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Jon Nicholls

Jon Nicholls

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (07867 663 137

Email: jon@jonnicholls.com & info@selkirkmedia.co.uk

Website: www.jonnicholls.com

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Iím a Bristol-based composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist creating immersive and compelling music / sound scores for drama, documentary and interactive media for film, television, VR & audio drama.

Drawing on a huge range of influences and an extensive network of outstanding live instrumentalists, I compose and record music in a wide range of styles ranging from sweeping orchestral music to electronica, choral writing, quirky sound design and intimate acoustic textural work.

Iíve been extensively commissioned by broadcasters including BBC Radio and BBC TV, Channel 4, ITV, Sky & Al Jazeera, and my music / sound scores are regularly heard in major theatres including the National Theatre, RSC and in the West End.

As well as my composition work, I also create audio / podcast content for clients including the BBC via my audio production company Selkirk Media.


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