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Tim Visser

Tim Visser

Wild Step
Den Bosch
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 6149 0581

Email: visser.tim87@gmail.com

Website: www.timvissercreations.com & www.wildstep.nl

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Before summarising my resume and skills; I present you my impulsive personality. Kilometers of hiking, climbing, laying down in the mud and struggling for getting the best shot possible. I want to work for my material with a healthy portion of chaos. In the editing suite you’ll always see that it has been worth it!

At first I am a wildlife and documentary camera operator. I love creating beautiful sequences/scenes, regardless of the subject. Involve the viewer in the story and find the right emotional vibe the scene needs. Whether I drag you into a new alien macro world or a visual story about a Elm seeds, it is my challenge to make the most of it.

My scenes are shown in the main Dutch wildlife broadcasted shows and series. This amazing diverse playground trains me for the next steps in my career. The goal for coming years is to become more internationally focussed and create self-produced documentaries.

Besides wildlife I also have a broad range of experience in film marketing, commercial videos, video clips and other broadcasted shows.

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The rise of the Common Crane migration from Tim Visser Creations

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