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Chema Domenech

Chema Domenech

518 E. Cottonwood St.

Phone: +1 406-414-6426 & +1 956-324-06-3

Email: chema.domenech@gmail.com

Website: www.chemadomenech.com

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Chema Domenech is a Montana based filmmaker specializing in wildlife and nature cinematography working allover the world. He enjoys working on a variety of projects and in different capacities.

Chema’s credits include Assistant Camera and Camera Operator work for National Geographic, BBC, CBC, PBS, Smithsonian Channel, and the Rwanda Development Board.

Chema Domenech

He is a certified drone pilot and has experience with a variety of high-end camera systems including RED, ARRI, and Phantom. He is also experienced with advanced motion time-lapse and lapse-time techniques.

Chema has worked as a camera operator on films featured in some of the world's most prestigious film festivals including Jackson Hole Wild, International Wildlife Film Festival, Wild and Scenic Film Festival, among others.

Chema Domenech


All Photos © Chema Domenech

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