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Lilou Lemaire

Lilou Lemaire

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Lilou Lemaire - location montage

Lilou Lemaire is a French Film Producer Director/Camera Operator/Cinematographer living in Paris.

Lilou began her career as a fashion and portrait photographer in the 2000s, collaborating with communication agencies for advertising campaigns as well as French and international magazines. Capturing the gaze of many personalities from culture, ecology, fashion, and luxury, she has developed personal work which she exhibits. From her experience as a photographer, Lilou has retained a taste for natural light, the art of framing, and a permanent quest for aesthetics.

Lilou Lemaire ©Lilou Lemaire ©

In 2010, Lilou became a professional film director. Her documentary films are distributed nationally and internationally. Her environmental and wildlife film "Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal" won the ‘Feature Film’ prize at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York in 2017.

As a PD/DOP she likes to spotlight complex, never-before-filmed subjects, men and women of the shadows, in unrecognised or difficult to access places. Alone or in a team, she always takes the time to approach her subjects with strong ethics and respect. Her thoroughness and seriousness have allowed her to gain confidence in France with the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of the Interior, where security and confidentiality constraints are imposed. With the ability to work successfully in all terrains, often in extreme conditions, naturally, you can imagine that Lilou is at ease working/filming in the forest as she is in complex military environments.

Lilou Lemaire ©Lilou Lemaire ©

Working in these sensitive environments has also made her become not only aware of questions of ecology but also of diversity and the fight against discrimination.

Lilou has recently directed a documentary on the cooks of the French army "Cuisiniers sous les Drapeaux: Mission Covid”, a film on the Covid crisis in the heart of a hospital; and a film on the women soldiers of Operation Barkhane at the end of 2020.

During the height of the Covid pandemic of 2021 and 2022, Lilou worked as a Producer Director with the DOP Gavin Thurston and an international team, filming in 4K Dolby Cinema (Dolby Vision HDR & Dolby Atmos) producing the first wildlife documentary series about Saudi Arabia. The objective of which was to highlight the areas biodiversity and the efforts being made to protect it. See: liloulemaire.com/wildlife-saudi-arabia

Lilou Lemaire ©Lilou Lemaire ©


"Shuklaphanta, the Other Wild Nepal" – "Best Feature" NY Wildlife Conservation Film Festival WCFF, USA 2017

"Meilleur Montage" – FIFPAN Festival International de Film et Photo Animaliers et Nature, Mimizan, France 2019

"Art of Soundtrack" – International Platinum Awards category 'documentary' IPAMA festival, Jakarta, Indonesia 2015

Lilou Lemaire ©Lilou Lemaire ©


Lilou Lemaire - location montage

All Photographs on this page © Lilou Lemaire

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