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Skylar Sherbrooke

Skylar Sherbrooke

Tucson, Arizona & San Francisco Bay Area, California

Phone: +1 520 668 9035

Email: skylarsherbrooke@gmail.com

Website: www.skylarsherbrooke.wordpress.com

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Skylar is a wildlife camera operator/assistant with an academic background in Biology that gives him valuable insights for creating stories.

He has 8 years of experience working with productions for organizations such as the BBC, National Geographic, and Netflix. Camera systems that he has expertise with include: RED cinema cameras, DSLR cameras for video and still images, Blackmagic cameras, DJI Drones, and Time-lapse Systems.

He is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA as well as Tucson, AZ and has availability to travel for productions.

Having traveled and worked to capture wildlife in a broad variety of international locations such as Peru and Kenya. Skylar has experience working with many different types of animals, but has expertise working within the Sonoran Desert region. He is passionate about spending time in the outdoors, capable of patiently sitting and watching animals for hours on end, and always keeps a positive attitude during those extra-long days of shooting. In his free time, he likes to rock climb, snorkel/dive, and go camping on his bike. His educational background includes undergraduate degrees in Ecology and Film as well as a masterís degree in Entomology from the University of Arizona.

Skylar is always interested to work on new projects so please feel free to reach out and chat with him!


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