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Robbie Harman

Robbie Harman

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7821 091 553

Email: robertharman1@gmail.com

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When you walk into the club and you look on point... (A clip from my upcoming wildlife film "TheRut")

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With a longstanding passion for wildlife that began before he could walk, Robbie has always known that his life would revolve around wildlife. As he matured, he realised the best way to help the natural world was to pass on his passion to others through the medium of film. Aspiring to be a wildlife presenter but currently would like to immerse himself in the industry in any and all sectors given the opportunity.

Since then he has graduated with a Zoology degree, including an open unit in maths, and then went on to graduate with a Masters in Global Wildlife Health & Conservation. Throughout the Masters he performed weekly presentations in front of the class and other academics. Furthermore he completed a dissertation, entitled "The features associated with high viewing figures in wildlife films & the role of conservation", to determine what is needed to make a 'successful' documentary and ways of incorporating conservation into these without detrimentally affecting the viewing figures.

Recently travelled for six months across four continents researching the wildlife in each location and making it his mission to capture it on film. He filmed cassowaries, Komodo dragons and pigmy marmosets in the wild (amongst many other species). Whilst travelling, Robbie also became a certified Advanced Open Water Diver. Since returning, he has taken to editing the vast quantity of footage with the aim of creating some of his own short wildlife films.

Robbie Harman

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