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 Gulo Film Productions

Gulo Film Productions
Simrockstraße 111
22589 Hamburg

Phone: +49 408 7082567 & +49 408 23036
Fax: +49 408642611

Oliver Goetzl: oliver@gulofilm.com
Ivo Nörenberg: ivo@gmx.com

Website: www.gulofilm.de


Wildlife Film Productions worldwide.

Specialized in mammal behavior.

ARRI Alexa Camera, time lapse Kit, 6m camera crane, borescope, endoscope, time-lapse dolly and X+Y head, HD-finger camera (2/3"), Zeiss macro lens, 3x HD remote cameras (1x Big Sensor), 100m cable car, Weisscam HS-2 MKII (slow motion up to 2.000 FPS in 1080).

Animal Behaviour Award: Jungle Book Bear


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