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Lauren Ayres

Lauren Ayres

Presenter, Host, Wildlife Conservation Influencer


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Lauren is a conservation influencer, presenter, wildlife care & behavior specialist, and TV host/corespondent.

Her network credits include Animal Planet, National Geographic, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the CW. She most recently appeared on Nickelodeon’s ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader’ as a zookeeper & animal presenter. She has experience in live broadcasts, teleprompter, stage, animal handling & presenting, voiceover, and improv.

She serves as the Pangolin Project Coordinator and Public Relations & Media Coordinator for the US non-profit, Global Conservation Force ; where she has worked as a production coordinator for wildlife documentaries and newscasts.

Lauren works as a Senior Animal Trainer at a zoo in Southern California and has been employed as a zookeeper since 2007. She has worked with a variety of different animals from naked mole rats to killer whales, tigers to tenrecs, and everything in between.

She holds a Master's of Science degree in Marine Ecosystem Management and Bachelor's degrees in Biology & Psychology with focuses in Animal Behavior & Underwater Resource Management - all from Indiana University. Additionally, she is a PADI Assistant SCUBA Instructor and outdoor sports enthusiast.

Laurenís passions include spreading the message of conservation to the younger generations, inspiring viewers to protect their home ecosystems, and advocating for responsible ecotourism travel.

Show reel available upon request.


Lauren Ayres Lauren Ayres

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