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British Wildlife Photography Awards

Enter the Back from the Brink Film and Photography Competition!
by Jason Peters
28 November 2018

Back from the Brink is one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken. Its aim – to save 20 species from extinction and benefit over 200 more through 19 projects that span England; from the tip of Cornwall to Northumberland. It’s the first time ever that so many conservation organisations have come together with one focus in mind – to bring back from the brink of extinction some of England’s most threatened species of animal, plant and fungi. Explore the diverse projects to find out more about the special species they’ll be saving, the places they’ll be working and how you can get involved and make a difference. naturebftb.co.uk

And, they have a film and photography competition!

Back from the Brink Film and Photography Competition

Do you see yourself as a photographer or filmmaker? Maybe you are a promising presenter, personality or innovator? Perhaps you just love being a creative enthusiast on your phone?

The Back from the Brink Film and Photography Competition is a great opportunity for you to get involved - help us to inspire a nation to celebrate and care about their local wildlife and habitats.

We’re all about the threatened and endangered species here at Back from the Brink, but they’re not always on your doorstep!

So, through this competition, we want you to focus on the wildlife you care about - the local animals and plants that you feel are threatened, or are recovering, or maybe thriving. The landscapes that inspire you, the places that are special, the stories of people and nature that give you hope. We want you to share these stories with us so that we can share them with everyone else - with the whole world…

Let the journey begin!

Call for Entries:

We are looking for innovative films and inspiring images that entertain, raise awareness, or celebrate the beauty of our precious wildlife and landscapes.

There are 8 different film categories available to enter, including a Young Person’s Award for those between 13 and 18 years old; a Presenter Award for those who want step in front of the camera; and an Innovation Award encouraging creative new approaches to create and present stories about our natural world. Check out all of the categories below.

This competition has been developed in partnership with Wildscreen, the charity behind the internationally-renowned Wildscreen Festival, and will culminate in an exciting Back from the Brink Festival in the autumn of 2019.

The winning films and images, selected by a panel of illustrious judges, will be screened and displayed here. Also up for grabs for the category winners are a goody bag of prizes donated by Back from the Brink project partners and Wildscreen.

How to: Make a nature video

Film Categories:

  • Impact Award: For the film that most effectively communicates an issue affecting the natural world and either:
    explores the results of actions taken to address the issue(s) such as campaigns and conservation work.
    is intended to deliver tangible impacts as a result of making and showing the film, such as behaviour change, audience participation or increased viewer knowledge from sharing a solution or action which audiences can take.
    Additional material: Entrants are required to submit a brief narrative (maximum 500 words) outlining the tangible impacts and outcomes of the production. This can include numerical information.
  • Innovation Award: For the film that best uses creative new approaches to create and present stories about the natural world. Eligibility: This could include innovative storytelling, an imaginative use of new technology, creative filmmaking processes such as stop motion and animation.
  • Nature Near Me Award: For the production that most effectively communicates the natural world within a 1km radius from the entrant’s home, school or workplace. Additional information: Entrants will be required to submit the location(s) where the film was shot if they are successful and the film proceeds to the final round of judging.
  • People & Nature Award: For the production that most effectively explores and tells stories about the social, cultural or economic relationships people have with the natural world.
  • Presenter Award: For the production that most effectively uses on-screen presenter(s) to engage audiences with the natural world. Eligibility: This award is directed at on-screen presenter(s) and as such films solely using narration are not eligible. Productions with a combination of narration and an on-screen presenter(s) are eligible.
  • Threatened Environments & Species Award: For the production that most effectively explores the concept of ‘threatened’. Eligibility: This award explores perceptions of ‘threatened’ as a concept; looking at narratives on threatened animals, plants and environments.
  • Young Person’s Award:
    For the best overall production by a young person. Eligibility: Entrants must be between 13 and 18 years old at the time of making the film.
  • Just a Minute Award:
    For the best overall production on the natural world that has a maximum length of one minute. Eligibility: Entries must have a running time of one minute (60 seconds) excluding end credits.

How to: Make a photo story

Photo Categories:

For those who prefer photography, there are 4 categories to tackle, including a Storytelling Award which encourages entrants to develop a collection of six to ten images that cover an important natural world story, woven together with a strong narrative.

  • Biodiversity: Portraits and images that display the natural beauty and behaviour of animals, plants and fungi.
  • Spaces for Species: Celebrating the wonder and importance of the UK’s landscapes and habitats.
  • People and Nature: Focussing on human relationships with nature, including:
    Reacting to challenges or conflict.
    Experiencing, celebrating or enjoying the wonder of nature.
  • Storytelling: A collection of six to ten images covering an important story of the natural world, weaved together with a strong narrative.
    Eligibility: Each sequence of six to ten images should be a story told through the progression of images. At least half of the images should have been created since 17 November 2017, the start of the Back from the Brink project, the remainder can be created prior to this if appropriate to the narrative of the entry, e.g. showing change in a local environment or species.
    Additional material: Entrants are required to submit a brief synopsis (maximum 500 words) to outline their photo story.

Find out more (incl rules) & enter here: naturebftb.co.uk/competition

Diary dates:
Wednesday 28 November 2018: Categories, guidelines and entries open
Friday 30 August 2019: Official submission deadline
October 2019: Winners announced

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Visit their site
Visit their site
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