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Danny Strong

Danny Strong

AKA Danny Bean

Mousehole Films
St Fillans, Crieff
Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1764 685 302
Mobile: +44 (0)7920 068 894

Email: danielfbean@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.mouseholefilms.co.uk/the-team

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Danny is a 25 year old Wildlife Cameraman, who recently completed an MSc in Ecology and Conservation at the University of Aberdeen, and previously studied BSc Environmental Science at the University of York.

In November 2018, he was Highly Commended twice by the British Wildlife Photography Awards for two short films: 'No Room At The Top' and 'Morning Of The Moorland Matadors'. Danny significantly contributed to the filming and editing of 'The Village on the Loch', a documentary by independent production company Mousehole Films, which has won 14 awards across 5 festivals (Please see IMDb). Awards specifically attributed to his contribution include: '2019 Gold Winner' from the Latitude Film Awards for cinematography and 'Winner-Best of Year' from the Flicks Film Festival 2019 for editing.

His current work mostly involves filming and editing Natural History content for Mousehole Films, but he is happy to work as a freelancer at any time. His camera experience to date, has mostly involved hide and telephoto lens work for shooting wildlife and filming or time-lapses of landscapes. Although his preferred field is cameras, Danny can also work as a researcher because of his scientific background. He has edited with Adobe Premiere Pro for three years and has recent experience on DaVinci Resolve, having edited one award winning feature length film and multiple shorts, several of which include promotional corporate films for various clients.

He particularly enjoys the challenge of capturing wildlife in their natural surroundings, in all terrains and all weathers, and has plenty of lone work experience in remote parts of Scotland


The Bough Breaks - New feature documentary for 2020

This is Trailer 1 for our latest documentary feature 'The Bough Breaks', at its heart is the work of visionary conservationist, Alan Watson Featherstone. The documenatry also examines Rewilding as a viable solution to many of our present global conservation and climate crises. It is a call for a more personal sense of responsibility towards the stewardship of this planet and it explores the enormous legacy one person can leave by staying true to their vision. Featuring an original soundtrack by composer Alan Fowler and contributions by George Monbiot, Dr David Hetherington, Shaila Rao and Dr Louise Ross and other major voices from the world of conservation. Directed, produced, filmed, edited and written by the Mousehole team, Gabriel Bean, Danny Strong and Caroline Strong.

Posted by Mousehole Films on Thursday, 20 February 2020
The Bough Breaks: Official Trailer

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