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Tania Esteban

Tania Rose Esteban

Tania Esteban

TRE Productions
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7482 299 623

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Email: tania.esteban@betafilmworks.org

Website: www.treproductions.co.uk Blog: www.taniaroseesteban.wordpress.com

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Tania is a bilingual Zoologist, wildlife camerawoman and researcher with a passion for visually stunning, emotive natural history storytelling. A recent graduate from the University of Leeds (1st class), she has now completed her MA Wildlife Filmmaking in partnership with the BBC, looking to use her research skills and creative talents to produce cinematic and stylish wildlife documentaries that are entertaining and connect with audiences. Currently she is working as a Digital Researcher on Planet Earth 2 at the BBC NHU in Bristol.

She is knowledgeable about the business and all areas of the industry including camera, lighting, sound, editing, risk assessments, scheduling, grading, mixing, producing/directing and scriptwriting. Her final wildlife film featured actress Virginia McKenna and the Born Free Foundation, where she gained exclusive access to the largest ivory burn in Africa's history; and filmed the human-lion conflict in Meru National Park with Will Travers.

Producer of two award-winning factual radio programmes, Weekly Wildlife Watch and the Travel Talk Show on LSRfm, she enjoys podcasting and writing via a blog. Tania has experience in research through location work at the BBC on Wild Cats, as well as having designed and conducted 10 months research on bats highlighting their fascinating behaviours in urban and rural areas. She also works as a part-time Camera assistant/focus puller on drama sets and aspires to become a Self-shooting Producer.

Volunteering as a film intern and tour guide in South Africa built up her knowledge of animal behaviour and habitats, as well as ways of tracking and filming them. Tania is a keen extreme adventure sportswoman and enjoys caving (single rope technique), rock climbing (rope access), horse riding, kayaking as well as running.


  • Camera: Sony FS700, A7S, Panasonic HVX360, 7D, 5D, JVC 100, Blackmagic, Odyssey 7Q+4K.
  • Sound: Mixer 522, Senheiser 416, SK100, Radio mic, Boom operator, Zoom X5, foley.
  • Editing: Premier, Avid, FCP 7. Pro Tools, RX, DaVinci Resolve 12 Control, Post sound design.
  • Rigs/Dolly: EZ Jib, Focus
  • Light Dolly (w/track), Kessler CineSlider, Float cam, Steadicam.
  • Workflow/wrangling: Shotput Pro, file formats and codecs, transcoding, Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Techniques: High speed, long lens, macro, low light, time lapse, camera trap.

Tania Esteban Tania Esteban

Tania EstebanTania Esteban

Tania EstebanTania Esteban

Tania Esteban - A Lion's Tale

Tania Esteban - A Lion's Tale


A Lion’s Tale Teaser trailer from Tania Esteban

2016 is The Year of the Lion that will honour the 50th anniversary of the film Born Free. A story of true determination, passion, love and drama - it is one of the most successful conservation stories ever told all. This film will be presented by Virginia McKenna, the actress turned wildlife activist as she tells us about her journey to protect the lions of East Africa and introduces us to the team of rangers currently working in Elsa's heartland, Meru National Park. Led by Virginia’s son, Will Travers and the charismatic Victor Mutumah (of the Kenya Wildlife Service), we see first-hand how the threat to lions has never been so pressing.

Eco Talk: Dr. Chadden Hunter- From Academia to Film - Interview with BBC Producer Chadden Hunter about getting into wildlife filmmaking.

NATIONAL PET SHOW FILM 2015 - Featuring Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick - Filmed this as part of the Birmingham National Pet Show 2016 with presenter Anneka Svenska for Green World TV. Promoting the event and highlighting the passion these people have for thier pets (Sony FS700, JVC 100, Mixer 522, Sennhieser MK16).

Oh deer? A question of deer and overpopulation - I worked as an assistant camerawoman, researcher and presenter for Eco sapien, a YouTube Channel used as an educational tool to illustrate the importance of biodiversity. We went out on location to capture a variety of footage for the fortnightly released episodes.

Wildscreen's New Horizons: Nicholas Röhl - Wildscreen Re-launch 2015 Bristol: Filmed at Bristol Old Vic on 12 November 2015 as part of 'New Horizons in Natural World Storytelling', an evening of inspirational short talks by a diverse and innovative group of storytellers where Wildscreen shared its vision of the future for natural world storytelling and its place within it.

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Tania Esteban

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