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Alain Compost

Alain Compost

Mawas Pictures
Jalan Babakan Palasari
Cikeruk Bogor 16740
West Java

Phone: +62 8131 675 1183
Whatsapp: +62 812 1270 3131

Email: alaincfilms@yahoo.co.id or mawaspalasari@gmail.com

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CV Movie Alain Compost

DOP – Wildlife Cameraman – Photographer – Ecologist

Alain CompostAlain Compost Alain Compost

Photography of Endangered species, Rain forest of South East Asia, Environment and Sustainability.

Documentary Film Making, International Television Productions Animal Behaviour, Culture and Traditions, Extreme working conditions.

Combining an artist's vision with an activist's passion, Alain Compost portrays the wonder and tragedy of the planet’s endangered wildlife.

Alain CompostAlain Compost

Working alone or as part of a film crew, Alain Compost provides a self-contained high-definition video system and digital still photography.

His 20.000 image catalog comprises one of the most comprehensive image libraries of Indonesian and Southeast Asian wildlife.

Alain Compost

Specialties: Nature Photography and Documentary Films.


Alain Compost

Alain Compost

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