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The Natural History Unit of Africa Calls for Film Proposal Submissions by 31st January 2014
From NHU Africa
18 November 2013

NHU Africa

The Natural History Unit of Africa (NHU Africa) is announcing the last call for submissions in 2013.

Commissioning takes place throughout the year at NHU Africa, but producers submitting proposals for this call will be reviewed soonest.

All production companies, independent producers and filmmakers are invited to submit proposals before the deadline by 31 January 2014. NHU Africa will review all proposals that meet the commissioning criteria (see brief below)

The NHU Africa is a commissioning body and production house that produces and commissions some of Africa's finest natural history and wildlife programming. All proposals submitted should adhere to the NHU Africa commissioning brief and include one or more of the following points: Human-Animal Interaction, Adventure/Exploration, The Natural World and Pure Animal Behaviour, Investigation of the Natural World.

Commissioning Editor of NHU Africa, Vyv Simson outlines what is most likely to make up a successful pitch;

"A successful pitch will contain some or all of the following: a strong story intriguingly told; engaging human and animal characters; a dramatic visual style; a sense of something we have not seen before; a fresh insight or approach to something we thought we'd seen before."

Commissioning Brief

NHU Africa is looking for strong, African based stories that speak to the connections between people, animals and the natural world. Stories should be powerful, entertaining, unusual and dramatic providing an insight into the natural world and our place within it. Furthermore we are looking for films which will appeal to International audiences rather than simply the South African domestic audience. We will commission both one off specials at 1 x 60 minutes and multi-part series with episode lengths of either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. We are particularly interested in the following themes:

Human and Animal interaction:

All films in this area need have strong characters both human and animal, developing story lines and an ability to tell us something new about the needs, desires and connections that drive human relationships with wild animals.

Adventure, Exploration or Journey of Discovery:

All submissions whether for series or single films need to be built around strong characters and have a strong sense of a quest or journey of discovery.

The Natural World and Pure Animal:

Proposals in this area must tell strong, unusual and dramatic stories, have their focus on species in the wild. This ranges from traditional behavior to behavior that has not been seen before, technical innovation and special access to remote areas.

Investigation of the Natural World:

Proposals in this area should focus on unusual, difficult or controversial subjects that deliver a genuine revelation. We are not looking for news, current affairs proposals or thesis.

Every submission must include:

  • 1 page synopsis.
  • Treatment (2-4 pages).
  • Fully itemised budget in ZAR and US Dollars.
  • Key Creatives biographies.
  • Showreel of the presenter or character to be used in the program.
  • Screener or showreel, if any.
  • List of co-production, distribution or finance partners, if any already attached.

To view our current catalogue go to www.nhuafrica.com/license-acquisition

Please submit your idea for commission or co-production to geta@nhuafrica.com

Issued by: NHU Africa Date: 15 November 2013 Phone: +27 (0)21 422 0154 Website: www.nhuafrica.com

NHU Africa

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