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Wild Step

Wild Step

Den Bosch
The Netherlands

Founder: Tim Visser

Phone: +31 614 905 819

Email: visser.tim87@gmail.com

Website: www.wildstep.nl

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Cinematic stories about nature and the ones who preserve it.

Wild Step is an independent production company specialised in wildlife and conservation filmmaking based in The Netherlands.

It is our mission to activate a sense of wonder for nature through our films. Show the viewers the highly diverse wild planet we live on and the people who step up in order to protect it. We believe that the use of high-end wildlife and conservation films can trigger people's love for nature. We are all formed by media and communication, Wild Step push the viewers a step in the right direction in order to preserve our environment.

Wild Step is founded by Dutch wildlife cameraman Tim Visser who has set up a small team of high-character individuals. We are a production team with a wide range of experience in natural history filmmaking for cinema, internet, video installation and TV production. We search for the creative boundaries in order to use great storytelling for the best possible format.

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