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Elliot Connor

Elliot Connor

EcoLife Photography
30 Euryalus Street
New South Wales


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Stepping off a Qantas aeroplane in the Sunshine Coast airport of Queensland, AU, I paused and the happiest moment of my life washed over me. I had been invited by the legendary photographer Steve Parish to attend a weekend masterclass of his (for free), lodging in his studio over the weekend. For a young aspiring photographer of 15, it doesn't get much better than that!! In a mere 48 hours, my skills received the upgrade of a lifetime, and I left with an inspiration that still burns within me.

Several years hence and I'm rapidly gaining recognition as a stills photographer and wildlife conservationist, continuing my mentorship journey with the best as I forge my own path into the filmmaking industry. Building on my deep-set love for and appreciation of the natural world, I seek always to capture the essence of the wildlife that shares our planet, to illustrate its longstanding connection with us as human beings, and in doing so create a new meaning for the words 'Human Nature.'


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