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Susan Scott

Susan Scott

South Africa

Phone: +27 824 005 525

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Email: suescott@gmail.com

Website: www.susanscott.com

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Susan has been making documentary films for nearly twenty years now.

After studying cinematography and the craft of non-linear editing in the US, she went on to mentor with an ACE editor in Washington DC, the home of documentary. So, it's no wonder Susan fell in love with the craft of editing documentaries! Not only has she worked with some of the best wildlife and documentary filmmakers on the planet, she has gone on to win a Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival award for Best Editing, three SAFTAs as well as several international awards for her cutting. In 2010 she was awarded the use of the acronym from the South African Editors Guild. Shortly after receiving recognition of her body of work by the guild, she returned to her love of cinematography and after two decades in dark cutting rooms, she now spends as much time outdoors as she can!

Susan has directed the crowd-funded independent film STROOP on the rhino poaching crisis and KINGDOMS of FIRE, ICE & FAIRYTALES looking at iconic wildernesses in three locations: Yellowstone National Park in America; the Black Forest in Germany; and the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

Susan Scott


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