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Axel Drioli

Axel Drioli

Freelance Immersive Audio Producer
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7460 223 640

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Email: 3dsound@axeldrioli.com

Website: www.axeldrioli.com

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Axel Drioli

Currently freelancing as immersive audio producer, Axel has been exploring this audio field for quite a while. His focus is on Immersive Storytelling/Documentaries and how to integrate Spatial Sound to make immersive experiences convincing and emotional.

His goal is to make people aware of people, wildlife and nature using immersive sound.

Full Immersive Audio production for 360/VR and installations.

  • Immersive audio consultancy (storyboarding/scripting stage).
  • Immersive sound on-set location recording.
  • Spatial sound editor.
  • Immersive SFX and foley production.
  • Immersive mixing for any Spatial Audio format (Ambisonics, VBAP, DBAP, Atmos).
  • Most of the existing delivery platforms comprehensive of headset, headphones and custom loudspeaker array (planetariums, domes, cinemas).

Axel Drioli Axel Drioli

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Axel Drioli

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