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Taylor Turner

Taylor Turner


Phone: +1 (970) 231 9665

Email: taylorjt@me.com

Website: www.taylorjohnturner.com

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Taylor Turner

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Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Camera Operator.

I am a biologist-turned-filmmaker and now a director of photography for conservation and wildlife documentaries. I have experience working on a variety of high-end documentaries including short-form, feature-length, and blue-chip natural history docs. My production background spans from researching, directing, and shooting to editing and final delivery. Behind the camera I specialize in the following areas:

  • Long lens work on vehicle mounts, in hides, or on tripods.
  • Operation of following camera systems: RED (all sensor types), Arri (Amira, Alexa, Alexa mini), Phantom Flex 4K, Sony (FS7, A7SII, Venice), Canon (C series and DSLR), Blackmagic Ursa Mini and Pocket Cinema, Panasonic (Varicam), and some experience assisting with Selex thermal work.
  • Drones: I am FAA certified, I build my own, and I am more than happy to fly anything from heavy lift/industrial with an Arri to small prosumer and FPV models.
  • Large gimbal tracking systems (GSS and Shotover trained).
  • POV cameras, 4k camera traps, and other modified camera systems.
  • Handheld or gimbal shooting with Red Alexa mini, or DSLR/mirrorless.
  • Underwater: I am a certified Performance Freediver, have my PADI SCUBA certification, and have shot underwater with Sony FS7 and Arri Alexa Mini.
  • Multiple-axis motion tracking systems for time-lapse, cable cam, or remote operation cameras.

As a biologist I have spent the majority of my adult life in the field with a variety of species for research. This includes grizzlies, wolves, leatherback sea turtles, monkeys, crocs, and leopards to name a few. This background has helped me innumerable times while filming wildlife in the following ways:

  • Iím comfortable working (and sitting and waiting) in any environment/climate be it subzero, underwater, or scorching desert.
  • I have learned to track and find animals in many different terrains and can follow specific individuals with no problems.
  • Itís given me a deep understanding of animal behavior and body language which helps to get incredibly close as well as knowing when to have my finger on the record button.

Iím happy working with a team or operating alone. For the past three years I have lived full-time in a tent in Botswana filming for a 3-part series on the Okavango Delta. For the vast majority of the production I drove myself, found stories, tracked individual animals, filmed on a variety of camera rigs, and managed all data and gear on my own. Whether alone or part of skilled team I ultimately want to contribute to projects that help spread awareness, inspire awe, or showcase the beauty of our natural world to the masses.

Taylor Turner

Taylor Turner - Director of Photography

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