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Daniel Pinheiro

Daniel Pinheiro


Email: danielpinheiro.wildlifefilms@gmail.com

Website: www.daniel-pinheiro.com

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I have been particularly interested in wildlife since my childhood. My professional background is based in media and audiovisuals. During the last few years I have done several courses and trained in wildlife filmmaking, highlighted by a master´s degree in Wildlife Documentary Production from the University of Salford. After this period, I had the chance to enter in the industry as independent wildlife filmmaker, sound operator and camera assistant, working in several productions in Portugal, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

I am available as wildlife filmmaker, freelance camera operator and sound recordist.

Camera (Arri Alexa, Red Epic, DSLR, Super slow motion, Macro), Sound recording, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Animal behaviour, Tracking wildlife, Editing, Wildlife photography and Timelapse.


  • BRAZIL - A NATURAL HISTORY series Terra Mater for National Geographic Channel – Camera Assistant and Sound Recordist
  • ALENTEJO - THE SONG OF THE EARTH, 2013 – Producer/Director
  • BETWEEN THE SKY AND THE TIDES, 2012 – Producer/Director
  • MONDEGO, 2011 – Producer/Director
Neves-Corvo, Alentejo. The most active mining region in Portugal, where it is located one of the largest copper mines in Europe. However, the wealth of these lands is not just underground. On the surface, the biodiversity thrives between the cereal steppes and holm oak montado. A voyage through the various habitats of the region, revealing some of its most characteristic animals and plants and how they have adapted to an environment of extremes. The relationship between Man and Nature and how it has been shaped for centuries. A story of cooperation told in the first person. Alentejo - The song of the Earth Wildlife documentary directed by Daniel Pinheiro, part of a project for the dissemination of Neves Corvo biodiversity. A production for Somincor - Lundin Mining Corporation, adherent to the Business and Biodiversity Initiative, with the scientific partnership of the Centre for Environmental Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. A journey through the wilderness of mainland Portugal. A showreel of my last three years filming the portuguese wildlife and landscapes. Composed by time lapses and clips from 3 films: "Mondego" vimeo.com/31170389, "Between the sky and the tides" vimeo.com/79192194 and "Alentejo - The song of the Earth" vimeo.com/92727893, together with ongoing projects. Music: Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone, remix by Bandini

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