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Pim Niesten
Pim filming lions in Harenna Forest, Ethiopia

Pim Niesten

Kadodderstraat 98
2800 Mechelen

Phone: +32 (0)485 59 30 49

Email: pimniesten@hotmail.com

Website: pimniesten.wixsite.com/wildlifefilm


Pim is an award-winning camera operator and filmmaker specializing in Natural History and with a background - Masters - in Zoology and Marine Biology. He has filmed worldwide for wildlife series and documentaries for BBC, National Geographic, NDR and many others. 'Megeti, Africa's Lost Wolf', a wildlife documentary on the Ethiopian wolves has been awarded 8 times at festivals worldwide. The BBC series 'New Zealand' won the Best Cinematography award at Green Screen Festival and the Deutsher Naturfilmpreis and was nominated for Outstanding Cinematography at the International Emmy Awards 2017.

Being a professional wildlife camera operator since 2006 (more than 12 years of experience) Pim has built up a large variety of wildlife filming experience including long lens, macro, drone, set work, high speed, time-lapse, infrared. Besides being multi-skilled he is also proactive and creative in thinking and executing and has a great eye for detail. His social skills, knowledge of various languages (fluent in Dutch, French and English, notions of Spanish) and passion for both nature and film makes Pim a trustworthy and very valuable team member. He can easily merge his extensive knowledge as a biologist with the technical approach and visual language required in filmmaking.

Blessed with a strong endurance and a good shape, Pim is able to cope -both physically and mentally- with very demanding situations and hostile locations, while always maintaining a positive attitude.

Please have a look on his website for more information and examples of his work: pimniesten.wixsite.com/wildlifefilm


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