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Stefan Fletcher

Stefan Fletcher

Stefan Fletcher Music
214 Oldfield Road
Sheffield S6 6DY
United Kingdom

Email: stefanfletchermusic@gmail.com

Phone: +44 (0)7867 360 737

Website: www.stefanfletchermusic.com

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Having graduated from Surrey University with a first in Creative Music Technology (BMus), Stefan is now working full time as a composer for film and television.

He been pursuing freelance composition for over a year now and his most recent work includes:

  • Evolution Media Music. I have had my music signed to two music library albums under Evolution Media Music’s label. These albums, entitled "Warped Tension" and "Power Trailers”, will be targeted for usage on drama and television trailers respectively. Here are the links for those albums – WT (track title: Dysphoria) and PT (track title: Decimation.) Alternatively, the tracks can be played via SoundCloud.
  • Felt Music. A number of my tracks have been accepted by Felt Music for their upcoming albums. These are currently being mastered by the company and will be released over the next couple of months. Also, the tracks were specifically written to be considered for usage on an upcoming television series that the company are sourcing the music for.
  • Universal Music Group. Most recently, I've had one of my pieces accepted by Universal Music Group for their upcoming music library album. This album will be targeted for usage on documentaries and is due to be released in January.

If you'd like to get in touch, email him via stefanfletchermusic@gmail.com

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