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Megan Wheeler

Megan Wheeler

Based in Brixton, London – open to working in Sussex, Surrey, Manchester or Bristol
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7710 246 899

Email: meganwheeler120@gmail.com

Talent Website: www.thetalentmanager.com/talent/166218/megan-wheeler

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Researcher, Runner, Logger

Trainee researcher, logger and runner looking to work in documentary TV and film.

I am keen to work on projects that champion animal rights, highlight the effects of climate change and observe nature. By virtue of my Anthropology degree, I also have a keen interest not only in societies and cultures but in learning about individuals and the lives that they lead. I want to dedicate my career to meaningful and educational storytelling which explores important subjects.

At this stage, I am looking for any junior role, although I am particularly interested in researcher roles.

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