.

ECOSTREAMZ is a staunch advocate providing filmmakers the means to get their projects out to the public. “These passionate auteurs have important messages to convey, whether inspirational or cautionary, about our world,” states Branchflower. “We are there to help promote and distribute their films to the widest possible audience.”

An interview with James Branchflower, the Founder and CEO of ECOSTREAMZ:


So what makes ECOSTREAMZ different?

  • Partnerships – We’re not just a collection of movies. If you browse our site, you will notice we are aligning ourselves with organizations all over the globe covering a wide variety of issues. Through these partnerships, we provide organizations a wider audience by hosting their videos on our platform which can ultimately translate into more donors for the non-profit. Additionally, we promote our partners in newsletters and all appropriate press material. Organizations even have the opportunity to receive quarterly royalties based upon viewership of their videos during the prior period, see below. Some of our current partners include: International Primate Protection League, Ape Alliance, Gorilla Foundation, ALERT, CAPE (Center for Animal Protection and Education), SYRCL (South Yuba River Citizen’s League), the Borneo Project, In Defense of Animals, WildAid and most recently IISD (the environmental reporting service for the United Nations).
  • Revenue Share – We give back. In fact, we give back more than most streaming services….80% of net revenue goes directly back to the filmmakers and/or organizations through a quarterly revenue share of films and media viewed during that period. Most streaming services only offer royalty percentages of between 25% and 50% net.
  • Member discounts – We offer our partner’s members discounts on subscriptions to ECOSTREAMZ. Anywhere from 25% to 50% off the already low monthly subscription rate of $3.99.
  • Singular Focus – Our only concern is making the world a better place. We are accomplishing this by presenting the most diverse collection of issue-related content anywhere. For that reason, our platform contains films both short and long and from all parts of the world. Some have received awards and some may be well known. But most you will never see anyplace else but on our site. This is due to the fact that we do not acquire films based on their popularity, but rather, on what they can offer the world in terms of a change message.

If you are interested in having ECOSTREAMZ host your films or if you wish to become a sponsoring organization, please contact Founder and CEO, James Branchflower, at: info@ecostreamz.com.

Visit the ECOSTREAMZ website here: www.ecostreamz.com

Follow on social media: Facebook.com/Docsthatmakeadifference, Twitter.com/eco_streamz & Instagram.com/ECOSTREAMZ


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