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Tina Hansen

Tina Hansen

“Tina in the wild”

WhatsApp: +47 45 022 498
Poland: + 48 572 151 320

Email: tinaogastra@gmail.com

Website: www.travelingvetstudent.wixsite.com/blog & www.beacons.page/travelingvetstudent

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Veterinarian/Program host. Tina Hansen is an influencer and soon to be veterinary graduate, as of March 2023.

“Tina in the wild” is a documentary filmed last September (2021) at a wildlife capture course in South Africa!

Cameraman Mauritz Eklund and I made a film series about our trip to South Africa in September 2021, when we were working with wildlife there.

We are interested in promoting our series and maybe other missions in the future!



Tina Hansen

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