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Will Foster-Grundy

Will Foster-Grundy

United Kingdom

Malaysia: +60 1136 936 106
UK: +44 7972 298 177

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Email: will@willfostergrundy.com

Website: www.willfostergrundy.com

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Will is a passionate, dedicated and hardworking director/cinematographer specialising in wildlife and expedition film-making, and sync camerawork in high-stress environments.

Just as comfortable working at 4000m above sea level as at 45m underwater.

His passion lies in working on observational documentaries to tell important and powerful stories through film.

Will has worked on international broadcast productions for clients including Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Smithsonian Channel and has directed and shot a series of films selected for international film festivals.


SHOWREEL 2017 | Will Foster-Grundy | Director/Cinematographer

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