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Blaise Blanchier

Blaise Blanchier

27, rue Lecluse
Paris 75017

Phone: +33 6 26 61 01 20

Email: bblanchier@gmail.com

Website: www.blaiseblanchier.com

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I am a sound recordist / editor specialised in nature-related sounds.

After graduating in sound editing and multimedia production from universite du Mans (France) in 2007, I received a degree in sound design from Montréal's Trebas Institute (Canada) in 2009.

One of my projects with sound supervisor Martin Pinsonnault in the movie "Café de Flore" (from Jean-Marc Vallée) earned me a "Prix Génies" nomination for best sound editing in 2011.

Based in Paris, I am currently freelancing and work on projects in the areas of documentaries, journalism and "escapist cinema". I also occasionally collaborate as a sound consultant for institutions such as Greenpeace and universities.

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