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Ross Vaughn

Ross Vaughn

North Carolina

Phone: +1 803 530 4219

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Email: info@rossvaughn.com

Website: www.rossvaughn.com

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I am a visual storyteller with extensive experience in on-set productions as well as run-and-gun synch setups that has been a member of several award-winning teams. I've directed, DP'd, sound engineered, edited, and provided aerial services on multiple projects throughout the United States and abroad. Passionate about conservation and creating stories that make it personal for viewers so that we can eventually live in a world where the diversity of life thrives.

Having filmed and shot stills throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Central America, I am experienced in having to adapt to various conditions while filming. Highly competent with various camera brands - including RED, Sony FS5 / FS7 and A7SII Series, Canon C100 & C200, Panasonic GH4, Go-Pros and other various DSLR rigs. In addition to my experience with multiple camera systems, I also have significant experience operating DJI and Freefly gimbal systems and hold my FAA Part-107 license to operate drones commercially.

With shooting run-and-gun and one-man-band setups, I've gained valuable experience in audio recording and am available to film synch-work when needed.


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