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Matthias Förster

Matthias Förster



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DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS is based in Germany and is run by Matthias Förster.

DAYDREAMZ STUDIOS produces music for several genres but has specialized in music for documentaries and advertising.

Further experiences are in sound design, especially for sound libraries for Parawave Audio and u-he.

Our royalty-free AudioJungle portfolio can be found here: audiojungle.net/user/daydreamz-studios/portfolio



This music pack contains everything you need if you want to accompany your videos with nature documentaries with a classically oriented, but also modern music. 10 music pieces in different length, depending on your scene duration and flexible in use. Over 20 minutes of classical-modern music! All music pieces are produced in the same style and with the same setup, so there are no breaks in the sound. The individual pieces transport different moods, depending on your scenes. From delicate, quiet and soft to vivid and wide. Create the videos of your drone flights with the right music!

Imagine a summer morning at a lake. Fog covers him like a carpet. There’s nearly silence, you ca hear just some early birds. Then, the sun comes out slowly and the world around awakes to his full and wonderful life.



This is an epic, wide orchestral piece of music. It uses the wonderful Uilleann Pipes as main melodic instrument. It is written in 6/8 beat, using a big percussion section and in the last part a big choir. While transporting the homeland mood it is perfectly suitable for epic movie scenes or nature documentaries. This is a dramatic piece of orchestral music, perfectly suitable for moments with growing tension whic ends in a dramatic decision. It starts more silent with decent percussion and grows to a drop, which leads to the big and dramatic end part with big strings, percussion and nasty brasses. Great use of discord for that brief moment near the end.

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