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Max Merlino

Max Merlino



Phone: +41 79 34 32 551

Email: max-merlino@hotmail.com or haaconservation@gmail.com

Website: www.haaaaa.org

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Max Merlino – HĀ

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Max Merlino is a Director Producer and founder of HĀ.

Max, ’s founder, embarked on a transformative academic journey where he studied zoology and business management, acquiring the necessary skills to produce & direct a wildlife documentary. Influenced by Werner Herzog and thus drawn to the poetic documentary and gonzo filmmaking styles, Max infuses his work with humor, exaggeration, and occasional profanity. Adopting a guerrilla filmmaking approach, he embraces spontaneity and authenticity, resulting in a natural portrayal of his remarkable adventures.

HĀ offers services that include concept development, research and scriptwriting, pre-production planning, production and filming, narration & voiceover, post-production, distribution & promotion, as well as educational outreach.

We create gripping documentaries that educate, inspire, and entertain audiences.

Max Merlino – HĀ Max Merlino – HĀ


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Max Merlino – HĀ

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